So, the work relationship evolved in a different and even better way.”. Can you explain the commission structure for this position to me? This one’s nice and simple, so just show you’re an adult and keep it short and sweet. Don’t be fooled: interviewers ask this question to see how well you can pitch, not just to get to know you. Did you finance any of your college tuition? What They Want to Know: With this question, interviewers are checking to find out if you did some prep work and whether you have a basic knowledge about the company. Why It Works: Vivid backdrops are proven to be memorable and help your audience take away important numbers or data. One example is when I…”. You’ll notice that the “Before” (pre-Digital Age) pictures in Facebook’s slides all display neutral faces. I doubled the number of sales reps on my team and led them to revenue growth of over 75% last year.”, “I’m excellent at relationship building and leveraging sales. Why It Works: Precise details prove that you are telling the truth. I learned to be more comfortable with silence, and ask better questions to understand the thought process of the customer.”. I wonder if there are questions people are using differently now that COVID is happening, what are the hiring teams looking for, such as remote experience, online communication abilities, etc? These words are judgmental, less factual and more emotional, and can sound like you are bashing the manager and thus can backfire. You can achieve this by founding your sales presentation on your audience’s intuitions. Remember that these mock pitches are mainly about HOW you handle them and yourself in that situation – they are rarely about the content (although that is still partially important – see below). They imply completeness, infiniteness, and harmony. What should the prospect take away from it to inspire action? The good news: You can influence how prospects perceive these gains and losses. You might feel silly selling an imaginary product to a fake prospect, but make sure to take the mock sales call seriously during your interview. When you send personalized emails to strangers, there's something missing that you need to grow: Trust. It’s an opportunity to speak about accomplishments. Example: “71% lift driving visits to retailer title pages” (Slide 26). You need to show that you actually know about sales, and you have a practiced and thoughtful approach to getting the job done. Show off your research chops, says @dVencis #interview" username="StartupInst"]. Hiring managers will expect you to show that you're an effective salesperson, too. 5. Can you tell me more about your sales experience? Here are more tactical sales presentation ideas to steal for your own use: Tactic #1: Use logos and testimonial pull-quotes for your highest-profile customers to strengthen your sales presentation. Here are more tactics to inspire sales presentation ideas: Tactic #1: Personalize your final slide with your contact information and a headline that drives emotion. Now is the chance to show off your research chops. You are generally asked to present the interviewing company’s solution but every once in a while you might be asked to present your current company’s solution. Now that you get the gist of how to build one, here are a few sales pitch examples to help provide a bit of inspiration. This question can set up a trap by making you appear inflexible, or not-independent (if a boss gave you a lot of support in the past).