Carried in Razorback Stronos with Dozerblade. The squadron is the fighting spearhead of the 2nd Company. The Red Talon, flagship of Iron Hands Morragul Clan, was one of the first Iron Hands vessels to arrive in the Isstvan system after the treachery of the reserves had been revealed, breaching into realspace amid the titanic space battle that erupted between the Loyalist and Traitor fleets. You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows. I used plastic card, tube and a cable pipe for the structures, Greenstuff was used to create banks for the sewer pipes, PVA glue and sand was used to create texture.

Also dropping a moon on a World Eaters' recruiting planet, blowing up "liberated" Gethsamaine cities and in general being too unstable and eccentric for even Ferrus. Outside of their founding, not a whole lot has been written about these chaps, but what few tidbits of lore have been written about them keep the trend of a Chapter that is METAL AF (bordering on mental af). They are known for their bold style of warfare and never-ending vendetta against the Traitor Legions. The planet is

I really would like a book written about these guys.

The Red Talons are a Second Founding successor chapter of the Iron Hands, known for having absolutely zero chill. Menacing and silent. This is my first indirect lighting attempt. Brutal. The Combi-flamer is a Forge World piece. If you want to go basic and easy to do, desert bases would probably look better and be easier to do. At the Second Founding these Iron Hands became the 'Red Talons'. He was an Assault marine sergeant in 8th Company but was promoted to lead the 1st squad of recruits during the Deliverance Incident. thus considered a fine place for growing biobacco, a synthetic tobacco-like product. During this desperate battle, the Red Talon repelled dozens of separate boarding attacks from all sides, during which the Morragul "Devastator" heavy support squads were instrumental in slaughtering any who attempted to wrest control of the ship, taking heavy losses while doing so. Meteor strikes pummelled the manufactoria and iron chimneys a hundred metres tall collapsed. Some details from the shoulder pad writings and indirect lighting from the screen. Yep they are Autek "smashfucker" Mors boys. The Blood Angels list will provide some needed punch to my assault forces without being too expensive points-wise. "Brood Maimer" 1st Scout Squad of the 10th Company of Red Talons. isn’t looking realistic. Black as the night of judgement,

Official lore and fan fluff are welcomed. That is some impressively neat paint work. Judge Ern has specialized in a jump pack assaults. Yeah, the GW texture bases are bland an unimpressive - I'd figure I'd focus on just practicing my model-painting rather than go full bore into every detail. Brother Marchi is a former sniper of the 3rd Scout Squad. The psychopaths of the X legion that made even Ferrus Manus think they were a bit... much? Never really got used to the moving without jump-pack. Rides in Razorback Stronos "Deliverance Hammer", one of the oldest vehicles in the chapter. Follow on Twitter @AndvarrA. During the War of the False Primarch, they, along with some other friendly fellows, wiped out eleven entire chapters that had been declared Excommunicate Traitoris. The stubble was a successful attempt using watered down Eshin Grey to give the 5 a'clock shadow. Nice paintwork, very crisp! What is the Highlight color you use on the Black? The glowing effect seems partially a mess but these photographs make the effect more... err... effective. He has a sanctified bolter and Marksman honours. The underhive-kinda look is great and helps to tie in with the scenery I’m about to build for the army. Defense Force was wiped out in a day and Cthonian 71, On the third day of the landfall a Red Talon cruiser Claw of Justice Free hand banner. (as the moon is locked to face the same side towards the mother planet) and The Talons tell stories to acknowledge sadness and grief, but the concept of a far away "past" remains elusive to most. Luckily it is rubber padded. A bulky warrior with arcane power armour. The Red Talons.”. Dude! Heedless of their own casualties, they hurled rocky masses to the surface. Simple conversion with assault marine legs. It is speculated that Despite the enmity between the Primarch of the Iron Hands and the Lord of the Morragul Clan, when his Grand Cruiser, the Red Talon, arrived at Istvaan V as the void battle was at its height, he bravely attempted to go to his Primarch's aid. You're going to need it. His biological brother Brother Lerous is in the same squad as he. its own. the rude language used by the Cthonian Commissar (name deleted from registry) His bolter has a "Bulldog" grip enabling him to shoot it like a pistol. Has been in the force since M35. Executioner Osiron, Captain of the 2nd Company of Red Talons. Like the Scouts before, this one is also made from Servitor pieces. The Morragul Clan was noteworthy as being composed of some of the most bloodthirsty and hard-ass marines in the X Legion, so much so that even Ferrus Manus found them to be distasteful. This vile daemon lord's pernicious influence was first encountered by the renowned Grey Knights Space Marine Captain Arvann Stern when he purged the heretical Cult of the Red Talon. The Relic Blade is trickling with plasma energy. Brother Sarsa checking the location of enemy units from an auspex. He has a knack for Rarsanian biobacco products.

Long history of fighting against Tyranids.

The radio transmitter is used to contact support aircrafts and Thunderhawks in the atmosphere. The spare meltacanister is there to enable long field service. Their deeds are quite impressive for a minor chapter that tends to remain in the sidelines of the fluff. Le chapitre suit les enseignements du Codex Astartes en ce qui concerne le marquage d'escouade, présent sur l'épaulière droite. Long history of fighting against Tyranids. Pearson's Projects, a whole mix of WiP goodness! Dave looked on, stunned, as Steve Macarena'd at the Orks. Brother Ishri is a former 8th Assault Squad member and carries the role of meltagunner  to 3rd Squad. L'armure des Red Talons est intégralement rouge à l'exception de l'Aquila pectoral en blanc. “They came on a fiery Chariot of Death; the Hand of Justice, the Holy Ah Autek Mor, one of the greatest badasses of the HH era. Sorry for the wait. Has a long kill list including the Tyranid Broodlord and a full Necron Lychguard. For my next project I'll definitely take up on doing proper greenstuff'd tile flooring and intricate base-work rather than slapping on default GW stuff. Also some skulls and zombie hands were glued to where the sewerage would spill out. This is actually amazing on a Librarian Dreadnought if you choose one as your Warlord. Very nice and clean painting.

A custom armoured vehicle with countless campaigns. entered the system and launched a boarding action on Tau Emissary class ship. A mean fighting machine from the 5th Company. Really great stuff. Has been in the 3rd squad since initiation. Led by Iron-Brother Lurcas. Le symbole du chapitre est une serre rouge dans un cercle noir. Using his tactical acumen he leads the Squadron into the enemy flank with deadly precision. Great start and lovely painting! During the 13th Black Crusade they fought the Unclean Legion on Kobalt II being victorious against the plague horde. Lurcas was able to extract the The Sentinels Their Chapter symbol is a set of red bird's talons on a black circular background and likely ties the Chapter's history to Medusa's Clan Morragul, as they share the same symbol.[7]. they left. You can unsubscribe at any time.

40K General Discussion. To elaborate, Autek Mor was best known for killing several of his own men in duels over "slights" before the Heresy, to the point that Ferrus and the other Iron Fathers used his Clan as a dumping ground for those Legionaries who couldn't control their rage and fight with the self-control that the Iron Hands prized. He's also a former 8th Squad marine but considerably younger than others. The Chapter has also been charged several times by the Lords of Terra with hunting down and destroying renegade Space Marine Chapters. Their home world of Raikan lies within the Segmentum Tempestus. Good luck Red Talons. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Red Talons along with the Death Eagles, Carcharadons, Flesh Eaters and Charnel Guard were tasked by the Imperium to destroy 11 rogue chapters in an act called the Pentarchy of Blood during the War of the False Primarch.

Read: these guys were founded by the marines that even a Primarch known for beating a dragon senseless and drowning it in lava with his bare hands considered a bit too extreme.