It provides growth, strengthens our minds, and gives us the ability to think outside the box. Frederick Jackson Turner, in The Significance of Sections in American History, asserts a geographical determinism. For the native of a region, these are as accessible and familiar as air. A region is distinguished from an area, which is usually a broader concept designating a portion of the surface of Earth. It is the thing always before his eye, always at his ear, always underfoot. The importance of weather in informing a work of regional literature would seem not to diminish as time passes. Yes, I juggled the scenery in both of them [The Ox-Bow Incident, as well], but in each case I reclaimed a bit of land that should have been Nevada's." The natural environment greatly affects the lifestyle of the people in that region, thus shaping their culture. 21ST CENTURY LITERATURE 2. . Miss Austin's quotation suggests some of the further investigations which must be made. Let me list a few of them. The history of the region with which the writer is dealing is important in at least two ways. For example, the map of counties showing the distribution of white illiteracy so closely resembles the map of the physiographic regions that the one might almost be taken for the other. Literary works are portrayals of the thinking patterns and social norms prevalent in society. Art and Gil, on the other hand, have lived through another trauma (another snare) and now they are equipped to face a new day in a new range. There is one more important factor necessary to a definitive classification of regional literature which seems to stand a bit apart from the earlier elements of the definition. John Milton, editor of the South Dakota Review, in a speech to a gathering of psychologists and psychiatrists from North Dakota and South Dakota, stated that the constant blowing of the wind from the northwest in those two states is a powerful factor influencing psychological health in those states. All of the topics treated thus far are relatively real, and classifiable, and available for study by the ethnographer and literary critic. The "regionality" of the book depends upon (that is, may only be measured by) an audience which understands the "regionality" of the region. In the decades since the 1930s literature and the other arts that grew out of southern culture have flourished. Presumably, because they will still be in the West and will still be novitiates, they may very well choose badly again. of literature in the fields of institutional and evolutionary economics, internal business studies and economic geography. Lauren Elkin: Writers from all over the world were in Paris last weekend considering who, in the 21st century, can tell a country's story I think it’s relatively easy for people to accept something like telepathy or precognition or teleplasm because their willingness to believe doesn’t cost them anything. …. For the western regional work, the land must not only be treated authentically; it must also be important to the action of the book. Regional Literature: Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, Bicolano, Tagalog - Writers must maximize technology to disseminate their creative works. Naturally, this does not mean that it is less valuable. The first period (pre- 1980) was before the economic crises and reform era which was largely coordinated by the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions. For the majority of people around the world, our first serious encounter with literature comes from school. Literature is a term used to describe written and sometimes spoken material. A definition of western regional literature must likewise depend to a great extent on the authenticity of elements of the work of literature. And, too, they cannot live there for other, more profound, reasons — more profound, perhaps, because their region, New England, is much older. American literary regionalism or local color is a style or genre of writing in the United States that gained popularity in the mid to late 19th century into the early 20th century. They are a depiction of the different facets of common man’s life. Literature takes us beyond the limited experience… Of primary concern to anyone seeking to discover whether a work of literature is a western regional work is its treatment of the land. It is not a stage. Ethan Frome, must not violate New England diction and syntax as they existed in the late 1800s. National Capital Region Philippines Literature 1. Defined by one critic as "the arrangement of the large scale elements of the work," structure in a regional work is likely to depend on qualities indigenous to the region. For Mark Twain, "real," "natural," and "authentic" were controlling words insofar as his literary creations were concerned. It orders and determines all the direct, practical ways of his getting up and lying down, of staying in and going out, of housing and clothing and food-getting; it arranges by its progressions of seed times and harvest, its rain and wind and burning suns, the rhythms of his work and amusements.