All Rights Reserved. For Sale Xbox One 500GB with 2 Games: -The Division 2 -Call of Duty Modern Warfare Includes: -Console -Wireless Game Pad -Chatpad for gamepad -Kinect -Power adaptor -Original HDMI Cable -2 Games -Original Box Price 1 £150. Every part of your device needs to be working as it did when it was new, (e.g. Is your Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB damaged? While GameStop will take in any working console, the company has been known to undervalue its trade-ins. Xbox One 1TB Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare … As of writing, GameStop is currently offering around $60 for the Xbox One 500GB model and $90 for the more spacious 1TB version. Do note though, all of your existing peripherals remain functional on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X if you upgrade. Once the form is complete, click Submit - That's it! Warning: This will remove all data from your console. Direct from Amazon, they're low-cost and get the job done. That means no listings, no pictures, Compressed air keeps your Xbox One clean from all angles, picking out the dust from inside even the smallest gaps. online. If you need to wipe your Xbox One down, this multi-pack of budget AmazonBasics microfiber cloths is for you. Got a Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB? Praise by Forbes, The New York Times, PCWorld, and others has made BuyBackWorld one of the largest electronics buyback platforms online. Add to Cart. This number is tied to a carrier and helps record the activity and status of the device. We will ask you to contact your wireless service Up to £75.00. Guaranteed for 30 days. earphones). We know there’s more choices than ever to sell your item these days, but we’ve been the best way to sell online since 2009. You can choose to print your own pre-paid label at home or we'll even send you a BuyBackWorld Shipping Kit directly to your front door. Registered address: First Floor, High Holborn House, 52-54 High Holborn London, WC1V 6RL. Looking to sell original Xbox One, 500GB console. However, make sure your listings are honest and don't hide any significant scratching or dents to the console. Instead of issuing payment Xbox One 500GB Console (White) Up to £75.00. Microsoft's flagship Xbox One X console packs the best of Xbox, hitting 4K resolution and HDR colors across hundreds of titles. New Listing Xbox One 500GB - Console Only - Model 1540 W/ Cords No Controller Tested Working. Once you're ready to go, pick up the Xbox One X at its lowest retail price yet. C $134.35. To see the available quotes we have from UK recyclers, take a look at the table on this page, and you can compare how much they're offering and what their services are like. From Cyprus +C $65.40 shipping. We offer the most options in the world - you can choose to be paid via check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, PrePaid Debit Card or a Gift Card which includes an extra 5% to spend in our store. Amazon also accepts Xbox One trade-ins, with current valuations slightly exceeding those of GameStop. While all of the Xbox One's save data syncs with the cloud, transfer some games and save data over to an external hard drive is recommended. This website uses "cookies" to give you the best experience and to make it function correctly. Pick up the best Xbox One games included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Getting rid of a broken Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB? one week after we receive your item, payment is issued the next business day. It's possible - though you're less likely to be able to sell a water damaged device. Why are we paying more for unlocked iPhones? However, you'll be getting a fixed, smaller return on your initial investment. Sell on Amazon Image Unavailable. Some Xbox One titles clock near 100GB, so this will save a lot of time when setting up a new console. While retailers will buy working consoles with no questions asked, they are a third party between the previous owner and a new buyer. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The actual Shipping Kit can take 3-5 business days to reach you depending on your location. Once you've saved your data, reset your Xbox One console following the steps below. Unfortunately, we cannot control USPS transit times, we can only make sure we process your payment on the next business day after your item is received. Compare offers - Find your device by typing its name into the search bar, then take a look at all the current quotes we've got from recyclers. That’s The BuyBackWorld Guarantee. A few games will go a long way too, whether or not they're hugely popular. The going rate for a used Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB right now is £100.00. C $99.99. Retailing for $500, many can't justify the Xbox One X for improved visuals. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a 15 digit serial number unique to each and every GSM phone. Comes with console, Power cord, A/V cable and one wireless controller. Ultimately, the core gaming experience has stayed the same until the Xbox One X. In perfect working order. If it doesn’t power up or has liquid damage, then check with the recycler as they may not accept it. £75. Copyright © 2005-2020 We’ll also email you a prepaid shipping If you're looking to upgrade your console, store credit will tie you down to a particular retailer but can source a significantly larger budget. Amazon offers a handy trade-in calculator to help you estimate how much your console and included accessories should be worth. To find out if you can sell your broken or damaged Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB, select the 'broken' option on the comparison grid, and be as honest as you can about its condition. PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to be paid via check, it still might take anywhere from 3-10 business days to reach you once we mail it. Once your device is received, we check that your order is complete and your items match the condition you described. Sell now. : Sell it now. buys your used, old, broken and unwanted Microsoft Xbox One 500GB Black Console. If your handset displays more than 15 digits or is separated by symbols, please enter the first 15 digits only. Get an instant quote, ship for free, get paid cash. XBOX ONE S CONSOLE SYSTEM WITH ORIGINAL BOX … It's cheap and recommended for all home electronics. That's not to say there isn't demand for the original Xbox One. An iPhone device which is locked to AT&T will only work domestically on the AT&T network. This increased value comes from a direct sale to the buyer with no third party in the middle taking their cut. no shipping yourself, no random meet-ups and quite frankly, no surprises. No stress, no problems. With the Xbox One X, this marked a significant change for the industry, offering new resources available to push 4K, despite remaining a part of the Xbox One family. We understand this option is not for everyone, but rest assured whether you choose our traditional payment you can mail your item right out. Platform : Xbox One | … As with any modern device, a factory reset on your console is a necessity to protect your data. You can quickly select your Microsoft Xbox One 500GB Black Console using our search bar or step by step method so that you receive an accurate Instant Quote. We're completely impartial with years of experience in tech recycling, and committed to getting you the most money for your old gadgets. Pretty fast and easy, huh? Sold. 07321980. This shows the various recyclers that we currently compare prices for, and their corresponding Trustpilot rating. Xbox One 1TB Console. A cheap headset? Sell now. Jetzt kaufen Got an old Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB you want to sell? May show signs of wear but fully tested and working great. However, there's still a chance you can get some cash for it, and sending it to a recycler is much better for the environment than throwing it away. charging port still needs to work). Verizon phones can now be checked through their "Activate Phone or Device" page. This is the fastest way to get paid since you can send your item out immediately without delay. More recent models almost always go for more cash than older versions too. You can sell plenty of old gadgets even if they have cracked screens, lots of chips and scratches, or broken buttons. However, online auction sites can often bring in higher profits. Learn more. Comment: XBOX ONE Black console 500GB. Now you've prepared your console, it's time to choose where you want to sell it. Unlike auction sites, selling directly to GameStop will guarantee you cash or store credit, all without the worry of finding a buyer.