Download June 2020 IE Magazine PDF for FREE! It is used as a good practice guide for employers and sets out the expected standards and procedures for disciplinary and grievance issues. One of the key roles of a Member of Parliament (MP) is to hold the government accountable for its policies and actions. In light of these recent events, we outline the key features of the MCC below. This concern of states was addressed through constitutional amendments, requiring Parliament to make a law to provide for compensation to states for five years to avoid any revenue loss due to GST. 197, Lok Sabha, answered on September 14, 2020; PRS. Testing data and Health infrastructure: In response to a question, the government informed that India is conducting nearly 10-11 lakh tests every day and so far, a total of 6.05 crore samples have been tested for COVID-19. Consumer Law and Coronavirus. For example, if you are running a charity and publish a Code of Conduct online which relates to the use of charitable donations, this is not in itself binding. Businesses more commonly use their Code as a self-regulatory tool rather than a legal instrument. For example, if you are running a … The COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown have amplified the issue manifold, with both centre and states facing a revenue shortfall, limiting the ability of the Centre to meet states’ compensation needs. It prohibits the issue of advertisement at the cost of public exchequer in newspapers during the election period. What led to a delay in payment of compensation to states? Companies should consider the entire circumstances surrounding a voluntary code as it may bind another party. The elements then include: The Code of Conduct may be legally binding if it satisfies the above elements and if it was found that a contract was formed. Sources: Unstarred Question No. For instance, cess collections during the period Apr-Jun 2020 have been 41% lower in comparison to the same period last year. Table 4: Custodial deaths and Encounter deaths across select states (April 2019-March 2020), Sources: Unstarred Question No. Table 1 shows the compensation requirement of states for the years 2018-19 and 2019-20. It stated that a total of 86.82 lakh new job cards have been issued this year so far, against a total of 64.96 lakh cards issued during the same period last year. Why is the Centre required to compensate states for GST? The Code is ultimately viewed as a governance document. The committee observed that most provisions of the code are already enforceable via corresponding provisions in other statutes. Part 2 and 3: Focus on public meetings and processions. On whether the government is considering a legislation to prevent the torture of individuals by police and public officials, the Ministry of Home Affairs informed that police and public order are state subjects and there is no proposal to bring a legislation in this regard. Sources: Unstarred Question No. 13,20,881 dedicated isolation bed (without oxygen support), 63,194 ICU beds (including 32,409 ventilator beds). Based on the data provided by states, 97 persons passed away while travelling on Shramik special trains (as of September 9, 2020). EPF withdrawal: In March 2020, as part of the relief package, the government increased the withdrawal limit from the Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) accounts. Another reason for the success of the code lies in its restrained nature that the parties find tolerable to follow. Nearly 40% of the confirmed cases are persons between the age of 26-44. The Ministry of Agriculture responded that the locust incursions were reported in the 10 states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. How is the MCC significant in conducting free and fair elections? Thank you, 2019 NewLaw Firm of the Year - Australian Law Awards, 2020 Fastest Growing Law Firm - Financial Times APAC 500, 2020 AFR Fast 100 List - Australian Financial Review, 2020 Law Firm of the Year Finalist - Australasian Law Awards, 2019 Most Innovative Firm - Australasian Lawyer, By submitting this form, you agree to receive emails from LegalVision and can unsubscribe at any time. Table 1:  GST compensation requirement of states for 2018-19 and 2019-20 (in Rs crore). The government informed that states have indicated about 2.8 crore migrant worker beneficiaries. We appreciate your feedback – your submission has been successfully received. distributing liquor or holding public meetings in the 48 hours preceding the close of polling. a contract) and requires all parties to abide by its terms and conditions, it will not always legally bind any parties. Businesses more commonly use their Code as a self-regulatory tool rather than a legal instrument. The government responded that 4,621 shramik special trains were run from May 1 to August 31, 2020, which transported 63 lakh passengers across the country. Besides COVID-19, there were questions around India-China trade, locust attacks, and custodial deaths. Under it, candidates have to provide their email address and details of accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. The code does not have any statutory (legal) backing. A total fare of Rs 433 crore was collected from the state governments for running these special trains. The government also started other special trains (15 pairs of Rajdhani Express and special trains for examinations such as JEE and NEET). Of this, Rs 39,648 crore (95%) was freight revenue. Figure 2:  Cess collections insufficient for providing compensation. Of these, about 3 lakh people were working outside India. It has no statutory backing. The survey takes 2 Please use the comment section at the bottom to add your updates. It also announced a Rs 20 lakh crore economic package to improve the state of the economy and provide relief to those affected by the nationwide lockdown. *Revenue for the year 2019-20 does not takes into account those GST compensation grants which were payable to states in 2019-20 but were released by Centre in the year 2020-21. Six states (Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu) accounted for 52% of the total requirement of compensation for 2019-20. Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, a total of 4.03 lakh hospitalisations have been registered (and authorised) towards the treatment of COVID-19. In 2019-20, the delay in payment was observed due to insufficient funds with Centre for providing compensation to states. After June 2022, states dependent on compensation will observe a revenue gap due to a cut in these grants coming from Centre. Candidates have to add the expenditure on advertisements posted on social media to their overall expenditure for the election. The Ministries in focus for the questions were: Health (154 questions), Agriculture (127 questions), Education (104 questions), Finance (96 questions), and Railways (80 questions). States have roughly two years to bridge this gap with other tax and non-tax sources to avoid a potential loss of revenue, and a consequent fall in the size of their state budget, which could adversely affect the economy. Despite this, due to the compensation guarantee, all states could achieve the growth rate of 14% in their GST revenue – much higher than the overall growth in GST revenue. Civil aviation: The government informed that the revenue of Indian carriers was down by nearly 86% during April-June 2020, as compared to the same period last year. The Importance of Parliamentary Committees, Explaining the difference between the government finances reported in the Economic Survey and the Union Budget 2019-20, First session of 17th Lok Sabha: What to expect, sales of passenger vehicles declined by almost 18%, transfer of Rs 33,412 crore of unsettled GST funds, actual growth in 2020-21 is likely to be much lower, cess collections during the period Apr-Jun 2020 have been 41% lower, limited only to collections of the GST compensation cess, Various measures have been suggested to address the issue of shortfall in the Fund, Женщина нежно лижет анус приятного мужика, Girls equipped with big asses ready to get fucked hard. The committee observed in a report on electoral reforms that most provisions of the code are already enforceable through … The Centre must pay this compensation on a bi-monthly basis, but over the past one year these payments have been, In 2019-20, the gross GST revenue (Centre+states). For example, one of the measures proposed for meeting the shortfall involves Centre using market borrowings to pay compensation to states, with the idea that these borrowings will be repaid with the help of future cess collections.