To gracefully ascend Aureole's four-story wine tower and retrieve bottles for diners below. Even if you’re not scared easily, there will likely be at least a few times in your career – and more likely, many times – that you feel a rush of adrenaline when you’re working to save the victim of a crime, diffuse a risky situation or arrest a dangerous suspect. Martial arts instructors get to do that exact thing for living, passing their mystical knowledge on to a host of students via bizarre, seemingly unrelated tasks that only become clear once the training is complete. Yes, one would think, and one would be wrong. A job that one person finds thrilling might strike someone else as too risky or uncomfortable. Helicopter search and rescue pilot. You've seen them in virtually every science fiction thriller that has ever been produced. Injuries are common, but many athletes would say they are just the price of doing business. You’re under a lot more pressure as an instructor than just a participant, because you’re responsible for the safety of others as well as yourself. Vin Diesel stars in Bloodshot as Ray Garrison, a man who was murdered, but is later resurrected by a team of scientists (which sounds like some spooky Buffy the Vampire stuff). Are you up for the challenge of planning and preparing unique and delicious meals for private clients? Security guards conduct surveillance through in-person patrols and observing security cameras. Education: Extensive Training and Professional Certification in Your Activity. 'Gravity Falls' Star Prank Calls Trump Voter Fraud Hotline In Character. Stunt performers are highly trained professionals who do all the death-defying feats that would be too dangerous for regular film and television actors: Dodging bullets, escaping infernos, crashing cars, and jumping off rooftops are all par for the course. In some districts, you may be able to apply to a police training academy with just a high school diploma, according to the BLS. Apart from medical professionals, nowhere is this as true as with bodyguards. The callers on the other end of the phone are often frightened and distraught. It can be difficult to stay calm and objective in this high-stress environment, but the adrenaline can help keep you going. Everyone dreams of having a more exciting job, like the ones we see in movies and on television all the time. A high school diploma is sufficient education for working as a correctional officer in a number of local and state jails. It all depends on your own interests and passions. You put yourself at risk every day to protect and serve the public. However, if you would love to make a career out of your favorite thrill-seeking hobby, you’re in luck. A standard flight can be fairly routine or even boring, but if an engine quits or something else goes wrong, you need to be on top of your game. Even some local and state facilities that don’t require a college degree still require candidates to complete a minimum number of college credits. What if you could make a career out of your favorite thrill-seeking hobby? Everyone has different interests and passions. don’t stutter and get nervous in an interview with a Hollywood star! The hazmat crew then physically removes said danger and decontaminates the area, both to contain the damage that has already been done and to keep any additional bystanders from getting melted. These are the most anticipated action movies of 2020, with movies featuring Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and more. The good news is that there are ways to do all of those things and make a decent living at the same time. Using high-tech tools to produce the best possible sound for musical recordings, theatrical performances, television productions, and even sporting events can be a huge thrill. You don't have to have a background in law enforcement, though many bounty hunters do. But then there are those who take their offices outside and make the mountains, oceans, deserts and wilderness their place of work. ICU patients need close monitoring 24 hours a day, so hospitals must have these specialized nurses on staff at all times. All jobs in the military carry real risks, but some jobs are much riskier than others. You must also meet age, physical fitness, citizenship and other requirements and pass a background check. Event planners get to organize and coordinate the details behind weddings, festivals, tournaments, fashion shows, and much more. Somewhere along the way, there’s a good chance you will encounter an experience worthy of an adrenaline rush. Countless explosion-tastic movies have been made about bodyguards, and for good reason: The "saving the client's life" part of their jobs (which, incidentally, is every single part of their jobs) is done by looking badass, vigilantly scanning every situation for potential threats, fighting for the client's safety when necessary and, if all else fails, taking a bullet for them. When you enlist in any branch of the United States military, you’re making a sacrifice for the good of your country. Education: Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice, IMAGE SOURCE: Jon Sullivan, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain. Dangling from a helicopter above a mountain range or descending into the ocean in a shark cage could get anyone's pulse racing. You need to pay close attention, think fast, and have plenty of stats and stories to share. When trouble erupts, it takes a brave person to run toward the danger rather than away from it. To do it in real life, there must be years of training to be undertaken, possibly even a previous career in law enforcement or some horrible personal tragedy that must be avenged. This is one career that keeps you on the cutting edge. 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(And Nobody's Talking About It), 5 People Who Are Way Too Good At Crappy Jobs, 5 Celebrities You Didn't Know Ass-Kicked Their Way to Fame, Spicy Peppers May Help You Live Longer, Preliminary Research Finds. A number of community colleges and vocational schools offer associate’s degree programs in fishery technology, aquaculture and similar subjects that can improve your job prospects and help you advance. Outstanding culinary knowledge and sensitive to taste and aroma, Familiar with the workflow in a restaurant, Excellent communication (writing) skills, preferably with a degree in communication, journalism or related fields, Extraordinary love for ice cream (as you will be having it almost every meal every day), Able to work under immense pressure as half a second delayed response can cost a match, Deep understanding of the racing industry, Drink wine and recommend them for a living, Travel around the world to source new wines, Familiar with the latest trend and different social media platforms, Working on-air live definitely offers you rush of adreanaline, Able to meet celebrities and politicians, and even interview them, On some occasions, you are invited for some free food and to different events, A degree in journalism, broadcasting or related fields, Specialized knowledge is sometimes required if you are in specific domain, Outstanding communication and able to work under immense pressure (e.g. Your reward is years of painful digestion in a sarlacc! There are numerous roles you can hold in the various branches of the armed forces, with varying level of job responsibilities and pay grades. Lots of people want exciting careers, but not everyone would agree on what "exciting" actually means. You could turn your passion for exercise and healthy living into an exciting and rewarding career as a fitness trainer. That's because they're responsible for talking their way toward a peaceful, nonviolent end to kidnappings, hijackings, suicides, and hostage situations. Check on those box office stats in June to find out. Checking for contraband, settling disputes between inmates, and preventing full-scale riots are all part of the job. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics travel to the scenes of accidents, disasters, crimes and medical emergencies to provide initial treatment to patients who – in the most serious circumstances – might otherwise not live long enough to reach the hospital. Instead of serving entire communities like police officers, security guards protect the property, workers and visitors of their specific employers. Crime never sleeps, so both police detectives and private investigators may need to work unusual hours to get the job done. Firefighter. You could find yourself making robots to be used in surgery, manufacturing, or mining. You need a phenomenal memory and keen powers of observation to make it as a spy (or as the CIA calls it, a Clandestine Operations Officer). To begin your career as an enlisted member of the United States military, you must earn a high school diploma. Pararescue While working is often viewed as a torturing process to make both ends meet, it doesn’t actually need to be like this. What Will Happen To Trump's Media Defenders? Few things will get your heart racing like sitting on top of seven million pounds of rocket fuel while waiting for blastoff, repairing a satellite while tethered to the outside of a spacecraft, or watching the sun rise 16 times a day while in orbit. The good news is, it's not quite as insane as it sounds -- they're only made in places where it gets so cold that the ice can easily carry cars, and the plowing process necessary to make the road further thickens and hardens the ice. And then, of course, there's Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota and Mississippi, where you can just set up your office right the hell now, as these states have no requirements for private investigators whatsoever. When they receive a call, lives are at stake. As if the hazardous materials themselves weren’t dangerous enough, these employees often work in dangerous environments, too.