'WTF is...' featured his first impressions on the 'newest releases' of Steam, 'The Salebox', where he talked about deals on digital download websites such as Steam, GOG (Good Old Games) and Green Man Gaming, an… More than anything else, that is the one that makes me mad. * At least if we were to believe what media or they themselves claim. He was described by Will Porter of Eurogameras a "champion of indie gaming" and YouTube's foremost "love him or hate him" personality. Hope things get better for him, were the border force on crack or..? You're going to see a lot of amazing stories and anecdotes from a lot of people in this industry about @Totalbiscuit with the news of his passing today. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I was never subscribed on Twitch so that is already taken care of, and I am on my way over to YouTube to unsubscribe to your channel there. What gets me is that even if the Johnson voters had all gone for Clinton in Nc. If it doesn't come out before October it means there are some serious issues behind the scenes and it's time to abandon ship like an Italian cruiseliner captain. According to our records, TotalBiscuit is possibly single. I just found this via reddit and from what I understand some/a lot of y'all have quite a soft spot for the guy, so I thought i might re-post this from over there as it's an interesting story he has to tell, and it's slowly looking up for the guy! I hate to say this but his "Hitler" talk sounds like projection. Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International 2020 Sign-Ups Now Open Xbox Series X launch breaks broadband data use record in UK, American Horror Story season 10: From the cast to the theme, everything we know about the upcoming series, YouTube vlogger Totalbiscuit aka John Bain dies aged 33 after cancer battle. US immigration system is just fucked up, same as most of their politics (not that anyone have a non-flawed system in place). Yeah, that's the only part of this that actually bothers me. Bain voiced strong support for consumer protection in the video gaming industry. TotalBiscuit had videos on his channel Monday through Saturday, with a break on Sunday. You always tried to act so serious, but were really a giant goofball. According to Eurogamer, he obtained a large following due to his video commentary on newly developed indie games and analysis of gaming news. Friends/family, please know that I will notify you all of any memorial service planned for John. He is most remembered for Video game first impressions and critique, eSports commentary. /r/CynicalBrit is an unofficial community dedicated to the discussion of TotalBiscuit's content and other things involving Totalbiscuit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Starting a sentence with "Being a..." or "As a..." will instantly translate whatever you say next into the droning noise of the adults from The Peanuts in my head. Who is he dating right now? The YouTube gamer was just 33 at the time of his death, which was confirmed by his wife Genna Bain. MORE : YouTube vlogger Totalbiscuit aka John Bain dies aged 33 after cancer battle, Rapper Octavian ‘blocked by 10,000 Spotify users’ and dropped from label after domestic abuse allegations, Matthew Perry confirms Friends reunion date after delays and teases ‘busy year’. "You stuck with me and supported me through cancer BUT FUCK YOU FOR EXERCISING DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS", where does he do this? He had been diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014, later going into remission in April 2015. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. Personally, I find that the by far most disturbing thing about this is that this sort of sexism it's both so common and so accepted among the very ones who supposedly* are the ones who are most staunchly fighting against sexism and racism in our society. were followed by a severe backlash - giving us the 80s with Reagan, Tatcher, etc. It's one thing to be a cunt to your audience, quite another to act this way towards someone who has stood by you during your most trying times and has been there for you. You can wallow in your anger all you want TB, but you leave your wife out of it. He continued to critique games after the diagnosis, announcing his retirement only a few weeks ahead of his death in May 2018. And I know that person is very much bullshitting. TotalBiscuit's wife reacts to mobile Command and Conquer - TotalBiscuit playing Talk Shows By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Amy Duncan Friday 25 May 2018 7:58 am. Endless streams of idiots climbing out from under their rocks to corrode Internet with their new granted power of freedom of speech, all while with their heads stuck up their arses because what good are ears for. The former may be more likely. It's not like it was a close election. His main channel, TotalHalibut, featured videos of Bain commentating on a multitude of video games. Wish TB could find another service for audio logs. I'm terrible at goodbyes, John. She’s a Gamer, Voice Actress, Makeup Artist, & Tournament Organizer. Someone mind filling in the details? And AgainstGamerGate is very much run by antis. John is the reason many of us are where we are now in this industry. Anyone who disagrees with me... You know what comes next. This is what happens with the Internet. According to our records, TotalBiscuit is possibly single. The main source of Bain's publicity was his primary YouTube channel, where he posted what he described as "variety gaming content" as part of the YouTube gaming network Polaris. That we live in times where things like this even have to be said or the fact the people that need to have this explained to them just won't listen anyway. He continued working for two more years. I feel absolutely terrible for Genna.