This includes visual inspection and any combination of sterile barrier tests, such as burst testing, dye penetration testing, and peel testing. The performance of each lot at each time point is measured in three replicates. Relative Humidity (RH) is not a factor in the Arrhenius equation. Q10 value can be changed, however, default is Q10=2.0, we recommend holding this constant. The food industry has a great need to have a shelf-life test in the minimum time possible because of the fierce competition, sudden shortage of agricultural inputs, opportunity loss and low unit value of the commodity. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to provide an outline of the basic approaches to stability testing, as well as to create a foundation for advanced statistical modeling and shelf life prediction. Predictive modelling or challenge testing can be used to assess pathogen growth. PDF/X-3:2002 In addition to the prediction of product stability including colour, ASLT are useful for a number of other purposes, e.g. Acquire some data below C so that the degradation trend can be determined. Stability time will drop down to 24.8 days when product is stored at 65°C. This occurs with products that have not existed long enough to have gone through their useful lifespan. Westpak is proud to be an Employee Owned company. The bracket method should not be confused with bracketing, which is an experimental design that allows you to test a minimum number of samples at the extremes of certain factors, such as strength, container size, and container fill.3,4,6 Bracketing assumes that the stability of any intermediate levels is represented by the stability of the extremes and testing at those extremes is performed at all time points.4, The Q-Rule states that the degradation rate decreases by a constant factor when temperature is lowered by certain degrees. Ambient temperature is typically between +20ºC to +25ºC. The new or test product is expected to demonstrate similar behavior to the control since they belong to the same family and have the same kinetics of degradation. Do not compromise the analytical accuracy during the course of the study to distinguish between the degradation rates at each temperature. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. °C . Update 07-July-2020: WESTPAK’s test laboratories are protected and fully operational during the pandemic. H�\�͎�@�=OQ��E�n��&�ğ[email protected]�tHF H/|�����$c���|��ʷ�ݡk'���'wi�f���}��;�k�eE隶�>�͟��4dyZ||ܧx;t�>�*��H'���pO�?��,�66ql��{��=>���>�-v�[���5�}9 _O���y�ˡI���������c������}�é�㩻ƬZ���U��Ze�k�;oK.;_�ߧ1��}�xᗲʪ�tH90�W�W�%�yüA�2o�w�;�7�7�=s�U���/�䒹D��Y����yؼ2+�12�fO��ٯ���4{���G�x��G�x��G�x��G�x��G�x��Gا�O�Mf��)�SЧ�OA��� �?������� �?������� �r�b�r�b�r�b�r�b�r�b�r�b�r�b�r���ُ�e?�~��(�Q���Gُ�e?�~��(�1�c���7��~���7��~���7��~���7��~���7��~��h6��0���/=���0�lh����}���Ӌ�;�B�s���1m�V5��)�.~�fC?��