The photo of the solar eclipse if very fitting for today! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Amouage Bracken for Women EDP 100ml. For her, Sunshine felt like “the brightest gold,” and she wrote with enthusiasm about how it was “a grounded, warm scent, with a core of burnished brightness.” Patty White was a bit more ambivalent in her review because the perfume had elements of “freshness,” which she isn’t generally keen on, but she ultimately liked Sunshine, too, because of its happy brightness. Der einzigartige Name spiegelt den Geist der Düfte wider, ihre Anmut, ihren Glanz und ihr Gefühl – ein ganz besonderes Geschenk für all diejenigen, die man liebt!© Aus Liebe zum Duft (p/hb). I’m pretty good at not genderizing what I smell, yet occasionally I forget when I see “Woman” attached to the scent itself. Using 3 good smears equal to 2 sprays from an actual bottle, the perfume initially opened with a strong but airy bouquet that projected 3 inches. Und das leider erst nach 1 bis 2 Stunden. Inventive and evocative, the various collections of the House of Amouage are synonymous with a lifestyle sought after by the most discerning international patrons. At one point during the 6th hour, there were noticeable whiffs of something resembling both acetone nail varnish and medicinal antiseptic wafting from my skin. Its juicy sweet and has that cocktail drink vibe without the alcohol. But I don’t really hate this exactly. I had heard so many wonderful things about this, but it sounds like the audience who likes this and I probably don’t have largely overlapping tastes in perfume. Aldehydes, I’m probably okay. In the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate to have been able to take two trips to Europe…it’d a big deal from Australia ….and we have to stop off at either Abu Dhabi or Dubai. I do share some preferences with the Divine Miss M on the Posse, so even though I’d been looking forward to sampling Sunshine, I just committed to a decant of it on a split site last night. The osmanthus is creamy, almost petal soft, and thoroughly slathered with apricot liqueur from the davana, then lightly sprinkled with earthy cassis (black currant) and slivers of fresh almond. The perfume remains largely unchanged for the next few hours, merely turning drier and woodier in nature. There are plenty of Western brands that make “pleasant” or “pretty” perfumes for less. All in all, it sounds just plain “icky” and I’d rather spend the cost of a sample on Hegoa instead. Even the flowers feel quieter now, less creamy and soft. Privacy Policy and Journey. By the start of the 3rd hour, there’s been a solar eclipse, the florals have fled for the hills, and the perfume is centered primarily on darkness. It occasionally reminds me more of blackberries than black currants, but then green and earthy nuances pop up. That’s one way to see Sunshine, the latest fragrance from Amouage. 00 I don’t find the bottle to be “beyond hideous,” but I don’t think much of it, either. Amouage hat eins richtig gut drauf: Völlig unterschiedliche Parfums auf den Markt hauen die sehr unterschiedliche Fans haben. One person calls it “GORGEOUS” (in all caps), two others say it is “delicious.” To wit. AMOUAGE Sunshine Women's Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Fl Oz. Parfumo ist der Treffpunkt für alle Parfumbegeisterten.Entdecke Parfum für Frauen und Männer, organisiere deine Sammlung, tausche dich aus und vieles mehr! Um unsere Website in bester Weise zu erfahren, aktivieren Sie Javascript in Ihrem Browser. So entstand als erster Duft des Hauses das klassische „Gold“. Honestly what the hell were they thinking!?! Top Notes: Blackcurrant Liquor, Almond, Davana. still fresh’ish. Jeden Morgen stürzen die kleinen Menschen mit juchzen und Geschrei aus ihren Räumen und tappern so schnell sie ihre kleinen Beinchen tragen auf den Hof. :-) FWIW (for what it’s worth), I don’t think Epic Woman is the best Amouage. Der Duft gipfelt in einer zauberhaften, erdigen Basis aus Zedern-Wacholder, Papyrus und einer anspruchsvollen Noten von hellem Tabak. Das macht der Schlawiner immer, wenn er was ausgefressen hat und es wieder... Amouage näher ich mich von Natur her eher etwas vorsichtiger - orientalische Düfte sind einerseits nicht so mein Beritt, zum anderen wird es bei diesem Dufthaus ganz schnell mal etwas teurer. Just my opinion. Jasmin, Magnolie, ein wenig Patchouli. We’ll see.