Do you have a bibliography? From many forms of literature, Poetry was highly favored by the Chinese. The next major ancient Chinese artifacts come from the hand of the great artist Gu Kaizhi. Nearly three decades later in 1449, a regrouped Mongol army of 120,000 men launched a new military campaign against China. Bronze sculpture especially had a great jump in the Han Dynasty. there is an invention called the whirl-wind catapult. Other weapons from Chinese mythology, legend, cultural symbology, and fiction include the shield and battleax of the defiant dancer Xingtian, Yi's bow and arrows, given him by Di Jun, and the many weapons and armor of Chiyou, who is associated with the elemental power of metal. Besides the Chinese sources and their translations, a mythological studies oriented literature in English has been an actively growing field. Many myths involve the creation and cosmology of the universe and its deities and inhabitants. From that time on demons are terrified of peachwood. This giant fortress on wheels was the world’s biggest chariot, designed for the sole purpose that is to forced enter a walled city. However, in a pre-electronic age, the mobile fortress had a fatal shortcoming. Various famous swords may be encountered Chinese legend or mythology. Yinglong, the winged dragon, finally defeated Chiyou (Sima Qian, "Wǔdì Běnjì", Records of the Grand Historian). The widespread of jade was also found near the Yellow River, depicting the Longshan culture. There are more weapons than these! Some of these swords also appear in literary fiction; or, various other media, including comics and video games. ‘1971. None of the information contained in the article is new. This non-factually documented weapon has been known as the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. The mythological materials quoted by Birrell from various sources illustrate the dangers associated in mythology with mythological weapons, both their manufacture and their acquisition. The list of Chinese cultural relics forbidden to be exhibited abroad comprises a list of antiquities and archaeological artifacts held by various museums and other institutions in the People's Republic of China, which the Chinese government has officially prohibited, since 2003, from being taken abroad for exhibition.Many of the relics on the list symbolize the breakthrough of archaeological discoveries that … Get our content delivered to your email. It’s a special spear with the spearhead weaving like a snake, designed to widen the thrust wounds in complicated fractures. Guan's blade-weapon is known as the Green Dragon Crescent Moon Sword or as the Frost Fair Blade, from the idea that during a battle in the snow, the blade continuously had blood on it; the blood froze and made a layer of frost on the blade. What about all the guns and cannons? But similar examples have been found in Turkey, Syria, and even China. There were hundreds different types of cold weapons in ancient Chinese battlefields, with the most commonly used including bow (弓), crossbow (弩), sword (剑), broad knife (刀), spear (矛), speargun (枪), cudgel (棍), battleaxe (斧), battle spade (钺), halberd (戟), lance (殳), whip (鞭), blunt sword (锏), hammer (锤), fork (叉), plow (钯), dagger (戈) and shield (盾) – known as tools for 18 military skills (18般武艺). This page was last edited on 13 April 2020, at 22:02. (Greek mythology) Seal of Solomon, a magical brass or steel ring that could imprison demons. These are just a few, This website informed me a lot about ancient weapons. Already in the bronze age, people were making intricate weapons and tools. Another archeology evidence of Chinese music and a major artifact for it is an 8,6 inch flute made of bird bones and red-crowned cranes discovered in 1999 and aged around 9000-year-old. Hence, it’s important for us to appreciate it by giving a moment to learn and understand what the ancient Chinese had left for the future.