Family Reunion This side quest can be picked up at the mission table at the start of the game. The same can be said for character development; it's non-existent. Very, but don't burn out. This will also, probably, be too long and not worth reading, but I feel like I need to get it off my chest anyway. They also treated the setting and time period with great respect. All rights reserved. It had occasionally some decently written characters, but the story was always bad. They are definitely worth it in my opinions, especially if you are interested about Egypt. Characters are introduced, things happen, and none of it makes sense. •The friend was introduced at the verrry beginning of the game – 50 hours ago in my playthrough– for, maybe, 10 or 15 minutes. Is it worth getting? So, I haven't played any of the AC games since AC3, but Im kinda tempted to try this one out. I totally thought I would be playing Aya (Amunet) killing Cleopatra. The one moment that quantifies this best is near the end of the game: Bayek and Aya enter this weird laser globe cave where Bayek discovers his best friend is dead at the hands of the, ostensible, main villain. Press J to jump to the feed. It never comes together, and it ends up feeling entirely purposeless. I would wait until it's on sale or buy it somewhere else cheaper. @ripelivejam: It doesn't need to be the best thing ever, and it would be ridiculous to expect it to be. •Finally, Bayek and Aya are completely one dimensional in a similar way to Kratos in God of War, but unintentionally so. I think part of the problem is that the whole top-left section of the map is full of Romans and Roman stories, but until the last main Bayak mission, the game gives you no reason to go there other than open world exploration, or the Arena. Again, the son shows up for a very brief amount of time during a forgettable mission and the short cutscene where he dies, and they expect me to have formed an emotional attachment? The removal of the Animus encyclopedia/database also really hurts this game, because characters are presented like players should know them, when I'd wager at least 45 to 50% or players don't have a history degree in pre-Christ Egypt. The game could have stretched the last hour into three and fleshed out the missions somewhat because a lot of stuff is going on. It feels like the game considers this to be an important and emotional moment, but it just doesn't work. Or go a generation or two pre-Origins and make the Republic tear itself apart. With that said, I'm very curious to hear some positive thoughts on the story, or even other negative ones. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Many of the regions and story quests in the game have level recommendations, and … It’s awesome to have this alternate history where people you learned about in books were really out to get an alien golden ball all along. 0. The story along with the side missions which you have to do will roughly take 40 hours for you to complete. But I'll finish this one! Their are some side quests that go into other side quests, I found I liked this quit a bit. No. Memphis side quests and quest map | Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Origins Guide and Walkthrough. I did do a bunch though. Side quests actually build ups the world, introduce a lot of Egyptian culture, but also are often linked with the main targets. Some of the sidequests and exploring are worth it to me at least. I found it very disjointed, especially the part at the end where Bayak and Aya suddenly stop loving each other for no reason. Origins at least felt integral, even if its execution wasn't amazing. It’s not terrible but then I don’t know how anyone could consider AC2’s story especially good apart from the animus stuff which explored the whole sci-fi aspect of the series that for some reason a lot of people dislike. This reapplies itself when Bayek finds his murdered friend. Like, the story in this game isn't too far off from something like "The Room" in how badly it's put together; thats how low my feelings are on it. That said as far as Origins goes, like others have said Bayek is a surprisingly enjoyable character if not typically one-note. So, I can't genuinely say the main story is bad, but it's definitely disjointed as he'll, works against the brilliant open world, and feels kind of one dimensional right now. Going through these quests back to back to back exposes how slapdash the final act of the game is. There's just not like anyone Bayek in this game. I guess that’s for another thread though. Well it can't be the best thing ever, and there's only two options so... @efesell: Same. They completely throw him away for the vast majority of the game, then try to leverage him for an emotional climax. The entire game, Bayek wants to avenge his son because he's trying to put his soul to rest before being able to move on with Aya. I don't think it's terrible. And in my 40+ hours of playing this game, I only had 1 crash so its not a big issue for me. Aya does seem to have wide reaching aspirations than simply getting even - at this point quite a stereotypical videogame take on the bullheaded beefy “dood” and the clever and conniving female counterpart. Is it worth getting? Cookies help us deliver our Services. It was disjointed though and the execution wasn't great but I still got hype as fuck during the last cutscene. Siwa Region Side Quests. AC Origins main story is so horrendously bad its kinda funny especially as its running counter to the excellent world building and surprisingly decent side side quest, tbh though I'm not a AC fan I've found everyone completely bonkers nonsense. It also shouldn't have ended up being incoherently bad. I just finished and I agree about the story. Also, I read before that the Arno Dorian from Unity was related to Fassbender's character, and that's also true going by a throwaway point in the movie where it shows his lineage and Arno pops up for one second.