Since most of us don't upload a lot of stuff the question comes down to how much you want to pay and how fast do you want to go for your downloads. Rogers keeps calling my famsquad giving a deal for $`105 plus tax. Bell uses a Symmetrical speeds system for all of its packages. The only bad episode I remember was being around 48 minutes on the line waiting to talk to them. I had an episode this week, when I was checking about the subject of this test where either the call disconnected or was disconnected. While downloading Torrents on Bell, more frequently than often I see my downloads limited at 10-15Mb/s. Rogers, and probably most of the cable based ISP’s across North America use a Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) system. I'd rather fire up my computer and download a game I don't have in 15 mins than 45 or 1.5hours. I had to get the upgrade because my Internet has been poor recently. The Rogers employee on the phone said that I prevously had legacy Internet, which I've never heard of before. The difference here is that the entire run from the neighbourhood node to the home is via fibre instead of cable. A subreddit for people to submit questions to Torontonians and about Toronto and receive constructive responses. Ok, that should do it for now. As a residential user why would you need 1000 down/700 up? I have bell in my house but they're going to have to change it all if i switch to rogers? Reaching 175Mbs on a international download is by any means slow. I work from home office so I need good and reliable internet. That raw connect rate should match up with the numbers in the following table (somewhere): Note that 1 spatial stream on the chart infers 1 antenna, 2 spatial stream infers 2 antenna, etc, etc. Price: $84.99 / month Speed: 100 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up Usage Allowance: 99999 GB. Besides work, at my place all the entertainment comes from internet. Then paste that into a post, right click …. Even if you have not made made any changes, it's entirely possible that your neighbour(s) could have made changes to their Wi-Fi configurations, started using the same channels/frequencies that you are using, and if their Wi-Fi is unhealthy, it can then destroy the Wi-Fi performance in your home. Ten years ago you'd probably ask the same question for a 100/100 connection. 02:10 PM If you use cloud storage a lot, look at Bell with their symmetrical service. A call to tech support might be necessary to determine what modem is currently registered on the account. Rogers keeps calling my famsquad giving a deal for $`105 plus tax. In previous tests I’ve seen Rogers reaching and maintaining the peak speed, but at the time of this test that wasn’t the case. I used to run the tests. That will help to select the correct transmission rate from the chart. I’m a software developer and tech enthusiast since early in my life. The bufferbloat usually can be controlled applying some QoS over the network, and Rogers modem doesn’t have that option. Intro. I’ve been in Canada for almost 3 years, and prior to that, I’ve never used cable as my connection type. You should have had your existing location troubleshot properly because Ignite is not magic - it's just a new name  If your previous connection was not performing, your new service will not perform either. Those are the results. That brings up the lower display area. To really test out a modem or router’s wifi capability you need a desktop with an adequate wifi antenna system and wifi adapter, or a gaming laptop or a workstation laptop of some type. When I got here, I thought Rogers was convenient choice since I could just get the modem and install it myself on the place I was living at the time and I was in a need for a internet connection, so I decided to give it a try. The good about fiber is that as far as I know, the don’t have any physical issue providing faster speeds, and it can be symmetrical if they want to. Actually we've been using hybrid fiber for over 30 years and have started an undertaking to switch to a 100% fiber network. share. Over the time I had more contact with Rogers due my cell phones also being from them. I recently upgraded to the gigabit plan. If they want to win my heart, give me cheap or even free internet. Bell sucks as a company. While within Canada, at least on speed tests Bell seems to get higher speeds overall. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Necroing a 2-month old thread but...I have FTTH (Fiber optic To The House) - for both Bell and Rogers. Maybe someday when I find out they improved their international bandwidth. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I don’t have lots of complaints against their support. If you’re only running wifi, then both wifi and cable portions of the path have to be examined, hopefully to rule out one of them. Testing Steam downloads brought me interesting results: For Steam I got interesting results, the test was done around 1PM on 24 of June of 2019, overall Bell was able to a more consistent speed almost peaking what the plan can offer while Rogers reached the peak speed, but couldn’t maintain it. Spreadsheet - Test Results (Wireless Tests tab). vs. Ignite 60. Rogers uses an Asymetrical scheme where you get fast download speeds (90% of us mostly download) but the upload speed is 5-20Mb/s which pretty much sucks. I don’t know if that could be credited to too many wi-fi connection around the same channel Bell was using for their modem at the time of the tests, but consistently, Rogers wireless speeds were better, even though at a time I also got poor results.