The best way to fine tune ideal tire pressures is field testing it. The pressure value is calculated considering a tubeless set up, intended road surface, rider's weight, average bike weight, inner rim width, and tire volume. Mass Units. Pressure Units. Use preset values. Bike Weight. A thin road tyre would have 6-8 bar of pressure, much like a road bike (have a look at our tyre pressure calculator for road bikes), while for a fat bike tire, a pressure of 0.5 bar will suffice. Don't forget to press "Calculate"! Nominal tyre width is what is written on the sidewall (actual tyre width will be greater when installed on AEOX® wheels due to the 19.6mm internal rim width). MGDriver Posts: 38.

Tubeless Tyre Pressure Calculator. However, the perfect tire pressure for a tubeless tire also depends greatly on the factors already mentioned and as such, vary depending on riding style and terrain.

I've been running tubeless for about a year now using NoTubes ZTR FlowEX Rims and Stans Fluid. Optimal tire pressure is a vital factor in making you go faster. Because the algorithm is fully mathematical, it takes each pressure calculation and compares it to an energy required to bottom out the tire in an impact and then will also warn you about pinch flat risk if you are using too small a tire for a given surface… it will even give a recommendation for how much more pressure, or more tire width you might need for your weight/speed/surface condition. As mentioned previously, tubeless tires can be run at lower pressures without the danger of ‘snakebite’ punctures. July 2014 edited September 2016 in MTB workshop & tech. US tyre brand Compass points out that an excessively flexing tyre can damage the casing: “You also don’t want to run too low a pressure with tubeless tyres. kg. Wheel Diameter. kg. I have never been sure of the correct pressure to run them at; I used a formula I read on-line somewhere and that came to 28psi Front & Rear.

18. Note: Tire pressures are intended as a starting recommendation based on the listed wheel being set up with tubeless tire. These two extremes, however, represent only the upper and lower pressure limits; for standard trekking wheels, the most frequent choice would be a tyre pressure between 3 and 4 bar . Ideal tire pressure is subject to many variables such as road surface, weather conditions, bike materials and setup, rider's weight and lastly, riding style. Front Tire Labelled Width. Rider Weight. This app is intended to give you a starting point to that for all tires.--> Find a Dealer; Recommended PSIs should be used front and rear for time trial/triathlon bikes, and for road bikes you can decrease 2-3psi for the front wheel. Ride Style. If this happens on downhill runs, it can cause the tyre pressure to sink steadily and this compromises the handling. This tire pressure calculator provides recommended tire pressure for Zipp wheels. A peculiar characteristic of tubeless tyres is that if the tight fit between the edges of the tyres and the rims is lost for even a short time under cornering, a leak can occur, causing air to escape, also known as burping. If the tyre flexes excessively, this will break down the casing until it starts to leak.