You may recognise some of the famous ramen shops here, including Tokyo’s Tsuta, which was the first ramen shop in the world to be awarded a Michelin star. The one that is the most famous (naturally with the longest queues) are from Rokurinsha, famous for their Tsukemen, with some claiming its the best they’ve ever tasted. . Ramen may have taken the global stage in recent years, but for sheer variety and choice, Tokyo remains the best place to enjoy Japan's most famous … I’ll say the textures might not be as good as Okakita in Kyoto but its a good place in Dotonburi Osaka to get away from the busy crowds and sit down to enjoy a good bowl of udon or slurp some cold soba noodles in dipping sauce! I would be sure to check them out! My wife decided to try their dry version of noodles tossed in sauce (Abura Soba) and it was absolutely delicious, perhaps even better than their original Seabura chaccha ramen! Tokusei noko gyokai tsukemen. For starters – find out what is the opening hour for both lunch and dinner – notice that some ramen joints vary their opening hours depending on which day. 1-5-21 Ebisuhonmachi Naniwa-ku Osaka Osaka (near Imamiyaebisu Station), Opening Hours: 11AM–3PM, 6–11PM Closed on Mondays. Seabura No Kami serves Seabura chaccha style ramen where melted pork fat is sprinkled on top of the ramen and you will see small pieces stay afloat (as seen in the picture) to enhance the flavor of the soup. Add the raw eggs (no limit) to the hot soup and stir.. or take the pork slices and mix with the raw eggs to enjoy just like sukiyaki style. ), Best Fried Noodles and Bee Hoon - Coconut Grove, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Mata Mata (Artisan Pizzas! Each illustration is based on an actual photo and details exactly what kind of ramen it is, plus what’s in it. Thankfully most people eat pretty fast in ramen joints and finish within 20 minutes per session. I was lucky to arrive 20 minutes before opening time and there’s only a short queue. Gokkei’s ramen is a very thick chicken broth that is so thick that the spoon would float on it – kinda feels like having chicken gravy ramen – my wife did detect a hint of chicken livers which could be the secret to the thickness and flavour. While it was difficult for me to find a ramen that is definitive to Osaka and challenge Tokyo and Kyoto, I tried quite a few ramen places in Osaka, including some introduced by bloggers, only to be deeply disappointed – luckily for me – the saving grace was Muteppou which serves a rich gravy like consistency tonkotsu broth that will make you go wow! I was trying to save money and decided to fly domestic airlines from Tokyo to Osaka (which was cheaper but you lose up to a whole day in travelling from city to airport plus hours of waiting around in the airport whereas the JR would only take less than 3 hours).