In the hotel exterior, inside the bar with the "Dead Zone" graffiti (it is unlocked during the "Born To Be Wild" main quest). ". Jared and Thomas only appear during Act III, when the Hero returns to Moresby in order to get the boat supplies. Assassin's Greed … Opening cutscene from the party night before, The Mindblowing and Plaguebearing Military Knives vs Special Infected. "Slaughtering", "Lethal", "Tiring"). Legendary Weapons are uniquely named orange weapons in Dead Island, obtained from locked metal chests, random drops from Butchers or Rams, or as quest rewards. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As you level up, your enemies will also level up to match you and you’ll immediately discover that these weapons won’t be enough to stop them. Only five Legendary Weapons can be found in Dead Island: Riptide: These weapons appear in fixed locations within the Flooded Jungle, match the player's level directly, and will re-appear whenever the area is left and revisited. For Dead Island: Riptide on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Developer Chest Location & Guaranteed Orange Weapons - No 5 Hours! 20. Outside of the above five weapons, no other Legendary Weapons appear within Dead Island: Riptide. The mod is on the floor in front of the counter. Go to the bar and go inside. Like Exceptional rarity weapons, Legendary Weapons do not spawn with any Name Prefix (e.g. I was watching my girlfriend play through her game as Xian and she did the Omar Torres escort mission and got the revolver, and when I started mine up as Purna and did the same mission, all I got was cash. Jared Miles is a survivor featured in Dead Island.He, along with Thomas, is found attempting to break into a weapons shop that has not been looted.. There are vampires, wolfmen, giants, mammoths, witches, and ghosts. Dead Island is a non-linear first-person shooter in which you find yourself on an island plunged into chaos. Hmm, the map app says there is a revolver near that body too, but I could not find it when I went, nor was it visible in the screenshot they provided. "Spiteful", "Flimsy", "Tiring") and the associated penalty to statistics, if applicable. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The shop is the perfectly rectangular building, two buildings east of the docks. One of these ghosts is the spirit of a woman who snuffed out her … Like Exceptional rarity weapons, Legendary Weapons do not spawn with any Name Prefix (e.g. Believe in or not, there are a fair amount of supernatural locations and creatures hidden within Red Dead Redemption 2. He gives the Hero the side quest A Tough Nut to Crack, in which the Hero must help Jared and Thomas break into the weapon shop.. Trivia. I play as Purna and he offered me the revolver. These "Common Legendaries" will also spawn with one of the Common-rarity prefixes (e.g. That is the first location, i found it when i was exploring the map. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Some Legendary Weapons return in Dead Island: Riptide, though being distributed in a different fashion and at a different rarity. Despite this, data for all Legendary Weapons from Dead Island is present in the resources of Dead Island: Riptide. 17. Is there a quest or something I need to do to get access? In act 2, near the south west corner of the city, theres a gun store, but the front door is locked and there doesn't seem to be a back entrance, and I can clearly see shotguns and rifles that can be picked up.