If she leads you out on the edge by the staircases, back off. Eventually, Mephistophiles joined Lucifer's banner due to his jealousy toward humans. Mephisto, Mephastophilis and variants) lord of the host, is a demon featured in German folklore. This is most easily achieved if you keep within melee range of her with your shield up. After all, if the devil was weaker or people were less strong, Mephisto might not be trapped in a job he hates, a job that dooms other souls to eternal torment. In exchange for his loyalty, Lucifer granted him power in Jinnestan, appointing him his second-in-command. Since history has no other traces of a demon named Mephisto, it appears that he was created as a villain specifically for this tale. If they survive they shouldn't need more than 1-2 quick swings. All this time having played the hell out of PS3 and getting the plat, how did I not know that Mephistopheles was a woman? There have been a number of attempts to guess the source from which the name is derived. By all appearances, Mephisto is a bitter soul who resents both the devil’s power and humanity’s weakness. You can be soul sucked up to 4 times during your battle with her. For ranged assassinations use a mixture of the. If you leave for the Nexus without killing him, or walk too far away from him, he will disappear for good.Biorr will also stay in his cell for the duration of the game, as long as he's not rescued. She may roll/dodge from the ledge all the way down to the nexus ground floor. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC. It was released in Japan on February 5, 2009 and in North America on October 6. If she leads you out on the edge by the staircases, back off. Take it. Use Mephistopheles as an easy way to delevel. Once you have blocked 1-2 of her attacks and she has staggered, she will usually pull out her catalyst and cast Soulsucker When she pulls out her wand, keep your shield on her left shoulder. Upon completion of her requests, Mephistopheles will say that the Order of the Soul has commanded her to remove all those who know the ways of Soul Arts from Boletaria, the player included, in order to keep the ancient rite a secret. Mephistopheles and Faust are not just inseparable in legend, they are inseparable in history as well. The legend of Faust caught on, and over the next 140 years, eight more pamphlets were published, each of them offering their own take on the deal that went down between Faust and Mephisto. He was more bitter against humanity and more eager to claim Faust’s soul. She will either dodge or strafe.