4.33 Dior, I forgive you. UN PROFUMO DOLCE UN AROMA INDIMENTICABILE E NON AGGRESSIVO NON LO CAMBIEREI PER NESSUN PROFUMO STUPENDO, smells like FREAKIN HEAVEN when spraid on a leather jacket .. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. The perfume has been on market since 2004, as well as the other two, available as 125, 250 and 500 ml eau de cologne. It has a humid vibe, like a room with wet wooden furniture, not in a used/smelly/moist furniture kind of way, but like long forgotten room with a large pile of money. One of the fragrances that made me fall in love with this hobby. Now i've received, and I have to say i am very disapponted cause it's sillage is nothing on me, and the note that i can smell in my sister in law are disappear leaving only a skin scent of a greasy old soap! Amazing. I get a clean and peaceful vibe from wearing Bois d'Argent. Dior Bois D’Argent feels clean, fresh, modern, inoffensive, unisex, versatile, and pleasant. And that's about it. I love the drydown as well that honey amber and vanilla are the best. 2004 wurden die drei Düfte "Cologne Blanche", "Bois d'Argent" und "Eau Noire" unter den Namen "Dior Homme Colognes" eingeführt und zunächst exklusiv in den Dior Boutiquen verkauft. Gentlemen, please be advised that if you wear this fragrance, your otherwise platonic [lady] friends might start to view you in a different light. In 2010 wurden diese Düfte in … considering a purchase..wow.. Probably not. Having said this, I now have to edit as this frag really does expand with time, lots of time, on the skin. That to me is the case here, but Bois D'argent falls short in terms of "identity" if I may. Iris, honey and patchouli give me strange impression of dust. (It reminds me of Bvlgari Man Black Orient and Memo Shams Oud.). The most hyped up fragrance that doesn't live up to expectations IMO. My fiance interned with Dior when this was first released, and was ecstatic when it was released. Would I invest in it at current prices? This can be worn whenever. It smells like cheap powder and pool water. But, there is a drawback, you must wear a nice suit with it. A little tone down and more skin sense alike version. Suddenly the temperature rises and you find yourself among trees of resin. I enjoy this fragrance on other people miles more than on me. Previous, first version was a bright, resin veil that enveloped and conforted you with discrete sillage all the day. Highly recommended. Smells like latex and honey. This stuff is terrible to me. This has the same amber as Ambre Nuit but way less of is. It is very simple boasting a soft honey like note that I did not think I would like so much but it quickly found its way to my heart. Im also sensing that vanilla was incorporated into this fragrance. The scent is unique enough, but I cannot really picture a setting where this fragrance would really shine. If this one is as good as all the others I'm sure I will love it. Now to the smell, to me is sweet myrrh with other things I can’t recognise together. Like an old oak wardrobe covered in dust. Beauty Almanac |. it remind me of my childhood summers in the village. my wife was amazed, and i told her it is for a man or a woman, well, next thing i know it is in her purse.would smell beautiful on either sex..very very nice.get a sniff if you can and just let the scent take you..amazing stuff, pricy devil but boy oh boy what an olfactory experience. To just say wood is quite general but the woodsy notes in here are unique and imho extremely well done in that they smell natural, dry and quite woody. On a daily basis I would look at my fragrance collection and pass over this thinking "I'm not really feeling this today." Mysterious, dry, very cold, crisp, and powdery. Damals war Hochsommer und irgendwie wurde ich nicht so warm mit ihm. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I really need to wear this on my skin. Its begins with you moving through a pale cloud of iris, then wriggling about in leaves of cypress. Bois D`argent Christian Dior is an excellent woody fragrance with hints of iris and myrrh. i might be crazy or just really wrong for saying this but this is just what i think and what my nose picks up.. ok so what i get out of this is a toned down (D&G BY)and JPG mixed together to me the floral smell is similar to BY and the powderiness smells like jpg kinda deal with added sweetness ,, what do you guys think ? I can see the similarities with Bois d'Iris, but that one is more focused on the buttery iris, while Bois d'Argent is more focused on the sweet notes and it gets more powdery. Beauty Almanac |. Very linear. Ich liebe dich doch so sehr, seit der ersten Sekunde... Das hier ist mein erstes Souk Kommentar, welches ich zu einem Duft abgeben werde. Perhaps. Thoughfully composed and a treat to wear. But then you throw in the pine and amber and juniper.. plus a tiny bit of honey not enough to help anything. heavenly applications here..i like dior homme , and this reminds me a bit of that but on a whole other level.. i purchased a 10 mil sample , upon first spray i knew this was something very special. Yes, really. This smells like children's dolls and toys sold in the 1980s. Bois d'Argent was launched in 2004. For me it's actually a turn-off, so much so that in the beginning I think of the top notes as rather dry. 17 th June, 2019 . This is pure aphrodisiac in a bottle. Smells high quality and smooth. Very powdery, light, and sweet. Subtle, yet quick to make an impression. Dior Bois D’Argent opens soft with clean and fresh notes of iris and juniper berries, the opening is moderate to low projection, the fragrance feels very soft, evocative of a fine iris air freshener. I don't mind if others can't smell my fragrance, but the point is this, I need to be able to smell my fragrance. I’m very impressed! I'll brave through the slight oddity up close for the payoff of pleasing bystanders. It's a gorgeous honey and even comes with a hint of vanilla flavor. What the.. One thing though; Projection? Really? Masterpiece! buona fragranza,ci sento la buccia di mandorla e l'anice che non sono menzionate. It actually smells like a fresh bundle of banknotes. Bois d'Argent evokes a sweet autumnal wistfulness and richness. The incense is a fine, light one, which gives Bd’A its unique “clean” quality. He gets compliments very often when he wears it- someone (male or female) will go in for a hug, and linger, and then tell him he smells so nice. Man does it smell good. The two formulas, side by side, are about as similar as caviar and salmon roe. This fragrance has (for me) many scents with negative associations. This IS very similar to Bois d'Iris although this one is sharper, drier, and a little monotonous with less body, while Bois d'Iris is rounder, deeper, and more natural, but rather discreet. (in the interim I gifted him a decanted bottle for his birthday) I adore this on him. This process is automatic. I never smell any perfume like this. I find it a bit boring and out of my usual realm of fragrance. I recently did a sample swap so I was lucky enough to try Bois D`argent. Genau wie beim Tom Ford Oud Wood durfte ich diesen Duft dank des Rappers Shindy kennenlernen. It's hard to say what all the notes are, as this one is a bit subdued.