I found that the method of teaching is different from one used to be in the normal classes. “Epics” - It changed my view regarding projects which every one of us does in our course in general. The EPICS program has given me the skills that are relevant and extremely important to be able to work in the industry. The list was originally compiled by Steve Lewis, and last updated in Epics have helped me gain good knowledge required to do project. sites as some have several projects using EPICS, other projects may have frozen The program keeps the learner alive in me, as the environment of EPICS at our Campus makes us learn something new every day which gives us courage to face any challenges both for faculty and student, Being in Epics team I learned how things work efficently. So, I really believe EPICS is a platform that can transform young people to be more responsible, work with the community for a better tomorrow, “Join EPICS to be the better you and build a better community around you”, If you are interested in contributing to HITAM in any way to make it a more complete college learning ecosystem, please write in to [email protected]. And when faculty gives an assignment, 90% of students write their assignment either by Googling it or copy it from their friends. See more ideas about Bushcraft, Canoe building, Wood canoe. Academic wise this platform filled the gap between the understanding and learning various concepts. Our community partner is Mr.Rajeshwar, professor of Cse Department.As all of us know that creating a timetable is a time-taking process and there will be collisions in that,if it is done manually. I feel epics offered me the best opportunity to develop my skills in community interaction and development. Epics makes sure that the student is comfortable and progressing well in the projects related to community and their needs. Helps the people who find difficulty in moving due to their physical disability Can operate both on joystick and voice. Azeem Unnisa working as assistant professor in ECE dept in HITAM college. The librarian has a problem to track the books lend to the Students/Faculty and remind them to submit the books before/on the due date. With the help of epics I have substantially improve my understanding of community needs very well. Learning process here is little different yet interesting. It taught me how to observe, understand, think and work on small yet serious problems faced by common people in their lives. Mrs.Yasashwini working as Assistant Professor in H&S dept in HITAM college. Epics - is once such platform where ideas are converted into real time projects. December 2000. ). This is not identical to the list of It Is a website which is useful for students and tutors where tutors login into this page who want the students and students who get logged into it can find tutors with their personal details so they can get communicated.It is the easy way to find the student for a tutor who is willing to teach. Azeem Unnisa has been awarded as EPICS Outstanding Leadership 2017, Students have delivered 5 products to their community partner, Mrs. AzeemUnnisa and T.Yashwanth have presented paper in WEEF Malaysia. Madhubabu Chikkile YOUTH FOR SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY ORG. These Project Ideas are aimed at final year CS students with few of them focused on Android Development. It has given me many opportunities to learn new things and also skills. Most of my courses dint have hands on aspect. (Creighton/U. lab. ),Telangana,India - 501401, Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTUH B.Tech 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Calendar, Computer Science and Engineering(Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning), Computer Science and Engineering(Internet Of Things), Computer Science and Engineering(Cyber Security), Computer Science and Engineering(Data Science).