These cattle are also known for the excellent mothering abilities and for being good-natured. Those 3/4 Hereford bulls would then be used on a different set of F1s to produce a 5/8 blood with black on both sides of the pedigree. Angus Bull - Texas, 30 - Angus Cross and Hereford Bred Heifers, 200 - F1 BWF Hereford x Angus Bred Heifers - North Dakota, 55 - Fancy Hereford/Angus, F1 Bred Heifers - Oregon. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. Black Herefords must be 5/8 Hereford blood or higher. In 2012, the Hoaglands published the first Black Hereford magazine known as the. FAX: 1.806.356.9164, [email protected] old Dams registered Black Angus, Sire Registered Hereford" The ad has pictures and they look great, price is $850 each. The Black Baldy is generally known for docility and good nature, though not for intelligence. You've found the “Florida Black Baldy Cattle Breeders” page here at Hobby Farm Wisdom! Black Baldy cattle are a term used mainly in Australia and New Zealand to describe a breed developed by crossing Hereford cattle with a solid black breed, typically Aberdeen Angus. 40 - High Altitude Yardley Heifers - Colorado, 45 - Angus Crossbred Heifers - A.I.’d to Brown JYJ Redemption - New Mexico, 8 - Brangus/Hereford Bred Heifers - Texas, 37 - Home Raised Calved out Black Baldie Heifers - Idaho, 41 - F1 Cross - AI Bred Black Baldies - Nebraska, 65 - Bred Heifers Home Raised in High Desert - Oregon, 20 - Bred Heifers Brangus, Angus and Hereford Cross - Florida, 25 - Red Baldy Crossbred Bred Heifers - Texas, 33 - Home Raised Crossbred Heifers - Wyoming, 12- Bred First Calf Holstein Heifers - Colorado, 150 - Hereford/Red Angus Cross Bred Heifers - South Dakota, 5 - High Altitude Bred Heifers - Colorado, 65+ - Moderate Frame Bred Heifers - Nevada, 16 - Crossbred Heifers Palpated Bred to Reg. At that point, he started the Black Hereford Registry at the barn office of J&N Ranch in Leavenworth, Kansas and recorded the first two Black Herefords. The heifers were summered in a rotational grazing system. Check in: Or, to see a list of ALL the Black Baldy Cattle breeders in the US: Also, check out Florida breeders of some other farm animals: Are you a farm animal breeder who isn’t listed. Or, if you have a specific question, shoot us an e-mail at: [email protected]. Our Mission: Our mission here at is to provide the most comprehensive information, directories, and articles about Hobby Farms and their animals. She’s gentle as can be. The result is cattle with a white face and solid black body, since both traits are dominant in cattle. Black Herefords on Angus cows throw black baldy’s which is the most sought after commercial cattle in the industry! She’ll be solid mouth and she’ll weigh 895. Bred Heifers for Sale: 17 - Bred Crossbred Heifers - Texas SOLD Bred to low birth weight registered black angus bulls from Pharo Cattle. In addition to the black coat, Black Baldy cattle also have black skin, which helps prevent sunburn from prolonged sun exposure. One of the herd bulls Amarillo TX, 79109, Phone: 1.800.381.4848 Click on the pictures for full screen view, 9-10 month old sale heifers February 15, 2013, Some of the Hereford cow herd You are currently viewing the largest directory of small farm animal breeders on the entire internet! body weight without creep or extra care. Pleasant Acres Ranch specializing in F1 Black Baldy Seedstock. upper plains) . Bulls were turned out on June 15th for 42 days. F1 black baldy heifers (the most efficient cross-bred mother cow of the Reproductive traits are the most economically important traits in commercial beef cattle production and respond most to crossbreeding. Today, they are used primarily for beef production. He also purchased the two Hereford Bulls Frank Felton had selected to use on the F1s as well as the corporation that had been set up for the new breed. 2012 Sale Heifers: We will be offering 93 F1 Black Baldy Heifers and 60 Angus Heifers for sale. The Pleasant Acres Ranch has raised Polled Hereford cattle for over 50 years, and we have a purebred Polled Hereford cow herd. Replacement Heifers for Sale: 150 - F1 Red Baldy Replacement Heifers - Nebraska Fancy set of F1 red baldy heifers, top end, nothing saved back. Synchronized heifers bred to start calving march 2nd. We at are working every day to be your Ranch Classifieds, and the very best place for you to buy or sell Quarter Horses, Paint Horses, Ranch Horses, Rope Horses, Rodeo Horses, Barrel Horses, Cutting Horses, Reining Horses, Cow Horses, not to mention Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, Bermuda Hay, Cattle, Cattle Ranches, Horse Ranches, or Sell a livestock Brand, or just find a Ranch Job. In 1994, Hereford breeders Frank Felton and John Gage began the process of creating a Black Hereford using the method other red-hided breeds had already used to turn their hair color black.