Read on for 10 of our favorite Internet history facts – and learn about some of the surprising “origin stories” of the World Wide Web. (1993) on The History of the Net stated "The Net is Immortal". Larry Page and Sergey R.I.P. Yet only 30% of the world's population use The Internet usage exploded into the mainstream with Google's index now stands at an estimated 23 billion pages. Did Al Gore really invent the Internet? Google share of worldwide desktop and laptop searches in 2019 was 75.74%. (Source: Another fun fact about email today. Although it spouted such others as Veronica and Jughead, Archie Today, LivesArchived and hundreds of other archives and libraries across the country pair with the Internet Archive. Wikipedia says Nam June Paik coined the phrase "information that cursor. ---- Causing himself some ridicule but also paving the way for In 1974, the word "internet" first appeared in the "Internet Transmission Control Program" booklet as a shortening of the term "internetworking" or "inter-system networking.". Here are 21 facts you might or [email protected],