The Gartan Mother's Lullaby (SATB div.) The text generated great curiosity and a bit of research to uncover its unique meaning. 2011 | Arts Academy, Privacy | Mailing List | Licensing | Submissions | Contact Us | About | VIEW CART 2014 | Northern California Association of Kodaly Educators Catalog SKU number of the notation is 360552. My Song in the Night 21. | Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc. 0 2021 Early Release, Featured on the following reading sessions Digital Room - Distinctive Music for the Advanced Choir (ePrint). High-Quality PDF to download. 192 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<76A8C17E00E91A31467A6F42546D6D58><8D5E4AF83E6F014B920C126515AAEB83>]/Index[176 42]/Info 175 0 R/Length 88/Prev 229316/Root 177 0 R/Size 218/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Minimum required purchase quantity for these notes is 5. The best known recording of the song was made by Meryl Streep in 2000. Sun is Down 27. Treble Voices Judith Herrington) sheet music for choir (2-Part) by Judith Herrington. Search shopping results : SWITCH TO EUROPE SHOP . Added the 11-12-2012. Sweet Be Your Sleep 29. Download and Print Gartan Mother's Lullaby (arr. ˙. Judith Herrington)", VERY IMPORTANT! Sarah Jaysmith Gartan Mother's Lullaby sheet music arranged for Choir and includes 10 page(s). ����Xs>���)���r�4��ƫ��s|i z^������6x�������7�j\�6��m��?ͧ�}���$gx���$���bZA�j##c�z7���d��t,2gH[@�Ie�R�=�LS���I�(b�9�. Nature’s Goodnight 22. Children œ j œ œ. lul la by, œ j. lul la by, 59 ∑ ˙. "The Gartan Mother's Lullaby" for Flutes & Harp Traditionnel Flute and Harp 3 PDF / 3 MP3 Play-along Adaptator : Jenne Van Antwerpen & Magatagan, Mike. endstream endobj 177 0 obj <> endobj 178 0 obj <> endobj 179 0 obj <>stream 2020 | CMEA Bay Section Reading Sessions - January 9 based on a traditional air from County Donegal with words by Joseph Campbell. )9瑋Րx�,�0U�iL�Ĉ ,R8�F3kS�R �*�c����~�M׳Ն�-��v`��UW��Qɛ�� NOA�h �536����w�Tv���ݷ��u�F�@k���D�k�y{��w����ǩ8d�9R������ǟ'�rJ*�: �������n�nn�o���*1!�@�HQ�Mm��ق�1�v��jmx�d�����q��_�H�:�9a�%�*�@��l����. œ. œ. %%EOF The popular song "Gartan Mother's Lullaby" comes from the area, and has been performed by many artists, including American actress Meryl Streep. 2014 | California Music Educators Association | January 10-11 endstream endobj startxref 2014 | Ohio ACDA Summer Reading Session Here he founded a monastery in 521. This is a Hal Leonard digital item that includes: This music can be instantly opened with the following apps: Copyright ©1999-2020 Virtual Sheet Music, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. (learn more...). Your browser needs to have Javascript enabled, (to receive replies, will not be displayed or shared). Desmond Earley $2.75 . h�bbd``b`�! How do you rate this music title overall? The song refers to a number of figures in Irish mythology, places in Ireland and words in the Irish language. No. 2011 | NYSSMA Conference 217 0 obj <>stream 13. The song is a lullaby by a mother, from the parish of Gartan in County Donegal. Low Voices Middle School Go Away, Little Fairies Golden Slumbers 16. Gartan Mother’s Lullaby 14. 2011 | FMEA/FVA All State 2014 | MTMEA Tried and True Reading Session October 17, 2014 Kum Ba Yah 19. Gartan (Irish: Gartán) is a parish in County Donegal, Ireland.It is best known for being the birthplace of Columba, one of the three patron saints of Ireland and one of the most revered saints in the Christian world. Otherwise, fill the form below to post your review: Gartan Mother's Lullaby (arr. Community Choir The arrangement code for the composition is Choral. 2015 | NYSSMC ACDA Reading Session by, 58 ˙.