Choosing gold as the theme and doing up the walls with gold textures images, by downloading this best gold textures template would be great. yellow textures is considered as enticing to many people for it really appears as eroded gold effect especially when the user is knowledgeable in Photoshop. So if your freelance graphic designer or a visual identity needs to express any of these emotions, you can use golden effects. Yellow wall texture with scratches. And then play around with these sliders to see what you prefer. This pattern can be used for backs of business cards and may need just a monochromatic logo (white or black) on top of it to get striking visual effect. A collection of professional Free Golden Textures for Photoshop for photographers and designers, who want to play around with different looks and styles, present their works in an artistic environment and attract viewers’ attention to their projects. It’s a great, clean and detailed texture with high impact. Think about the rose gold iPhones and how that color stands out more from its dark gray models. That’s when metallic textures like gold metal texture, gold rose, silver and bronze are handy. Golden color can’t really be said that it’s a flat “color”. Photoshop are indeed beneficial for all. Remember to save one “working” file (.PSD) so you can come back and edit it later if you want to make more colors. You’d also need to consider that you get it right first few tries as well. The designs, layouts and textures that it offers can be apply in the website application, background imaging or an artwork project. You can make any color foil texture from this too, but it’s easy to just start with Gold as a base. It works nicely on bold and big text as well. It’s a more feminine material so it works better for more emotional projects like wedding invitations etc. For doing up the walls of a discotheque, gold color can be a very good option. Images Photos Vector graphics Illustrations Videos. It makes the images to become more colorful and look realistic. Can also work really well for making golden foil icons and graphics. fashion, hi-end luxury goods and accessories (watches, phone cases, jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics,…). Free Valentines Day Facebook Post Template, Free Operational Plan For Project report Template, Free World Cancer Day whatsapp image Template, Free World Cancer Day Twitter Post Template, 331+ FREE GRAPHIC Templates - Download Now. Today I’m going to show you how to make a Gold Foil Texture in Photoshop. A realistic shiny metal can easily be achieved and used as a background for personal, project or work related. You can always bill the cost to your client as well. It depends on the context and what look & feel you’re going for that dictates which are most suitable. As these images are PNG, they have a transparency so you can cut them out and put in different backgrounds. It’s a golden wall where you could overlay text or copy on. Glitter with some use of a photography bokeh with some parts of the image out of focus. 1. There are many uses you can make it work, either as a seamless texture background, gold glitter texture or a gold overlay on a font. Then click Filter > Noise > Add Noise and adjust the noise to wherever you like. A nice “hard” metallic texture. For easier licensing, it may also be good that the client buys it for you. Make the dimensions square and quite large, I suggest 3000 x 3000 pixels. And save each color you create as a separate high res PNG or JPG. Liquid shapes are great to bring in some dynamics and motion to your design. You can make any color foil texture from this too, but it’s easy to just start with Gold as a base. One of the basic variations you can use. Because we’re doing Gold today, these are the colors I chose for Light Gold and Dark Gold. Images . As you have been assigned with the job of doing up the interiors of the presidential suit of a luxury hotel. You can find all of these settings in the Adjustments panel (Window > Adjustments). Extremely high quality template, get it as gold textures 2590×1940 wallpaper 1620494 jpg also for making wallpapers. If you'd rather skip the tutorial and download 30 high quality pre-made gold foil textures you can download our premium pack here. We’ll be showing you how to use some of these Photoshop techniques in some of tutorials below. If gold foil textures are your requirement for creating limited edition premium quality wrapping papers, then this awesome gold textures set template having various shades of gold textures is a must download for you. Overlay images or text on it and play with the “zoom” of them. I’ve found that you often can’t just use the Hue slider to change the color successfully, you need to go back and tweak the other Adjustment settings, and then you can achieve a huge variety of metallics! These are best free real photographs and not computer generated digital artworks. Green gold or bronze metal give a different feel then yellow gold. Gold has its own attributes and it communicates success, achievement, triumph, luxury, history, prosperity, quality, prestige, value, elegance and even extravagance. Let’s start with some inspiration to see what’s possible, then you can download some free high quality textures and we’ll show you how to use them in Photoshop and Illustrator. Pick a Hue that is as close as possible to the color you want to change to, then go back and play with all of the other Adjustments to make it just right. Available in various types of textures, this high resolution template can be used for creating some high quality wrapping papers. These are images of brushed metal that can be used for something more rigid like a identity for a factory or something “cold” and “hard”. CMYK: C 0 , M 20.7 , Y 73.9, K 20.4, It is suggested to print using Pantone or Foil techniques. It’s really, really easy. The variety can be used to get exactly what your designs is aiming for and you can use it for variety of things, anything from birthday cards to business cards. See how when you move the slider the color changes. Golden background. Examples are shown on the page. Textures tend to give different results based on their scale so some experimentation would be great. Imagine a golden wall with some nice quotes on it. Marble is again a material that has it’s own unique attributes. A nice “hard” metallic texture. Choose two variations of the color you want, a light version and a dark version. This process is different every time depending on what color I’m doing, so I just play around with them until I’m happy. Metallic Foil Textures are so handy to have on hand in your resources. Here’s some Gold text I created with my new texture!Want to know how I did it? A digital screen can produce 16.8 million colors, but sometimes it’s not enough and you need to create something more specific or of higher value. Sign up below to watch instantly. 1,058 Free images of Gold Texture. RGB: R 255, G 215, B 0 This template is in very high quality, just print it in your desired quality of paper. This is similar with mokcups as they use too much time to become really good and you need proper studio ligthing as well. As a web designer you can use this creative gold textures template for your various designing projects which asks for gold color requirement. Print it and use for wrapping special gift items. Website also provides some examples on how to use them. That’s why buying textures or stock images has it’s own benefits. A gold texture can be done using Photoshop software. There are different textures of gold that the software for photos can provide. Any orientation Horizontal Vertical. These can be anything from metal texture, leather, paper texture, leopard pattern to anything like rose gold texture of foils. In addition to that, very affordable to have even at home where all you need is to give your time to learn from utilizing it. This tutorial is really a sort of an “adjust until you’re happy with how it looks” process. This awesome solid gold textures set template has a collection of 13 gold papers. 3. Photoshop-Pinsel -Brusheezy ist eine RIESIGE Sammlung von Photoshop-Pinseln, Photoshop-Mustern, Texturen, PSDs, Aktionen, Formen, Stilen & Verläufen, die heruntergeladen oder geteilt werden können!