This means you must: Employees can only make one application for flexible working a year. You must inform your employees about the following circumstances: Your male staff can qualify for paternity leave if they meet the following criteria: they have worked for you for continuously for 26 weeks or more; they are the biological father of the child or the mother’s husband or they are expected to have responsibility for the child’s upbringing. “I have been able to spend significantly more time with my family, spending five months out of the last 24 months overseas with my husband and children, as well as more time with them after school and at weekends. Also if the employee were to develop COVID-19 as a result of you requiring them to work, they might also have a claim for personal injury. HMRC’s basic PAYE tools can help you do this if you have fewer than 10 employers. Your midwife will then email you a link to the form and you must fill in the rest of it. For example, if you are reducing your dental nurses from 2 to 3, the woman on maternity leave will automatically be entitled to one of the two remaining roles. “If you’re adamant it won’t work, then be honest with her. Their employment rights are protected whilst they’re on maternity leave. Is there anything you would do differently? It is paid on the same schedule as your employees wages, whether weekly or monthly. The amount of Maternity Benefit you will receive is based on your gross rate of pay and employer CPF contributions, as well as net trade income earned in the 12 months preceding the birth of your child (computed by dividing the total monthly gross rate of pay in the 12 months over 365 days). This is a great opportunity for both you and your manager to discuss all of the available options and prompt a decision regarding any intention to alter her working pattern. Do I qualify? You must pay the employee 90% of their average weekly earnings for the first 6 weeks of maternity leave. Your midwife will fill in the first part of the form with details about your pregnancy. Maternity Allowance is paid weekly to help you take time off work to have a baby. Sign up for a. Unfortunately, the liability to pay SMP will remain with the practice, as you will not be able to furlough these staff. Maternity Pay and the Government Job Retention Scheme. Maternity Allowance is paid weekly to help you take time off work to have a baby. However, as the advice is to stay home, this could result in social distancing for months and an employee is unlikely to be able to survive on SSP long term. The government will pay you statutory maternity pay (SMP) for up to 39 weeks. If you doubt that the staff member is eligible then you may ask for a copy of the birth or adoption certificate. x��Z�n�F}��G��V{����iRI�6.��A�e[�-:��ߙ]��DJkIt��W�sf���̐�����r|^�/F/�b|~=� �Fg��_��ǻ����j:�|6����C?O����#r�ꄌ�|��j��qr��Iͨ��zC�VPK8����߻������1��s0��5��8ũ��>~Gf���Y�7z͉'g�xo�9�n�(���&�Bɀ��ț~���m6��1~ͳ��d\�ptQ�.2����3;�����E�~��~�_ N�m�_���~���G@�}���_������-��G��=p����T-$U"���F�¨��Q�u�2� (4� q� ���o��T}� ��F|� ���Y ���A������o7G��y^T�{GU!���W5m���i��o���P �W�L�� ����~��6�%�����m���H�ͳ�\vom� u�W�k-��U���1]Z�'rn����l(��@$�6J�Cꆺ���˜f1�9�F��� ��UNJld�Q�;9}E�~!�M���X�h���zӶ��+X���`Q���O�ڎ��P_0&^2�|. Again, it is our view that, the liability to pay SMP will remain with the practice. I used to think like you and my honest response to one of my staff coming to me post-baby would be ‘could they cope?’, ‘are they going to be up to it?’ I couldn’t be more wrong. You won’t be able to claim Maternity Allowance if your pregnancy lasts less than 24 weeks, unless a living child is born. If you claim Income Support and start claiming Maternity Allowance, your Income Support will be reduced by the amount of your Maternity Allowance award. “A challenge for any growing retailer is managing the fulfillment of customer orders when you need to travel for business and leisure – or dedicate time to your family – and when the volume of orders varies throughout the year, especially with seasonal products.”. This is because Maternity Allowance is considered as income. ‘Keeping in touch’ days allow you to stay in touch with your work place while you’re off work to have a baby. When must I submit the claim? During your Maternity Allowance claim, you: If you work for more than 10 days you need to let us know, as this will affect your Maternity Allowance. They help your entitlement to benefits in the future. Maternity leave benefits are payments given to mothers who can’t work because they're pregnant or have recently given birth. Any pregnant employee is legally entitled to maternity leave provided they give the correct notice. It is likely their pay will be calculated on their agreed return to work hours, not those hours undertaken before maternity leave. For example, a half day training course or a 1 hour meeting would count as a keeping in touch day. The ‘mother’ is then entitled to regular maternity leave and statutory maternity pay and the ‘father’ is eligible for paternity leave. We use cookies. Your Maternity Allowance is based on your Social Security contributions. If you give birth in another country and Jersey has a health agreement with that country which includes maternity benefits, we may be able to pay Maternity Allowance. You should, Contribution credits for parents working 20 hours or less: Home Responsibility Protection (HRP), Caring for a child at home: Home Responsibility Protection, can have a maximum of 10 ‘keeping in touch’ days, can be paid for ‘keeping in touch’ days without it affecting your Maternity Allowance, can’t have any 'keeping in touch' days in the first two weeks after your child’s birth, return to work whilst in receipt of Maternity Allowance, plan to leave Jersey for a short period or permanently (this may affect your entitlement so check with us before you leave), go to prison (your benefit can’t be paid for any part of a prison sentence), have any changes in your circumstances that would affect the payment of benefit to your husband or partner. As a mother I think we need to remember how important it is for us to be accepted at work without feeling penalised for having had a baby.”. So what are your small business maternity leave obligations? The Government has confirmed that it will pay 80% of an employee’s wages, up to £2,500, for any employee who is furloughed by their employer. If a woman is due to return to work from maternity leave, it will be possible to furlough them as they return. You must also claim Parental Leave Pay within the claiming timeframes. They cannot demand KIT days and you cannot force them to take them. It would help if we could establish on what basis she wants to return to work before she goes. If your baby is born 8 or more days after your due date, you may be able to get your Maternity Allowance extended. endobj Parents may be eligible for shared parental leave (SPL) of up to 50 weeks and Statutory Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) of up to 37 weeks. Many companies also offer enhanced paternity leave, which may be that they pay them normal pay rather than the statutory rate, or give them more time off, or both. The Maternity Pay Calculator shows your monthly take home pay while on maternity leave. If you are not a public servant and you are ready to apply for maternity or parental benefits, see the Employment insurance maternity and parental benefits web page.. If she is willing to work everyday and perhaps leave earlier or work through lunch it could work. endobj He’s also contributed to many of our industry-renowned annual indexes, including Startups 100 and Young Guns, and created a number of the site’s popular how to guides. Updated: Jun 12, 2019 Published: Aug 2, 2018. After your baby is born, you may be able to protect your entitlement to a pension and Survivor’s Benefit with Home Responsibility Protection credits. They must give 28 days’ notice if they want to change the start date. Parents do not have to be living with the child to qualify, but the leave must be taken within a set period and leave cannot be transferred between parents. %���� Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) is paid for employees that are on maternity leave for up to 39 weeks. If you don’t have enough contributions, one of our advisers will contact you to let you know. The rules for SMP are different from maternity leave. <>>> Unpaid parental leave must be taken in whole weeks rather than individual days (unless you allow otherwise or if the child is disabled). The practice could furlough the employee (although it was intend to avoid redundancies), pay the employee full pay or suspend the employee on full pay in line with, Women who are due to go on maternity leave but have been furloughed will need to come off furlough and revert to SMP. How do I apply? “Motherhood brings a whole new bundle of wisdom and business acumen.