0 Comment Comment. Greet guests with a feather-embellished grapevine wreath. 0 Comment Comment. Then you can attach a ribbon ruffle along the open edge of a sock to add a little flair to a little girl's pair of socks or use hot glue to add a ribbon ruffle to the front cover of a notebook for a hint of playfulness. Should look like this. Since you're making the feathers from scratch, get creative with colors and sizes for a … Make your own ribbon ruffles by hand, or with your sewing machine, in just a few minutes. This will take a lot of feathers. Then, dip the yarn-covered wire into liquid starch and let it dry into a stiff feather shape. - Finish by hiding the bottoms of the last layer of feathers with your own nicely folded-over ribbon. Fold one end 1.5", which becomes the wings. Recommended For You. 2 strips of 14" standard ribbon. After applying glue and small feathers until the foam core shape is covered, Step 7B in making feathered angel wings is to clip 2" - 3" off the ends of 8-10 larger coquille goose feathers. 4. 0 Comment Comment. 5. - Then go seek out every reasonable opportunity to wear and show off your magnificent creation. Construct each feather by wrapping and tying yarn onto florist's wire. Cut lengthwise into 4 equal strips but stop at wing fold. I used 2 colors for easier guidance. Carried by the mo'i wahine, or queen, and the mo'i, or king, the traditional symbols of the upper class are made from feathers grouped together to … 3. Glue and apply these clipped feather points, allowing them to fan out toward the wings' ends. Kahili are the symbol of royalty, with swaying feathers indicating high stature in the Hawaiian culture. - Keep adding layers until the ribs of the feathers in the last layer are almost to the inner edge of the collar.