Global Procurement Initiative to the Government of Ethiopia, Investor Roadshow Brings Together Capital & Opportunity, Office of the Legislative and It is co-published by ECA, International Books and the Centre for African Studies in Copenhagen. This collaboration led to the East Africa Cold Chain Assessment Symposium in October 2015, the first of its kind in the region. Ethiopia's Inalienable Right Not Up for Negotiation! Ogbeh pointed out that despite the fact that $5 million USD is spent every day on rice and $1.2 billion on milk products, 37 percent of Nigerian children remain malnourished. In early November 2014, CLDP (in partnership with the African Legal Support Facility) brought together a group of international experts to draft and publish a PPA handbook. A PDF reader is available from Adobe Systems Incorporated. 6 May 2007. Articles and commentaries that identify as the publisher are produced or commissioned by AllAfrica. Amaechi also highlighted investment opportunities at Nigerian ports. The group of experts, all whom contributed their time on a pro-bono basis, included contributors from governments, development banks, private banks and leading international law firms. To complete the process, please follow the instructions in the email we just sent you. (9$ Other priorities include building stronger institutions, and creating an enabling and business friendly environment to ease doing business in Nigeria. %PDF-1.6 %���� A new book, launched here by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), seeks to underline the importance of the burgeoning electronic and mobile commerce industry for Africa's economic development. Adjustable fashion-forward face masks in Malawi. Established in 1992, CLDP is a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce that helps achieve U.S. foreign policy goals in developing and post-conflict countries through commercial legal reforms. As part of the collaboration, GCCA conducted a corresponding assessment of the cold chain infrastructure in Kenya, the largest and most dynamic economy in the EAC. In addition to Hon. This trip provides an opportunity for the PAC-DBIA members to gather facts about the commercial opportunities and challenges in Nigeria and Rwanda, report back to the President with strong and actionable recommendations, and develop policy ideas that will benefit both countries and raise our commercial relationship to the next level. Minister Enelamah presented first and gave an overarching narrative on Nigeria’s economic policy and strategy. He also spotlighted the Department of Commerce’s Investor Roadshow series, which launched last year in New York to improve investment opportunities and the business climate in sub-Saharan Africa. Arun Kumar, Assistant Secretary for Global Markets, U.S. Department of Commerce and Peter Barlerin, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for West Africa and Economic Policy, U.S. Department of State spoke next. 349 0 obj <> endobj Please try again later. The business community has prioritized cold chain development in East Africa at the U.S. – East African Community (EAC) Commercial Dialogue meeting in February 2015 led by Commerce Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews. 7. This site contains PDF documents. Africa is home to 6 of the top 10 fastest growing countries in the world and U.S. exports to sub-Saharan Africa now top $21 billion a year. Kinetic365 . For more information on the U.S.-Nigeria Institutional Investor Roadshow and Business Forum with the Federal Republic of Nigeria including ministerial presentations and photos, please visit According to Mrs. Katagum, despite challenges presented by foreign exchange regulations and book haram, Nigeria still offers the highest ROI in Africa at 35%-45%. Mr. Vandenheuvel also touched on policy predictability and emphasized the fact that Nigeria’s competition is truly global. The Symposium brought together approximately 100 government and private sector leaders engaged in cold chain activities across the East African region. As urbanization and purchasing power in Sub-Saharan Africa continue to influence diets and increase healthcare access, cold chain will play a pivotal role in enabling developing countries to participate in international trade as both producers and consumers. The International Trade Administration, U.S. forward, the questions arise of whether the experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic will propel more consumers to change their shopping behaviours and patterns and increasingly resort to online purchases, and whether governments in these regions will prioritize and invest more in e -commerce and online-facilitating infrastructure and policies. 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