Zimmerman photographed Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Bednarik’s tackle of New York Giants running back Frank Gifford in 1960. Photographer: John G. Zimmerman. John G. Zimmerman. We do not receive USPS at the street address. “It was the first time a photojournalist had placed a camera above the rim of a basket…it was like looking at something from another planet. The pictures were beautiful. Prabook is a registered trademark of World Biographical Encyclopedia, Inc. John G. Zimmerman, American financial executive. by Zimmerman, John G. Charlestown Massachusetts: G. Davidson, 1830. . Member American Institute Certified Public Accountant's, Illinois Society Certified Public Accountant's. He was among the first sports photographers to use remote controlled cameras for unique camera placements, and was "a pioneer in the use of motor-driven camera sequences, slit cameras and double-shutter designs to show athletes in motion." He covered six Summer Olympic Games, the first in Melbourne (1956) and the last in Los Angeles (1984), with four Winter Olympic Games in between.[17]. 38 likes. [16], Photographing the Olympic Games was a constant throughout his career. Bednarik and Frank Gifford, the Hall of Fame New York Giants running back, would meet in a famous collision during a key November 1960 football game between their two teams. America in Black and White presents the evocative early work of John G. Zimmerman, an icon of American photography. John Gerald Zimmerman (30 October 1927 in Pacoima, California – 3 August 2002 in Monterey, California) was an American photographer. 1239 W. Washington Street (Or, P.O. Bachelor of Business Administration, Wayne State University, 1963. Whether you called him John… The building's move took four weeks to complete, yet Zimmerman's photo gives the effect of the church hurtling through downtown Detroit at top speed. John G. credited early exposure to his father’s craft in part for his ability to engineer cameras and lighting to his own designs. AMERICA IN BLACK AND WHITE: Selected Photographs of John G. Zimmerman This collection of photographs reveals the stunning early work of Zimmerman (1927-2002), a true icon of American photography. Zimmerman took a three-year photography course at John C. Fremont High School in Los Angeles, where he was taught by Hollywood cinematographer Clarence Bach.[3]. John Warren Zimmerman Jr. December 16, 1946 - February 29, 2020 . Sports Illustrated (US) : February 9 1987, Vol. Gerald Matthew Laures, American financial executive. 66, Iss. Taken after the lead horses had passed Zimmerman snapped this shot of two horses seemingly flying through the air amidst the dust and dirt kicked upwards in their wake. 176, Iss. No one had seen the game from there.”[8][9], By the time Zimmerman left Sports Illustrated in 1963, he had assembled a portfolio that showed all the elements of his unique photographic style. John G. Zimmerman is a well known Photographer. [7] The use of technology to show on film what the naked eye could not see would become a hallmark of Zimmerman's work. (304) 535-2558 Welcome! Winter is upon us! Zimmerman’s pictures cover a remarkable diversity of subjects, from sports, fashion, arts and architecture to politics and the Jim Crow South. [18][19], Beginning in the 1970s, Zimmerman worked in the more lucrative arena of print advertising and photographed advertising campaigns for Marlboro, Ford, Chrysler, AT&T, Exxon, G.E., Pepsi and Coca-Cola, among others. vice president finance and treasurer Software Alternatives, Inc., Maumee, Ohio, since 1990. The Beatles, Ed Sullivan Theater, 1964. [12] Four of his Time covers are in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery: politician Jerry Brown,[13] baseball player Rod Carew,[14] actress Diane Lane[15] and Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill. He was among the first to use remote controlled cameras for unique camera placements, and was "a pioneer in the use of motor-driven camera sequences, slit cameras and double-shutter designs to show athletes in motion. 7, pg. Chuck Bednarik, shown at right in 1962, was a Hall of Fame football player for the Philadelphia Eagles. John Gerald Zimmerman was an American magazine photographer. A former Peace Corps volunteer and public school social studies teacher, Dr. Zimmerman holds a Ph.D. in history from the Johns Hopkins University. Manager special projects Questor Corporation, Toledo, 1971-1972, manager treasury administration, 1972-1973, assistant treasurer, 1973-1978, treasurer, 1978-1983, Champion Spark Plug Company, Toledo, 1983-1990. He had discovered new ways to portray his subjects, often stretching and blurring his images to show the athletes in motion. Trainee various finance positions Federal-Mogul Corporation, Detroit and Southfield, Michigan, 1961-1965, plant controller Mentor, Ohio, 1965-1968, division controller Southfield, 1968-1970, manager industrial engineering planning systems, 1970-1971. Zimmerman was interested in photography from an early age.