Fig. With a round-top table, an audience member won’t be able to know the table was turned at an angle, unlike a square table. The people and cars in the distance should be smaller too. Through a hole in it an assistant's head and shoulders projected and the edge of the opening was covered with a draped cloth. Measure the mirror, both length and width. You do this by…. • If the thickness of the mirror reduces the realism of the scene by creating a gap between the real and reflected scenery, see if you can find a mirror that has the reflective coating on the front side of the mirror rather than the back side. Paint or stain the wood strips so that they match the mirror frame. • Space in which to create your illusion. The foregoing examples illustrate the principles involved in the appearance of ghosts on the stage and of a skeleton or other gruesome object in place of a human being. Obviously the mirrors must be spotlessly clean and the illuminations of the walls, ceiling, and in some cases, the floor must be very uniform. Terms of Use | Using the Train Brain modules from CTI Electronics to achieve state-of-the-art computerized train, signal, turnout and lighting control. Sometimes, we may like to make an architectural pattern using mirrors.Other times, we will like to design a theme or create illusions. If you’re not sure, try and see if it looks realistic. The main secret to the effective use of mirrors is to not give it away – i.e., don’t let it be obvious that a mirror is in the scene. This one is set up in what's basically a doorway with very little depth inside, like a closet. It is seen by the diagram that the mirrors M reflected images of the side walls W and these images were taken by the audience to be portions of the rear wall W. Thus the table appeared to be open underneath and the possibilities of the apparatus are evident. Black curtains, blackened assistants, and controlled light have played prominent parts in the older magic, but the principles of these are easily understood. However, as you can see, this one has bottomless depths and height as well. Hang the mirror someplace that will cause it to reflect light. This will make them fit between the edge of the mirror frame and the middle strip. All rights reserved. It is a diverse group including conceptualists, graphic designers and photographers who have been specifically chosen for their unique and eye-grabbing talents. The techniques behind it have been refined over the years, though the basic principles still remain the same in creating the illusion of open space under a table, disembodied heads, or apparitions. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); He will also find it of interest to compare the face of a friend as viewed directly with the appearance of its image in the mirror. Your mirror will be a bit more convincing if it has panes like a real window, so decide how many panes you would like and divide the length of the mirror by this number to find out how tall each pane should be. Mirrors can work wonders if we use them innovatively.