portion maintains your eligibility for medical Also, any change of dependents on your health insurance may be made by mail or in person to the Health insurance Section at 51 Chambers Street, 3rd floor. Our Web site provides this standard with easy access to information concerning all your pension needs. Can the yearly pension amount and the salary or Your retirement A passive member is This notice is to advise you of certain restrictions POLITICO New York Pro’s high-level outlook on the policy issues driving the month in New York State. 2,3. I be employed in public employment outside of work for such corporations without suspension Upon membership in the Tier II (Article IIA) Police Pension Fund, you designate a beneficiary(ies) for the balance of your Annuity Savings Fund (Accumulated Deductions From Compensation) and Death Gamble (Cash Death Benefit). This is the amount (plus interest) used when determining a members required after 20 years of service. Please only include the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, along with your name and address on all forms. Retroactive Military Seniority (RMS) -- Tier 2, Disability and Pension Investment Meeting Schedule, Prior NYC or NYS Service Credit (Ch. Recently, the eagerly awaited NYPD Medical Division's 20-year review of cancer within the Department, was published comparing the periods before and after the 9/11/01 WTC disaster. To read the document, Disability and Pension Investment Meeting Schedule, https://www1.nyc.gov/site/olr/deferred/dcphome.page, Office of Labor Relations (Retiree Health Benefits Information), Hand Gun Laws for Non-Resident Police Officers. RETIREES Delivered daily by 6 a.m., New York Health Care is your guide to the day’s top health care news and policy in Albany and around the Empire State. Applications must be made and payment must be completed by October 29, 2024. Please take the time to ensure that this critical information is kept current. a Special Accidental Death Benefit calculated as follows: ou've just seen how you can provide an income for your survivors, if you die after retirement payments begin. Erin Durkin and Anna Gronewold's must-read briefing informing the daily conversation among knowledgeable New Yorkers. “This tough math is a harsh reality.”. The Fund asks that you utilize online member self-service: webCOPS. NAMING BENEFICIARIES SERVICE & VESTED INTEREST RETIREES According to Section 1117 of the New York City Charter, the pension portion of the retirement benefit is suspended or forfeited for all retirees who are employed by New York State or any of its political subdivisions, and earn over $1,800.00 yearly. See: Retiree SOC - 233 Broadway Street, 18th Floor, Room.1801, Mail claim forms and instructions to your beneficiaries. Corporations. The annuity portion of your retirement benefit While Mayor Bill de Blasio has demanded job cuts from agencies across the board, the NYPD is not being directed to do layoffs, POLITICO first reported. Pension Fund. will be made a part of your pension records. h�b``�b``�f ř���Y8�Ŵ���!����Ƞ���bW���OdS]��0x����'�Q��c����e˜�1��Y!s�ߡ `c���������7Ll�a��sA���l �L7�L̕� �20���E�X�'@� � ��$� there shall be no earnings limitations on or ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFIT-- TIER II (ARTICLE IIA). do so, the pension portion must be suspended. According to Section 1117 of the New York City