Regarding arthritis, Marian Minor, PT, Ph.D. says, "Look for a pillow that supports your neck but does not tilt your head forward when you are lying on your back. It’s also infused with cooling gel to keep you comfortable while you sleep and it’s encased in a bamboo-polyester cover that’s odor resistant. Stretch your neck every 20 to 30 minutes when doing computer work, driving long distances, or doing other repetitive tasks that tax your neck. Pain following injury may resolve in a few days or weeks, but up to 10 percent of people may be left with chronic issues. The pillow’s tempur material also never loses it shapes and is designed to help relieve pressure and support you while you sleep. The plus is no foam mess and consistent firmness across the entire pillow. Most pillows have instructions included on how to wash them and often they are written on a label similar to what you see on items of clothing. There is no specific pillow that is great for everyone, it simply depends on you. However, as it reflects more radiant body heat to the source of the neck pain, the increased warmth on your sore neck muscles may also be considered beneficial. The bamboo-polyester cover is hypoallergenic and machine washable. Cost: $Pros: One reviewer shares that this pillow “worked wonders” even after experiencing whiplash from a car accident. There are no petroleum-based chemicals or strong odors. If you’ve researched sleep you’ve probably learned there is no silver bullet for getting quality sleep. Some of the most common causes of pillow related neck pain are: When you sleep you should be trying to find a neutral spinal position where your pillow enables your spine to be straight vs overly supported (causing an upward bend in your spine) or under-supported(causing a downward bend in your spine). Note that because these pillows are down-filled, this pillow will be warmer than a pillow allowing airflow. If your pillow is like most and can't be recycled, there is a lot you can do before resorting to throwing it away (sending it to a landfill). Pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials and you may need to experiment with different options through some trial and error. “This pillow actually provides neck support,” they wrote. What’s more, it’s super easy to customize—if the pillow feels too firm, you can simply unzip the cover and take some of the latex fill out until you reach your desired firmness. Use a backpack or rolling suitcase when carrying heavy loads. Although some argue that sleeping on your stomach is bad, most agree that any position that puts your neck in a neutral position is best. Be sure to tell your doctor if you’ve noticed less strength or numbness in your arms or hands. While your pillow can be part of the reason you're having headaches it is rarely the single cause. In fact, one 2008 study showed that a supportive pillow combined with regular exercise was more effective in easing chronic neck pain than hot or cold packs, massage, and other methods. You may need to experiment with different pillow densities to find what's best for you. If you still have neck pain after changing your pillow or your sleep position, consider making an appointment with your doctor to rule out more serious conditions. I got this pillow and I sleep so much better.”. Over time, the filling can compress and not provide enough support. Water pillows are great for this situation. It was found that latex pillows were most effective in reducing neck stiffness, headache, and arm pain compared to feather, foam contour, foam regular, and polyester pillows. Tempur-Pedic is a huge name in the sleep world, and with good reason: The company knows how to make a quality product. Make sure your pillow allows your nose and chin to be level with one another - this check can ensure your head isn't too high or too low. We’ve rounded up a list of top customer-rated pillow options that can help relieve neck pain while you sleep. Why Are You Waking Up with Neck Pain, and What Can You Do About It? Seek immediate medical attention if your neck pain is severe or has resulted from an injury like a car accident or fall. Neck pain sufferers should make sure their pillow matches their sleeping position and anatomy. Cost: $$$Pros: People who have tried this pillow share that the unique shape makes it comfortable not only for the neck, but also for the shoulders, arms, and wrists. This pillow is contoured to provide ergonomic support that aligns your head, neck, shoulders, and back. Several reviewers say the pillow has helped their neck pain. Innovative and ergonomic cervical design pillow that provides support for shoulders, neck, and head. A temperature-neutral gel grid allows for passive airflow while a moisture-wicking breeze mesh cover keeps you cool while you sleep. Ideal Pillow Position for Neck Pain Sufferers, Matching Your Pillow to Your Sleep Position, Best for Side and Back Sleepers with Neck Pain, Coop Home Goods Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow, WonderSleep Adjustable Loft Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Pain and Pillow Frequently Asked Questions, Pillow use: the behavior of cervical stiffness, headache, and scapular/arm pain, Stiff Neck Remedies from the Cleveland Health Clinic, Your pillow isn't a good match for your sleeping position, Your pillow causes you to sweat or sleep hot, Your pillow doesn't support your neck or shoulders well, Keep your spine as level with the surface of your mattress (side view).