“We’re in it for the long haul. They might be curious or interested in what Jesus had to say but without making a commitment to allow those truths to shape your lives, then their faith will be found insufficient. Has this curiosity developed into commitment? What is the result of this in the church? Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. (Woman's Study Bible p.1610) Without hesitation, Dad said, “Senility. • Can a person be a believer and not a disciple? What kept them committed? What does the Bible say about commitment? Any day. Give three examples. What did the master do as a response (Luke 14:21-24)? If you get a good wife, you will become very happy. Take a free marriage assessment to identify the key areas where your marriage could use improvement and the tools that will help you strengthen your bond with your spouse. Commitment is sometimes stated explicitly, other times implicitly. They had rejected God’s truth and applauded their life choices. Hey, it was difficult for me to make that commitment, but when I make them, I stick with them.”, I remember reading of an elderly couple whose family had thrown a golden anniversary party for them. Jesus challenged them by showing His displeasure at casual listeners. Simple obedience to the One with whom they had the most important relationship of all. We want to help you do just that. He secondly challenges us to go beyond being an observer to being a committed disciple of Jesus. • What did Jesus say to them in Luke 14:26-27? "�i,���%��Mt��l�Lq� ��[��#���R�|��dNqb�b@ֹF�\��}&'\[�GN`�9������c��TWu��^G��U8�/ �CD@�G"�g�7�/f��V�O�3J�U�j�J�1��+� N�OFw�Q��E����wy5't����B�^�M���#�NT�ϕ��"�v�jLۑuf��䖯��&_�֏N�/^,NG��5�ǎѵ���(�H�Qʶ�t���oo�D��(�����0 �(����_92��U,_lF�/ejAC��Z • What did that person say reclining for the meal in Luke 14:15? Often at night, I came into Mom and Dad’s room and found them praying together. In the latter case, … Couples who cherish each other understand that God created everyone different, and as a result they treasure the unique characteristics in their spouse. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Or reading the Bible together. %PDF-1.3 • How did Jesus respond starting in verse 16? You have to care for [your spouse] and do a lot of forgiving and forgetting. • Why do you think Jesus might have said such strong words? Have you given up your possessions? • Many were invited but many also made excuses. Talk is cheap. • What is the message behind the last two verses about tasteless salt (Luke 14:34-35)? Not a few pastors and evangelists dilute the real Gospel. • What is Jesus’ conclusion in Luke 14:33? Sacrificial giving is a demand from a higher power to know your level of love, worship, commitment and service for him. Jesus wonderfuly lifts our view of the Kingdom of God through His teachings in Luke 14. How does it tie the message together? Commitment definitely limits choices because it is exclusive. The great philosopher Socrates once wrote, “By all means, marry. A person restricts him or her self by the principles of God. Or reading the Bible together. For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me. (!Y��@>�V�5�%�*� a��+6J��ms-L���1.���#k�G>f�#Im֖�Ũ'�!ǙNf����ąx��T����U]aj� �e�F���N'g��c�a�Q(��t��|�V�k�4�Q6����p kY�1�S\��. Standing near the chocolate bars the other day, I picked out a tabloid and read of Rex and Teresa LeGalley, a young couple who want to ensure that their recent marriage will stand the test of time. What does it mean? It is a spiritual discipline requiring time, work and determination." I wake up each morning and I can’t remember who this old girl is. Mom told me one day, “Only with Christ at the center of our marriage, at the center of our home, at the center of everything we do, can we experience the greatest joy and fulfillment possible.” My wife and I have made a commitment to read the Bible and pray together before we go to sleep each night. Phil has written more than 25 books including Laughing Matters, Who Put My Life on Fast Forward? We are sorry that this was not useful for you! Are you one of the many people who profess to be a Christian or a disciple of Jesus? 1 Corinthians 15:10. Commitment. Don’t be just a hearer. Midler responded, “Separate vacations.” Then, like my dad, she got serious. Although commitment to our beliefs, goals, or significant other may be very difficult at times, the meaningful pursuits of life are hardly ever easy. • What does it mean by ‘carry his own cross’ (Luke 14:27)? I finally stopped laughing long enough to tell him that I couldn’t say that about Mom and Dad. 5y��ƚ��h�*�{�a/�~E�}Ϯ�W�=�_��R����C^��of${G3V�e�H�Nf���hދ�{��7��k�2�:��-7J�Q�ӧ�jͶ*"�V��Fi�Pc���ad�3ۈgQ���،�q�����T�N��@7�Ů�bת����h{O�Q�l��2�_#�A5.����R�b_Fy;##�!ݩ�(�$+Y�T^�w�F��v�w������D T>�C��(k�8W3З=�LG���9��r�;Ѫ��;~sp¯_��{r�;-�PXwp��d6zz;+d�aF��7KZ+�N��9+N$`�L�$�"����L��b`���[[!������ԚZ鮮Bf�^B����φ˓*M*�Pp_����m��P��(v�s�yr�I�]朣abA�!�Ó�U&Ы��{�ݟ1e�=�� !