First things first. Become a Private Investigator in just 6 weeks. EASILY QUALIFY FOR A NEW JOB AS A ATI GRADUATE  Specialising in Counter Surveillance and industrial espionage. Or it may include personal communications that provide a “smoking gun” file, or strong indication of a course of action. Thank you so much NITA.”, “This school is not just for those who cannot reach a physical campus, but it is for those who learn better on their own time. If you have any questions or concerns please us the contact form below, The Best Digital Tools for Private Investigators, “Top Tier” IP Rankings for 5th year Running in Every Major National Publication. Private investigators conduct investigations involving missing persons, corporate intelligence, or other fascinating areas. NITA offers students the convenience of achieving their investigative and security training goals through our comprehensive online platform that includes the required training needed to begin and maintain your professional career. Because the private investigator PI licensing tests of California, Illinois, New York, Nevada, and several other states cover far more than your own experience prepares you for! What was given was useful and clear. Whether this is your first career or you are an experienced PI seeking to update your current skills, ATI gives you the edge to compete successfully in today’s job market and expand your career options. I would absolutely recommend NITA’s courses to anyone and everyone that is thinking about making a change in their careers.”, “Before taking this course I was a little worried about how I would do starting out as a Florida Investigator CC Intern, but thanks to NITA’s website I feel confident on starting my journey out as a Florida Investigator CC.”, “I am very happy with the training materials, the review was direct and to the point. Corso Investigatore Privato - 90 ore di formazione full-immersion tenuta presso il Campus GM academy - 18 attestati - Docenti di alto profilo professionale Private Investigator Course Graduates of Pro PI Academy/Guardstar Academy include successful private investigation business owners, retired federal and local police, and individuals looking for a rewarding career who are able to train on their schedule. Very few careers have such short but effective training programs. PIs perform a wide range of investigative services, and are now just as often found serving as contractors for law enforcement cyber crimes units, insurance companies and human resource teams as they are investigating cases related to divorce and child custody to resolve matters in the family courts. You are your own teacher, and, in the end, it is all on yourself to push and succeed in this school. In just six weeks, you can turn your passion into an exciting new career and begin solving cases. ATI’s classromm courses in this career diploma program cover a variety of lessons including surveillance and observation, gathering evidence, and analyzing handwriting. I was very happy with my experience! Click here to view the list of approved schools. CONDUCT REAL FIELD ASSIGNMENTS  They typically work for government, attorneys and the private sector, though nearly a quarter of all private investigators are self-employed. Why Become a Private Investigator? Industry leading Professional Development curriculum designed to facilitate and strengthen security skill sets for those entering the industry and for security professionals who desire auxiliary training. Requirements for receiving your Private Investigator license vary by state, but at the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), we have the resources you need to become a private investigator. Today, most worthwhile careers require years of education and training and then offer only limited opportunities to enter the field after graduation. NITA is an approved provider of Private Investigator training in the state of Florida. From day one, (NITA’s Staff) made me feel so comfortable with doing this online. State-Approved Pre-Licensing, Continuing Education and Professional Development curriculum for those entering the Investigative Industry and for licensed Investigators desiring to enhance their existing knowledge base. There was not a lot of filler information. The concept of a Private investigator who gathers information on behalf of private clients is not just the topic of novels. Apply your passion for solving mysteries toward a new career as a private investigator. Specialising in Close Protection, counter surveillance and interviewing. At the National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA), we understand how demanding it can be starting your career, changing your career, and finding a career program that fits your busy lifestyle. Features of the Private Investigations Program. I am extremely grateful that a school like NITA is here to access. However, in real life, it is often illegal and any evidence, however strong, may not be admissible in court. Become a Private Investigator in just 6 weeks. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Florida Investigator CC Training (40 hours), Georgia Unarmed Security Guard Training (24 Hours), licensed private investigator or security professional. I advise to everyone!”, “Very thankful for this online course and its ease of use.”, National Investigative Training Academy Incorporated. At NITA, we provide students with a uniquely innovative training experience. Welcome to our Academy! A CAREER AS A PI IS THE HOTTEST CAREER TODAY Florida School ID #4875 | Georgia CLTR License #1021. Copyright © 2020 National investigative Training Academy Incorporated. The Private Investigators Academy of the Rockies was founded by well-known PI … You can either become a specialist and focus your expertise exclusively on areas such as criminal defense, product liability, insurance fraud, and accident reconstruction, or you can become a generalist and work cases ranging from marital/custody to skip-tracing to high-tech intelligence gathering for multi-national corporations. ATI's classromm courses in this career diploma program cover a variety of lessons including surveillance and observation, gathering evidence, and analyzing handwriting.… IT’S EASY TO GET THE TRAINING YOU NEED Looking forward to the next phase!”, “I have always wanted to further my education in the field of helping others. The escalation in crimes, fraud, and identity theft means a high demand in the job market for skilled, properly trained PIs. The average annual salary of a private investigator in 2016 was $48,190.¹ NITA’s online curriculum is available for immediate enrollment. came quickly and had a personalized note. Texas is a good state in which to find a job as a private investigator or private detective. I believe I am ready to begin my journey as an investigator with confidence and excellence. This information may be key to the goal of the private investigator, or it may be vital evidence that should be protected from deletion. What tools for private investigators are available? Pursue an Exciting Career as a Private Investigator The Best Digital Tools for Private Investigators. The completion pkt. Spyware may be a prime tool in the film-world. In today’s world, how do private investigators do their work? Did you know that there are over 41,000 private investigators in the United States? A CAREER AS A PI IS THE HOTTEST CAREER TODAY, EASILY QUALIFY FOR A NEW JOB AS A ATI GRADUATE, Become a Private Detective through Training and Certification in Texas, The Investigative Process for PIs: From Taking a Case to Bringing it to a Close.