Natural gas can be measured in metric or imperial units, 1, 2 NGVA Europe Thinkstep (2017) “Greenhouse Gas Intensity of Natural Gas”, *For more information on the issue of methane emissions and climate change, and industry’s actions to tackle this issue, please see IGU reports: Understanding Methane’s Impact on Climate Change and The Natural Gas Industry’s Methane Emissions Challenge. Natural gas and renewable projects both have associated investment risks, as any large, long-term energy asset. It is becoming increasingly more flexible, diversified, and liquid. These are the simplest formations, or geological traps, of natural gas, which result from the gas migrating through the pores in permeable rock, until it reaches an impermeable rock cap and becomes trapped. • Natural gas burns cleaner than any fossil fuel. Event owners, the International Gas Union, GTI and the International Institute of Refrigeration together with Gazprom as a Host are delighted to invite you to the 20th Anniversary edition of the International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas. Further out, Ghana, Bangladesh, Uruguay, Croatia, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Morocco, South Africa, and Sudan all have project proposals announced to come online by end-2020. The International Gas Union bringing you the latest news. This edition also contains a special section on methane emissions, and the opportunities that their further reductions present for the industry. Affiliated organisations are organisations that do not meet membership criteria but can assist IGU with its mission, increase and rationalise cooperation within the energy sector, and generally promote the development of the natural gas industry. Natural Gas, used as vehicle fuel, delivers significant environmental and ecological benefits by reducing GHG emissions and drastically cutting pollution. Reserves are accessible through existing pipelines and markets. At low-income levels, households tend to be heavily reliant on solid biomass (as in many developing African and Asian countries) the use of which usually leads to undesirable exposure to particulate matter, a leading cause of premature deaths.” (IEA, 2016). Shale Gas: The Facts about the Environmental Concerns. This handy booklet summarizes the value of natural gas for meeting the most pressing global energy, climate, and economic challenges. Get access to download this file by filling up the form below. >> Read more about Covid19 and impacts on bill payment and account access. The World Gas Conference, conducted by the International Gas Union (IGU) since 1931, is the world’s largest and most important global gas industry event where the world’s foremost policy-makers, business leaders and technical experts gather every three years to shape the global energy agenda. For more information on household air pollution, see for example: the World Health Organisation, International Energy Agency, UN Environment. Since March 2004 IGU has published a biannual magazine, International Gas. There is a clear trend in moving towards more competitive pricing, as illustrated by the European imports market chart. (IEA,2017). The natural gas industry value chain consists of a sophisticated network of supply, transit, storage, and demand components. Shale has been visibly growing, while the conventional base is slowly reducing. Your subscription has been confirmed. The world’s top six natural gas producers are (2016): There are number off actors that play into the differences in pricing at different hubs around the world, including: There is a gradual shift from long-term, fixed destination contracts to short-term and medium-term ones, due to an increase in the number of contracts that have the flexible destination option and also due to the emergence of new producers and consumers. In high concentrations, it can be detrimental to human health. They provide an affordable, fast and flexible way to get access to natural gas supplies. Particulate matter (PM) is a mix of solid/liquid organic and inorganic substances that may be a primary or secondary pollutant. The global natural gas market is in an exciting stage of transformation. You've been added to our list and will hear from us soon. WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin. Interestingly, the risk profiles of renewables and natural gas generation technologies are practically mirror opposites, which makes these two types of generation sources a perfect match. View Event Details. On the ground, an LNG spill would not damage the ground or leave any residue as it evaporates. Access to natural gas would solve this issue, as its combustion does not produce the harmful pollutants, responsible for severe health consequences. Beyond Colombia, which reached commercial operations at its first terminal in 2017, the Philippines, Russia (through an FSRU in Kaliningrad), and Bahrain are expected to complete their first regasification projects in the near-term. The International Gas Union bringing you the latest news. The adverse health impacts of PM10 are less severe than those of the fine particles; however, there is a longer history of data on PM10 and even today many cities lack the equipment to monitor outdoor concentrations of PM2.5. Lobby closure will NOT impact natural gas service to our customers. PDF download Pocket_book1.pdf — PDF document, 9.21 MB Contents. LNG is not stored under high pressure and is not explosive. By admin | 2018-02-20T11:25:17-09:00 February 20th, 2018 | Comments Off on Natural Gas Conversion Report Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Global gas demand grew by 2.3%, or 87 billion cubic meters, in 2019 despite slower Chinese growth and milder northern winters. In Europe & Central Asia region and North America, pollution-caused deaths dropped by 25 and 30 percent, respectively, between 1990 and 2013. In 2016, a total of 35 countries received LNG shipments, while global regasification capacity has doubled in the last decade. Using LNG will reduce harmful air pollutants significantly below all current and proposed emissions standards – switch to natural gas will immediately result in these reductions and persist for the life of the vessel. “The remaining resources of natural gas are sufficient to comfortably meet the projections of global demand growth to 2040 and well beyond.” (IEA,2017). This reduces the gas volume by 600 times and makes it possible to transport very large energy content over short and very long distances in specially-designed ocean tankers and trucks. 85% of particulate matter emission is the result of energy production and use. Its combustion does not…, Natural gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon, which offers a sizable opportunity…, The supply of natural gas is secure, accessible and affordable for the…, Natural gas can be moved in its normal gaseous state via pipelines,…. You will find content from our flagship reports and a wide variety of natural gas related topics. Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil or Egypt) in order to replace, supplement existing supply. The 2019 edition contains information on natural gas and its role in helping economies grow, lifting people out of poverty, and cleaning up the environment, while supporting reliable access to modern energy. However, two regions have shown improvement. Estimates of discovered resources are quantities of gas in known reservoirs, that may be remote from existing pipelines and markets. This technology can help developing countries to shift from more costly oil products or more polluting coal to gas when this would otherwise not be possible or economically viable. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trade set a record for the fifth consecutive year in 2018, reaching 316.5 million tonnes – a 9.8% increase on 2017; Natural gas meets almost 25% of the global energy demand, with 10.7% of that supplied as LNG It must consider not just the total volume, but also the types of customers, their needs, and use patterns; as well as, any projected changes over the long life of the assets. Get real time air quality information for hundreds of locations around the world. April 04 - 08, 2022 Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Report also provides key insights on issues addressing world LNG activity going forward. Both parties benefit and work together to collaborate on similar work activities. The illustrative matrix shows risks associated with hypothetical natural gas (left) and renewable energy (right) plant. Both parties benefit and work together to collaborate on similar work activities. Author The author of the paper/article for download. Premium Associate member status grants most of the same rights as a Charter member is entitled to. Global resources of natural gas are estimated at nearly 800 tcm, around 45% of which are unconventional gas (tight gas, shale gas, CBM), deposits of which are geographically more widespread than conventional resources. Natural gas is a fuel that performs strongly on security of supply considerations: There are sufficient global deposit volumes to meet projected demand. Tel : +34 93 412 97 89 Fax: +34 93 402 54 26 [email protected]. Natural gas is the earth’s cleanest burning hydrocarbon.