Here are some of the safest routes to sail around the world. I have defined summer as June, July and August and there is a reason for my doing so, which we can see from gale reports from ships. Clearly Phil was enjoying himself. In addition, the average wind strength will be lighter than on the west coast. Log in to Reply. There are great arguments for either a clockwise or anticlockwise route. 25th Sept. We had another dose of great sailing weather for the 47 mile trip West to Chichester Harbour. It stops in four far flung ports (Kinsale, Barra, Lerwick and Lowestoft), each for 48 hours, so if you’re cruising nearby, why don’t you come and say hello? I am entered in the Round Britain and Ireland two handed race this summer. Tagged: monohull or catamaran, best boat, blue water cruiser, Life is very different when you are out at sea and isolated. There are lots of pros and cons and here are a few reasons I came up with for a comparison. Tagged: liveaboard family, guests aboard, extra crew. Thank you. These reports are from merchant ships away from the coast and give a good general indication. Sailboat Blogs. It is 290 miles further north than Cape Horn is south and, although the Southern Ocean produces some impressive storms, the North Atlantic isn’t far behind in size or ferocity. Chichester is a wonderful sailing harbour, home of 10,000 yachts and more than a dozen sailing clubs, apparently. Offering a wealth of practical advice and a dynamic mix of in-depth boat, gear and equipment news, Sailing Today is written cover to cover by sailors, for sailors. We met up with some friendly folk from South Africa, who helped us celebrate the end of the voyage. You plan everything else and lay it all out nicely but then they just don’t want to do it. It was an emotional final sail that took us from Cowes, across the Solent, up the River Hamble before berthing at the Elephant Boatyard, Bursledon at midday; 89 days after departing from the very same berth! This distance is equivalent to sailing from Plymouth to Gibraltar and back again or from Plymouth across the Atlantic to Newfoundland, so it’s something that should be taken seriously. It was wonderful to be reunited with family and friends. For us this meant travelling for a few days to find a good anchorage and laying two anchors out. However, my two clockwise races saw head winds for substantial stretches of this part. Sailing around the British coast is far from easy, but it’s worth the effort, as Hayley Kirkby and her husband, Steve found when they took up the challenge . Thankfully sustained summer gales are as rare as the statistics show. 2 Comments. I just thought that it was a pretty crazy idea, but knowing Neil, I thought that he would certainly make an attempt at some stage. Sailing round Britain and Ireland is one of those dream passages often discussed in yacht club bars far and wide. These three summer months are also the time when local sea breezes are most likely to occur making cruising a great pleasure with light coastal winds and settled anchorages; unless of course it is one of those summers when there seems to be a never ending supply of depressions arriving from the Atlantic. Check the blog here out for parts 2, 3 4 & 5 of this revealing interview. I can't remember the exact time and place when I had the idea to sail around the UK. We have recently closed the fundraising activity for the trip and I'm pleased to say that we raised a grand total of £2,464.67, well over the target of £2,000. Offering a wealth of practical advice and a dynamic mix of in-depth boat, gear and equipment news, Sailing Today is written cover to cover by sailors, for sailors. How do you plan a sailing trip around the world? Although the chance of NE through E to SE is lower than any other directions, the chance of variable winds is greater. A few years ago I wrote an article for a local newspaper in the UK about following a dream and it wasn’t exactly received with universal approval. Sailing round Britain, whether fully crewed, short-handed or singlehanded, is an aspiration held by many. It seems that all the good weather has been packed into the last 2 weeks of the voyage. Boat Health and Safety. In 2003 my name finally got to the top of the waiting list for a pile mooring on the River Hamble and I had the option to take up a mooring for vessels up to 26 ft. Chris Tibbs talks us through the weather whys and wherefores. Terms & Conditions | Staying healthy on a boat is not always easy but there are things you can do to try and prevent illness and injury. This is a much more keenly debated question. This is what we use when we homeschool our kids …read on! Click on the images for details of each weekly blog . Tim & James Mitchell ([email protected]). I had been given Stick’s track responder data as Stick had made some loose plans to drop by at Stokes Bay on Wednesday, but weather plans had put paid to that idea. James is 17, the eldest of 3 brothers. Stick needed a new Laser Replacement Sail to take him the last 1000 miles of his journey and some warmer sailing kit as he was struggling in Scottish summer conditions that would make most Southerners freeze. The Indian summer (with a nice Force 5 Easterly) made for a pleasant sail to Eastbourne where Phil Totney joined us. Tagged: homeschooling, boat schooling, unschooling, teaching kids, collins international, cambridge igcse, cambridge international, igcse. Stick’s last 50 miles were going to prove as difficult as some in Scotland, I thought, as he was now facing the Equinoctial Gales. It was now or never so I decided to take the plunge into yacht ownership; one month later I was the proud owner of "Elle", a Sadler 26. By the time we reached Selsey Bill the wind dropped and we needed to turn the engine on to buck the 3 knot tide. How do we managed to afford a boat and how do manage to afford it on a daily basis without going to work? Many thanks to all those that contributed. What you really need to know to undertake a cruise around the British Isles can actually be summed up in seven words: arrange three months’ holiday and set sail. I have sailed four times around Britain and Ireland – twice racing and twice for setting speed records and I have been each way round. A few Hints and tips for having extra guests or crew aboard your liveaboard boat. Occasionally, Neil would mention his longing to sail around the UK. Motivated by a desire to get better at sailing, have adventures, and not work for five months, we devised three plans, all starting from Cowes and heading west. The following day we moved further up the coast to Brighton, via the infamous Beachy Head (notorious for people jumping off!). Since its launch in 1997, the magazine has sealed its reputation for essential sailing information and advice. As the depressions pass, the wind is likely to vary from S or even SSE on the approach of the low pressure, veering as the low passes to the NW. Supertherm Longjohns, Supertherm Top and a Signal Blue Pro Aquafleece Top (the brighter the better) later and Stick was back making good progress a little less chilly than before. Then, out of the blue he called on Friday – he had landed on Hayling Beach having had an epic off Nab Tower. If you would like to make a donation, please go to our charity page by pasting this link into your browser; . 1 year ago I know Stick Daring (AKA Neil Peters) as a really good Laser sailor; we have raced against each other on the Laser Masters’ circuit. There is no right or wrong way to sail round and it will depend on your (and your crew’s) available time and inclination. We didn’t initially intend to sail around Britain. Pawel Tarnowski Tests Award Winning Exofleece in Garda, All Rooster November offers OUT NOW: Early Black Friday, Winter…, Splice Up Your Life – Everything You Need for the…, Join The Team – Picking & Packing/Customer Service Administration, How Blind Sailing Kept Going Through Lockdown – Kate Healey, The Laser Boom – Bolt it up! Offering a wealth of practical advice and a dynamic mix of in-depth boat, gear and equipment news, Sailing Today is written cover to cover by sailors, for sailors. 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