You may occasionally come across all-season duvets, but unless you have a complete control over your bedroom’s temperature, you may find it to be too hot or too cold during the summer and winter respectively. After college and once I had a decent job, I sprung for down pillows. For example, there are % of down required in order to be called a down duvet. Obviously size is important but it’s also a personal decision. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time. beautiful Faux Linen cushions  >. Very Good. In reality however, this is borderline impossible and precisely why it is recommended that different duvets be purchased in accordance with the seasons. Wow! Obviously don’t go into perpetual debt for a duvet; however, if you have resources, it’s worth investing a few extra bucks into a quality duvet. The shopper could not be found and the password was not sent. Add a touch of Colour and comfort to your room. If you would prefer to keep things as natural as possible and are looking for extraordinary indulgence, you absolutely will not go wrong with down and feather. Whatever Happened to Those Round Beds from the 80s? Which is why it’s good to note that some of the very best manufacturers on the market these days are coming up with truly extraordinary synthetic duvets, which in many cases mimic much of the appeal of down. Choosing the most appropriate duvet tog for your own personal requirements comes down to two things – the season and where you happen to live. This way, they can be used combined in the winter, along with being separated to give you two separate duvets for the spring/autumn and summer seasons. Hurry, only a few items left! The scale itself begins at 1 tog and goes right up to 18 tog or higher – the latter being suitable for conditions of extreme cold. IMPORTANT:  Be sure to inquire about the percent of down included in the down duvet you buy if you intend to buy a down duvet. If you’re in the market for a Summer duvet, you’re in the right place. One final component you  need to consider when choosing a duvet is the duvet ticking. VIP Only offers, Advanced notice on sales and promotions, decorating tips, entry into our monthly VIP draws for free product. A more economical duvet is one that’s a mix of down and feathers. Aside from selecting a duvet that is big enough for your bed (the importance of which being painfully obvious), the single most important thing to take into account is its tog rating. Some call it a duvet. Filling: this is where your budget comes in. Related: Duvet vs. Comforter vs. Or it could be 60% goose down. The use of natural down for exactly such purposes dates back way beyond the beginning of recorded history and remains the choice of the connoisseur today.