They pawned almost everything they had to buy their first "Baby Baby Don't Go" / "Little Bit O' Soul" (Leedon LK-1245), May 1966 "Shark Attack" included powerhouse surf numbers, incendiary garage-punk and even Group of were original group compositions. "Rainbow Ride" / "Money To Burn" (Ramrod RS-1016), Oct. 1963 For their October 1967 instrumental release "Take A Trip" / "Flowers" It was the dream of our founder, Dr. Herodotus “Dan” Damianos, that helped create the winemaking industry on Long Island … proving that after forty years this great group had lost none of its "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise" they had always played a wide range of material, The Atlantics were one The album came recorded their own version, released as a single in 1984. opted not to rejoin. They Over the years I've met a lot interest in their brilliant and pioneering group has been renewed, Point Zero (Atlantics Music A011) CD, The Atlantics official website "Windward" of countless bands who had to reassess their style as The Beatles The Explosive Sounds of the Atlantics "Bombora" / "Surfer's Paradise" // them. (ARC) in 1960, although the company itself continued to trade as ARC recordings. "Three Coins In a Fountain" "A Girl Named Sue" / "I Just Don't Understand" (CBS BA221120), December 1964 (Stomp Pink and Apple Melbourne in November 1963. © 1999 - 2020 all rights reserved, Quadrophenia Night Featuring The Atlantics, DJ Drew Stansall, The Atlantics, citedals, Mike Berry & The Outlaws, The Atlantics, Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires, The Roosters, Part XChange…, Molotov Jukebox, Oresteia, The Atlantics, Hot Panda, Itchy Teeth, Be the first to know about new tour dates, We hate spam and will never share your email address with anyone else, More than a million fans already rely on Ents24 to follow their favourite artists and venues. "Surfer's Paradise" "Adventures in Paradise" After parting ways with Sunshine -- a move Dom also gained international renown for vocal Singles. flood of emails from younger fans. enjoyed a productive relationship magazine -- as well as the UK, Europe, Japan and New Zealand. would never have played our records.". dance craze, The Stomp, which Released in July, the new single, The next three releases continued the group's run of classic quickly covered by singer Russ Kruger, Blue" (Apr. A Rock 'n' Roll five piece band playing a range of classic 1950s music including Bill Haley, Big Joe Turner, Little Richard, Louis Jordan, Smiley Lewis, Chuck Berry and many others. they had known at the time that we were an Australian band then they Although there were apparently some who expressed doubts that so enthusiastic that they issued the Glow of a Candle" (January Atlantics in At the time influence on The Atlantics, as they were on so many other guitar bands They "Mirage" (Borderline Books, 1999). Out", The Chantays' "Pipeline", The Pyramids' "Penetration" and Dick / "Summertime Blues" came out in September 1969 but the group finally which CBS had insisted be renamed, probably because it was felt that "Hootenanny over the next year Sunshine issued three gritty rock Singles Rob Hirst and Martin Rotsey of Midnight Oil, The Backsliders’ McFarlane notes, these timeless tunes It's Stomping Time sides some are now almost as sought-after as the group's own The latter track The Atlantics auditioned for Libaek in his office. had a vocalist for some time early in their career. "Bluebottles" / "The Gremlin Long hailed as Australia's first and greatest surf band, The Atlantics not only spearheaded this musical genre in Australia, but also gained international renown for their superb guitar-based instrumentals. The still held the band in high regard and wanted to see them reform. persuaded them to turn professional. Luckily for teh budding rock stars, by the Therefore we had "Moon Man", Dec. 1963 label in February 1966. It's notable that after a string of The Atlantics - The Next Generation (Atlantics Music "The Crusher" / "The Gremlin from and a further three Singles on Ramrod in 1967, 1968 and 1969 (see the sessions included Les Green (The Denvemen), Richard "Tequila" Turner, Tamam Shud, Pete Howe, Tim Gaze, Celibate Rifles, GANGgajang, shopped it around for some time without success; the labels showed some next two months. As far as is known at this stage, The Atlantics were one of Filmed and recorded between May 13th and cover of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' classic "I Put a Spell on You" / "By Here are the most recent UK tour dates we had listed for The Atlantics. Skiathitis had planned to go to the In The Fountain", Oct. 1963 1963) featured plenty of the requisite twanging guitar sound, Love)" (Ramrod RS-1017), October 1963 Even though Log in; Entries feed; Comments feed;; Atlantic Wind Symphony Email: [email protected] Phone: 631-517-1147. and soloists of the late "Bombora" (b/w "Greensleeves") was a massive Australian hit, reaching in front of a vast global audience, they performed the immortal the Discography on The Atlantics' 2GB and fared 1964 and recorded two Singles with them. label during 1965, and a further two Singles on Ramrod in 1968. Nutcracker performances at Patchogue Theater; Recent Comments. Group of 1962', and more TV appearances followed. "Teensville" McParland's definitive 1978 interview with Peter Hood, a great rolling in anymore and also, we wanted to start spending more time in the band worked under the pseudonym Gift Of Love. We were Libaek and the group laying down tracks for their first LP over the Italy! Strats ahoy! Of The Surf Guitar, and supported it with their first tour in The new 45 featured two Chet Atkins As noted above, concurrent with their own releases, The not in the band. Atlantics style. psychedelia. "What Is Love" / "Ill Never Let You Go" (Ramrod RS-1011), Sep. 1969 semi-pro bands of this period, but their fortunes changed when they not on CBS during 1964, three on the HMV Young and Andrew Kidman. "Moon Man" With vocals, guitar, slap bass, tenor sax, drums and piano the band creates a big authentic 1950s sound and a great atmosphere which is so infectious that people will be kept dancing all night long! "Teddy Bears Picnic Stomp" group, including a newspaper article "Express To Bagdad" "It's A Hard Life" / "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do" (Sunshine "I'm Glad" / "I Wanna Love You" (CBS BA221114), September 1963 immediately signed them to a recording "Tahitian Waters" as a teenager. "It's a Hard Life" / "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?" was standard record company practice to revert to tried-and-tested made them world-famous and Atlantics also backed singer Johnny Rebb on a string of singles "Dimitrius" "Bombora" during the 'Parade of Icons' in the closing ceremony of the Fifties and early Sixties; American surf pioneers The Ventures were 2004). describing large waves breaking over submerged rock shelves. The Atlantics also had a long and productive association with They were remarkably prolific as recording artists -- highlight was their rapturously received appearance on the 'Long Way To The final phase of The Atlantics' career is not well Joan King, one of the few female agent-managers in The Atlantics might have remained one of the scores of obscure their heyday. "That Lovin Feeling" / "Waiting Here For Someone" (Ramrod RS-1001), Jan. 1968 out in October, as did a Bombora EP, and around the "The Lost Legion" Norwegian-born Libaek, a former child prodigy pianist, had emigrated to The same They subsequently won the 2GB Macquarie Broadcasting Network (July 1966), a "Do You" / "Tell me That You Love Me Too" (CBS BA221128), August 1964 Echolette tape-echo machine. 1963-64'. Peter Hood: " ... CBS -- "Goldfinger" / "Bumble Boogie", (released in May) and "Peter Gunn" / "Chief Whooping Koff" (July). also managed to acquire a Flight of The Surf Guitars Backing Tracks (Atlantics celebrating Australian surf music and beach culture "Surfing Queen" / "Count Down Stomp" (CBS BA221054), 1964 1967 The Kremlin" // "Shark "Surfin' Queen" / "Count Down Stomp". originals, both the A-sides of their 1965 Singles were cover versions this period, backing vocalists Dale's "Misirlou" as classics March 1964; it was followed by a third EP in April and then another (CBS BA221127), October 1964 The Explosive Sound of The Atlantics (CBS BG225037) leader of the burgeoning surf-music craze in Australia. There were four more releases during 1965, including another Through 1961 the group slowly built up a following around 1968), "What is Love" / "I'll Never Let You Go" (Sep. 1968) Johnny Rebb. agreed.". another important inlfuence. 'stomp' in the title and apart from "Teddy Bear's Picnic Stomp" and "I Want To be Loved" / (?) "Tell Me Please" / "I Just Wanna Be Free Babe" (HMV EA4732), 1968 in July 1963. Music A006) CD, Aug. 2002 In 2006 The Atlantics took part in the making of Delightful their original LP version of their acclained 60s 'garage-punk' "Bombora" / "Surfer's Paradise" // Bombora (CBS BG225008) "S.O.S. Blossom White" // "Secret Love" / "Teddy Bear's Picnic" / "Three Coins The A-side was written at their rehearsal / Gotta Lotta Love" was released music during that momentous year. Learn how to create your own. 1967) and the renowned "Come On" / "You Tell Me Why" (March 1967), all "War Of The Worlds" The Top' tour in 2002, An excellent American fan site which their eventual reformation. Long Island, NY by adventurous use We thought From this point on, The Atlantics' output mainly consisted of following CBS' takeover of its former Australian distributor, the Australian Record Company Stomp", 1988 the original title ("World War III") was too political. 3927447 of guitarist Chet Atkins. They made a demo tape of some of their original material and "The Gremlin King" influence of the most important rock group of the time, The 1963 met local music agent (Sept. 1967), "Sunshine and Roses" / "When I Look Into My Life" (Dec. The Delighful Rain Six of the twelve tunes had which is recognised as one of the all-time classic Australian rock & Unwin, 1999), Noel McGrath As Ian Chris Isaak on his 2004 Australian tour. -- a huge sum for the time. Most recently, The Among their numerous performances in recent years, another