Here was modern art on the movie screen. © 2007–2020 Art of the Title, LLC. Contrasts between the black and white heighten the strident intensity, and the disjunctures encapsulate the mood of the main character, a downbeat drummer with a penchant for gambling and drugs. The subject of the film was a jazz musician’s struggle to overcome his heroin addiction, a taboo subject in the mid-’50s. She has written and edited a number of books, including Charles and Ray Eames (1998) and Women Designers in the USA 1900–2000 (2001).©2011 Laurence King Publishing Ltd. Used with permission. The images displayed on this page are recent additions to, Saul Bass – The Man with the Golden Arm (1955). When prints went out to theaters all over the country, Preminger made sure they were accompanied by a note instructing the projectionist to run the first reel only after the curtains were drawn back. BECOME A PATRON THROUGH PATREON. Art of the Title is made with ❤ in Toronto and is supported by readers like you. The titles featured an animated, black paper cut-out arm of a heroin addict and caused quite a sensation. During the past 10 years I've spent thousands of hours on creating this collection, practically for free.If you appreciate what I'm doing here, please consider donating.Any amount will be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much. Saul explained, “He gave me a beat, 'the counts' as we say, and I designed to that beat. Saul stated that, “The intent of this opening was to create a mood spare, gaunt, with a driving intensity... [that conveyed] the distortion and jaggedness, the disconnectedness and disjointedness of the addict's life the subject of the film.”, Accompanied by Elmer Bernstein's driving jazz-like score, and set against a black background, white bars appear, disappear and form abstract patterns before finally coalescing into the film's symbol. Support the collection here: or Movie title stills collection is the largest online archive dedicated to title sequence design and typography on the silver screen, with title sequences from over 5,000 movies, from 1902 to 2019). The sequence for The Man with the Golden Arm is one of my favorites, and what appeals to me is its simplicity. The subject of the film was a jazz musician’s struggle to … Bass decided to create a controversial title sequence to match the film’s controversial subject. Adapted from the 1948 novel by Nelson Algren, The Man with the Golden Arm distinctly displays a memorable opening animated title sequence courtesy of graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker Saul Bass. He created an arresting image of a distorted, disjointed arm. When director Otto Preminger asked Saul Bass to design a poster for the film he was so taken by the “jagged arm” symbol that he asked Bass to design titles using the same elements. Passed | 1h 59min | Crime, Drama, Romance | 16 January 1956 (Brazil) A strung-out junkie deals with a demoralizing … It embodies a provocativeness from its director Otto Preminger who continues to increase the dramatic anxieties throughout; which serves this intensely grimy and distinctive noir about the … The semi-abstract form helped distance the image from the harsh realities of shooting up, although they are implicit in the (dis)figuration. Before the mid-1950s, all credits were shown at the beginning of a film. Author Pat Kirkham discusses the opening titles for The Man with the Golden Arm, from her authoritative book Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design. The Man with the Golden Arm ( 1955) The Man with the Golden Arm. This is the text of a note that was stuck on the cans when the reels of film for “The Man With the Golden Arm” arrived at US movie theatres in 1955. The challenge facing Saul was how to create a symbol that captured the drama and intensity of the film without resorting to sensationalism. As well as being disconnected from a body, the black arm has the appearance of being petrified and transformed into something else, just as the Sinatra character in the film is transformed by his addiction. Pat Kirkham is Professor in the History of Design, Decorative Arts and Culture at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design & Culture, New York. Because of the extremely tight schedule, Bernstein had to compose the music at the same time as Saul was creating the title. - Christian Annyas Support the collection: or Movie title stills collection➽ Website:➽ Twitter:➽ Instagram:➽ Pinterest:➽ Facebook: the book \"Saul Bass: A Life in Film \u0026 Design\" by Jennifer Bass and Pat Kirkham: the book “Saul Bass: Anatomy of Film Design” by Jan-Christopher Horak: videos: other title sequences designed by Saul Bass:CARMEN JONES (1954) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM (1955) SEVEN YEAR ITCH (1955) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" BIG KNIFE (1955) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" PRIDE AND THE PASSION (1957) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" TRISTESSE (1958) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" (1958) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" (1958) BIG COUNTRY (1958) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" OF A MURDER (1959) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" BY NORTHWEST (1959) (1960) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" (1960)'S ELEVEN (1960) - \"Title design by Saul Bass\" FACTS OF LIFE (1960) (1960) - \"main titles \u0026 design consultant Saul Bass\" SIDE STORY (1961) WILD (1961) - \"Titles designed by Saul Bass\" CARDINAL (1963)'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD (1963) - \"Titles by Saul Bass\" LAKE IS MISSING (1965) (1966) - \"Titles by Saul Bass\" GOOD FRIENDS’ (1971) - \"Titles: Saul Bass \u0026 Associates\"'S ENTERTAINMENT, PART II (1976) HUMAN FACTOR (1979) - \"Titles by Saul Bass\" NEWS (1987) WAR OF THE ROSES (1989) (1990) - \"Titles by Elaine \u0026 Saul Bass\" AGE OF INNOCENCE (1993) (1995) #Saul100 #TitleSequence All rights reserved.

Author Pat Kirkham discusses the opening titles for The Man with the Golden Arm, from her authoritative book Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design.
In 1954, Preminger again defied Production Code guidelines when adapting Nelson Algren's powerful novel about drug addiction, a taboo topic in mid-century America. Titles related to “Saul Bass – The Man with the Golden Arm (1955):”. The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) title sequence - YouTube The title sequence was equally compelling. Bass is using the most minimal language to show that if you put animation, typography, and rhythm together, you can make something dynamic and amazing. It was a helluva moment when we first screened it.”. Title sequence from The Man with the Golden Arm (1955), designed by Saul Bass✇ ‘THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM’ (1955)Directed by: Otto PremingerStarring: Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker, Kim NovakSaul Bass' title sequences: Enjoy my videos?