“Unite has long campaigned for a Brexit which supports our members’ jobs, sustains the communities in which they live and protects the future investment decisions of businesses. They discovered that the Germans have an agreed system for short time working to protect employment during times of crisis. Second, the information technology (the media monopolies) of the past fifty years has replaced real society with a virtual one. Share Tweet. From Politics EU By Charlie Cooper August 8th. In June, a Whitehall spending watchdog said a lack of Navy support vessels will hamper Britain’s two new £6.2bn aircraft carriers.”, An MoD spokesperson said, “We continue work on the procurement strategy for the Fleet Solid Support ships and will provide further details when the current stage is completed.”. By clicking 'Sign me up' you confirm that you have read and agree to our, EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson condemned for ‘completely…, A minister has boasted about how easy it is to fire…, Westminster has thrown Wales and Scotland under the…, This Tory health minister’s callousness over…, Tory MPs show their true (blue) colours over free…. He continued, “These ships are the cornerstone for the future of the British shipbuilding industry. Responding to the prime minister’s statement today (Friday 16th October) that the country should ‘get ready’ for the prospect of no trade deal with the EU, Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite, the UK’s largest trade union in Britain and Ireland, said: “The EU is our largest trading partner. For national security reasons, Royal Navy warships can only be built in the UK. Labour’s support was very much welcomed by the CSEU. “If the Prime Minister is serious about levelling up in the regions he will jump at the chance of building these ships in Britain as a straightforward means to pump investment into our regions and get the economy up and running again after the coronavirus lockdown.”. Initially as we have reported the competition for the contract was offered worldwide, with companies from Italy, Spain, Japan and South Korea shortlisted, along with a UK consortium. IG Metall is a pacesetter on pay, working time and conditions in Germany. Their members already enjoy shorter hours and longer holidays and greater job protection than workers in the UK. And for now, there’s no sign of that. The estimated £1.5bn ministry of defence (MoD) contract to build three Fleet Solid Support (FSS) ships that will help keep the Navy’s new aircraft carriers at sea, provide them with stores including ammunition and food, has been put out to overseas tender. “Placing the order in the UK will bridge the gap between the end of the aircraft carrier programme and the next tranche of ships on order which will provide highly-skilled employment for a generation in areas that need it most. Enjoy Free Shipping & Returns on Every Order at ToryBurch.com. Ministers are contemplating radical ideas that could help keep traffic flowing to and from the Channel. Though Boris Johnson averted no-deal last year by securing a Brexit Withdrawal Agreement that covered the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union, his proposed economic relationship with the EU really isn’t that different — in terms of the practical potential for short-term disruption — from a clean-break no-deal. Together we can find the stories that get lost. A worker receives 60% of his or her pay for the hours not worked while receiving full pay for the hours worked. About 5.6 million German workers currently benefit from the scheme. Nevertheless, Johnson and his chief adviser Dominic Cummings have set their face against an extension of the transition period that would spare businesses the short-term Brexit disruption on top of their COVID nightmare. Power In A Union is a website edited by Tony Burke designed to provide information, news, views and comment on UK, European and Worldwide trade union and political issues, and to provide a forum for debate and discussion. I call this war a societycide, imposed in two ways. Given the array of potential difficulties, it might be surprising that the U.K.’s business lobby is not crying out for an extension to the transition period, something the EU is open to but the U.K. government — determined to deliver on its Brexit timetable — is firmly set against. He also called on the government to extend short-time working benefits which have helped cushion the blow of the pandemic to 24 months from a current maximum of 21 months. Rojava and all of Northern and Eastern Syria — run by an autonomous multiethnic, multi-religion self-administration, based on the freedom of women — is rising like a beacon of freedom. Craig Beaumont, chief of external affairs at the Federation of Small Businesses, said that smaller firms were currently focused on simply surviving the impacts of COVID-19. Capitalist modernity is history’s deadliest and most continuous crisis of civilization. In 2021 the UK is hosting the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow. When applying #cosmeceuticals, or any #skincare, e, Just imagine if we didn’t have injectablesBO, Note: if you did not get the email, please check spam/junk folder. This is no doubt the result of our paradigm based on women’s freedom, making it a role model all over the world. In fact, it can easily be very much part of our future – supporting skilled workers and apprentices, families and local communities as it has for centuries. I will definitely use this service again.” – BH, I am a very satisfied customer of Cosmedocs – I’ve had three facial areas treated with Anti-Wrinkle Injection at CosmeDocs in recent years, and find the treatment swift, thorough and effective. Solidarity statement from the TUC to the AFL-CIO (US elections), Workers Uniting Demands Justice For Orlando Gutierez, Len McCluskey tells Johnson “Stop playing politics with jobs and lives”, Labour joins fight to build Royal Navy support ships in UK shipyards. Kurds are, as it were, condemned to a long-term, deadly agony. The government has already postponed plans for a fully-functioning set of customs controls for goods entering the U.K. to July 2021. This presents a model solution for both the peoples of the Middle East and the nation-states. No other major military nation has ordered naval support ships from foreign yards. Bank details below, please use the reference ‘StopHolHunger’ so we know the purpose of the donation. “They are aware that negotiations are happening with the EU, and we do need an ambitious deal that keeps trade easy … but the focus right now remains firmly on COVID,” he said. It’s a point strongly rejected by the unions’ campaign group, the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering (CSEU)in which Unite plays a leading role. But the government has said the FSS ships as part of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, are not classed as warships – meaning they can be built abroad. Subscribe to our special offers, discounts, products and services. We are probably not yet fully aware of the devastation this has caused the plant and animal worlds. “There is every risk that our country could experience its worst recession in generations and the prime minister’s reckless refusal to do a deal with the EU will only make things far worse for working people.”. chipping in as little as £1 a week to help us survive? For over two decades, Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan has been held in the Turkish prison on İmralı Island. The 40,000-tonne vessels will resupply Royal Navy aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates with food, ammunition and explosives. “For five years, defence ministers have dithered over this decision when it’s a no-brainer to build these vital new ships in Britain,”said John Healey. Remember to use the reference ‘StopHolHunger’. Tony Burke is Assistant General Secretary at Unite and the TUC General Council’s Lead on Employment and Union Rights. University College, London Medical School. It will pump prime £1.3bn into regional economies and protect 40,000 jobs in the supply chain. There are 500+ professionals named "Tony Burke", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. The government’s own consultation documents say that — given how much the pandemic has occupied businesses’ time and energy — it would now be “prudent to assume that overall border readiness could be at levels similar to those anticipated for October 2019.” In other words, planning assumptions for Johnson’s Brexit — as far as the border is concerned — are the same as those for last year’s no-deal scenario. Our stance — as seen in the 2013 talks with the Turkish nation-state, held in İmralı — expressed in the Newroz Declaration, as we entered the dialogue process, is today more important than ever. Our view on the Kurdish-Turkish conflict that has gone on for nearly a century is clear. Tony Burke: The UK should listen to unions like the Germans do. And as Emily Thornberry refers to Abbott’s views on climate change it could prove to be that Johnson may well have blundered into another badly thought through decision. Officials expect any “significant congestion” to have ended by “the first half of 2021” but are proposing that the new powers required for enforcement last until October 2021 — just in case. Unite said this move goes against the recommendations of the National Ship Building Strategy, and betrays the nation. Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner for manufacturing welcomed Labour’s support and urged everyone to sign the petition. Can you help by chipping in as little as £1 a week to help us survive? “With so many having had their lives put on hold by the cruelty of Covid-19 now being further betrayed by a government that claims to support ‘jobs jobs jobs’ and to be willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ is nothing short of an act of gross industrial vandalism. In terms of scope and duration, this war is both deeper and longer than the first two world wars. The methodology for achieving that goal is now developing, step-by-step. “If ever there was a ‘shovel ready’ project, it is FSS – and it’s great to hear that Labour supports that view. “However, a new implementation period requires there to be a deal.” However, the conditions have now matured — and the Kurds, through their struggle, can make their way out of the pincer movement of genocide. But the other news from Germany is that the powerful IG Metall union, with 2.3 million members in metalworking, electrical and manufacturing, says it is prepared to move to a four-day week to help secure jobs against economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis and the structural shifts, notably in the automobile industry. This was a disgraceful abandonment of workers and the bipartisan support of advanced manufacturing which Australia had enjoyed since WWII.”, By Amanda Campbell – first published on UNITELive  August 28th, 2020. Dr Toni Burke offers treatments in London as well as Portsmouth. Andrew Dettmar President of the AMWU in Australia sent me this about the UK’s new ‘joint president of the Board of Trade’ former Aussie PM Tony Abbott – supposed trade negotiator supreme – dumped by his own party and his constituents – now another addition to ‘Team Johnson’. Like many of you, I was dismayed at the government’s decision not to back Labour’s proposal to extend the provision of free school meals during school holidays until Easter 2021. Good Society. Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering (CSEU), Call To Arms – Daily Mirror Article On CSEU Proposals To Bring Forward Spending Plans, Abdullah Öcalan: My Solution for Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds, Why Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal is not so different to no deal, The Maverick Advisers Running Britain – Brilliant Article By Harry Lambert, John Mitchell – Former Sogat and GPMU National Officer.