Sprays & Mists. Ht. Glossy dark green, leathery fronds form dense clumps. Polystichum setiferum `Plumoso-densum’(Plumoso-multilobum) Downy Filigree Fern           1gal $11.00ea Athyrium pycnocarpon ( Diplazium pycnocarpon) Glade Fern $11.00ea A hybrid with elegant fronds of lacy dark green leaves. This delicate looking fern has light green, upright, arching fronds. 30-120cm. Native. Plants will be small for spring . Spreads by rhizome to form small patches. Very glossy dark green fronds contrast nicely with the light green, tassel-like, newly emerging fronds. 50-150cm. By. Z2. Deciduous. CAD $239.99 $255.99. Athyrium filix-femina `Lady in Red'.......................   1gal $11.00ea One of the great fens for the garden. Lacy looking fronds are bright green. Z6. We’ve sold this as D.claytoniana in the past. Ht. A hybrid between Athyrium filix femina and Athyrium nipponicum. This form of the species is smaller than most. Z2. Ht. Most Northwest plants are now considered A.aleuticum but not all. 1. Z8. Z5. Ht. Tree ferns are some of the most elegant and beautiful plants for your unique property development needs. Ht.15-30cm. Ht. 30-45cm. Matteuccia struthiopteris Ostrich Fern.................. 1gal  $11.00ea $25. Dryopteris crassirhizoma  (Dryopteris bushiana)Thick-stemmed Wood Fern          1gal $11.00ea In most cases, these ferns tend to have a tree-like design which comprises of a thick and large trunk with spreading lance-shaped fronds at the top section. It is a pretty, ground-hugging fern, native to southern South America, parts of Australia and some of the Pacific Islands. Deciduous. Best in dryish rockery or walls in shade to part shade. Fronds are a soft, metallic grey color with reddish or bluish hues. Getting outside is encouraged, so one of the best things to do with your family is to visit a Christmas tree farm! It quickly forms a nice, full clump. Another hardy evergreen maiden hair fern. Many selections made during the Victorian fern craze. New fronds emerge a coppery orange color. Dryopteris affinis `Cristata The King' ................... 1gal $11.00ea This ferns stands up to snow better than most. Nice dense growing, mid-sized fern. Shade to part sun. Z5. Plants don’t reach maturity until about 23 years. Athyrium asplenioides. Fertile fronds are taller and slender and are deciduous in autumn. Z4. Cyathea sp. Ht. Native. Like other Blechnum species, B. penna-marina has dimorphic fronds, the fertile, spore-bearing fronds deciduous and borne separately. Out of Stock. Pacific Coast Floral Wholesale Ltd has been serving Florists in Western Canada since 1994. The large fertile fronds are leafy and deeply lobed; very un-fern-like. Evergreen. Dryopteris affinis `Cristata Angustata' Narrow Crested Golden-scaled Male Fern    1gal $11.00ea The overall effect is a much fuller frond. 30-60cm. Narrow fertile fronds are held vertically. 10-40cm. We created a line of handcrafted and artfully designed products that capture the carefree nature of the island. SAVE $10 ON ORDERS $75+ WITH CODE FALL10. Dryopteris dilatata `Recurvata' Recurved Broad Buckler Fern Tasmanian tree fern must be wrapped like the banana each winter. Finely cut dark green leaflets with crested tips make the fronds resemble parsley. Dryopteris affinis Golden-scaled Male Fern........................... 1gal $11.00ea Dryopetris ludoviciana . Z4. The end of most fronds branches into a crest. Explore the rolling hills and burbling stream in search of your perfect Christmas tree at Fern Creek Farm in Langley’s Walnut Grove neighbourhood. We have the crested form of the species! Lacy looking, triangular fronds with edges and tips that curl down so the overall effect is almost weeping. A favourite dwarf fern. Evergreen. Thelypteris palustris Narrow Beech Fern ......... 1gal $11.00ea Ht. The fertile pinnae are covered in sporangia and are jet black in color making this a unique and showy fern. Z4. A great form with a  simple crest at the apex of the frond  and numerous proliferous bulbils are scattered down the mid-rib. Semi-Evergreen. Level of description . This is similar to the species but is lacier in appearance and smaller with proliferous buds along the mid-rib on mature fronds. Ht. Evergreen. Pale green, thinly textured, triangular fronds arise from long creeping rhizomes. Very easy. Reference code. Adiantum venustum Himalayan Maidenhair Fern 1gal $11.00ea Native. Rarely, plantlets are produced on the upper surface along the midriff of the frond. Deciduous. Ferns have to be, without a doubt, one of the most versatile, albeit, underestimated and underused groups of plants in the gardening world. Most tree ferns are members of the "core tree ferns", belonging to the families Dicksoniaceae, Metaxyaceae, and Cibotiaceae in the order Cyatheales. Z9. vancouver, BC for sale "tree" - craigslist. Ht. A large semi-evergreen fern. $20. Similar to D.erythrosora but has narrower segments which make it lacier in appearance. 60-90cm. Plants can be as large as 4’ tall with 6’ long arching fronds. 75cm. Robust fern for shade to part sun. Dryopteris affinis cambrensis Insubrica........ 10cm pot $5.00ea Polystichum braunii Braun's Holly Fern........... 10cm pot $5.00ea The two tree fern species you are most likely to encounter in Pacific Northwest gardens and nurseries are Cyathea cooperi (sold as the 'Australian tree fern') and Dicksonia antarctica (sold as the 'Tasmanian tree fern' ('Tasmanian' is a bit misleading since this species grows throughout the mainland of temperate southeast Australia also). 20-30cm. Ht. Ht. Z5. This spectacular fern has paired (forked at their base) narrow pinnae with crested tips, which (like `Fieldiae') are arranged into crosses; thereby, forming a lattice work of diamond shaped spaces. A majestic fern that forms a large crown, and sends out a ring of arching fronds made up of rounded leaflets. A vigorous fully hardy fern from Mexico. Z2. Sori with vascularized receptacle and sphaeropteroid indusium with distal slit‐like opening, producing about 35 sporangia. Native. Fronds are a leathery, dul ldark green. Ht. Deciduous. Native. Photograph; Parallel title. Ht. Evergreen. This is similar to `The King' but the fronds are wider and the crests are long finger-like tassels rather than wide fans. An elegant form ,grown from spore so it should be called "Bevis Group",with upright, arching, lance shaped fronds with narrow pinnules that are incurved and overlapping near the tip of the fronds. Z2. Dryopteris erythrosora Autumn Fern................ 10cm pot $5.00ea Dryopteris affinis `Polydactyla Dadds’               1gal  $11.00ea Z4. An easy to grow, large, dark green, shiny leaved fern that normally grows on rotting logs or in rich soil in a woodland setting. 75-90cm. Slowly forms a colony. 25-40cm. Osmunda cinnamomia Cinnamon Fern................. 1gal  $11.00ea Ht. Milk Baths & Tea Soaks. Native. pairs of  dark green, leathery, undivided pinnae with a terminal pinnae 20-30cm long. This medium sized fern has light green, triangular fronds. Evergreen. A beautiful small fern with crisped fronds. Artificial Bamboo Tree in Pot is the perfect addition to your home or office décor; Suitable for indoor use; Foliage is made of polyester; Includes black terracotta pot ; Quick View Quick View Quick View. Deciduous. Plant in shade to part sun. 60-150cm. 30-60cm. 3 Piece Feather Topiary Fern Tree in Pot Set. Onoclea sensibilis Sensitive Fern.......................... 1gal $11.00ea Dryopteris  x  australis .................................. 1gal $11.00ea It is more common from southern Oregon and California to northwest Mexico, mostly near the coast, but can also be found inland in Arizona and Nevada. Z5. Glossy, grass-green plume-like fronds are four times divided and have overlapping pinnae. Individual pinnae look like holly leaves. We adore ferns and hope you’ll consider adding some of these beauties to your garden. 70-90cm. Cryptogramma acrostichoides Parsley Fern..... 11cm pot $12.00ea nov. (Cyatheaceae), Anatomically Preserved Tree Fern Sori from the Lower Cretaceous of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 25-35cm. Imagine a perfect fern with nice arching fronds and a bunch of cinnamon colored feather dusters in the center. Z9 (8). Polystichum setiferum `Divisilobum' Divided Soft Shield Fern Ht. At a young age it looks like a normal fern. Z4. ...............  $11.00ea. Shade to part sun. Ht. Dicksonia Antarctica, also known as the Tasmanian Tree Fern is a sought after evergreen tree fern native to Australia. Don’t fall under the misconception that all ferns look like the ones you see commonly in the forest;  the diversity of this genus will astound you! Native. Shade to part shade. Polystichum polyblepharum Tassel Fern............... 1gal  $11.00ea Woodwardia orientalis Oriental Chain Fern ............ 1gal $l2.00ea A fantastic maidenhair that is evergreen in most areas. Easy to grow in shade to sun. Ask us about our installation services. This Fern Tree Pot will be an eye-catching addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room. 20-45cm. 3-10Meters. Fern Creek Tree Farm, Langley. Podzols with evidence of seepage (often gleying) are typical and aid in differentiating the 06 from zonal sites. At any rate, both are very similar. Z5. Large fern for shade to part sun. New frond stalks are densely covered in golden brown scales. Great as a groundcover in the woodland garden. Dryopteris pseudo-filix-mas Mexican Male Fern 10cm pot $5.00ea A great evergreen fern with very stiff glossy green fronds. View on Vehicle Open in popup window View Wishlist Added to Wishlist CANVAS Potted Artificial Fig Tree, 26-in #059-2543-8 $49. Z5. 20-60cm. Ht. COVID-19 UPDATE WE ARE DELIVERING FRESH FLOWERS! Evergreen. Z3. Fertile fronds stand erect in the center of the clump and have a terminal panicle that turns golden brown. A local celebrity for growing palms on the island, Banana Joe, is well known for growing a wide range of exotica. ......................................................................... 1gal $11.00ea Ht. N.A.Native. .......................................................................2gal $20.00ea Native. Z3. Larger sizes at the nursery from ...................... $249.00 - $950.00 Slender trunk with dark, shiny, prickly, arching deep green fronds up to 2meters in length. Very easy to grow in shade to part sun. 20-50cm. Blechnum penna-marina............................... 10cm pot $5.00ea An adaptable fern that is happy in shade as well as in a part sun. In any case they are both similar, easy to grow ferns. Cyathea cranhamii sp. Evergreen. Ht. Vigorous, small fern with deep green, maidenhair fern-type foliage. Ht.15cm Z4. 60-150cm. 30-60cm. Essential Oils. Title statements of responsibility. Very nice dark green, stiffly erect fern. Robust and easy to grow fern in shade to part sun. Adiantum aleuticum        Western Maidenhair1                 1gal $11.00ea Ht. Wholesale Greenery in East Vancouver. Deciduous. Ht.60-120cm  Z4. Evergreen. The fronds are crispy with lightly crested pinnae and frond tips. New fronds are tinted a delightful yellow in the spring and quickly age to green.