The stage goes silent and dark, until suddenly the cries of the newborn baby are heard. Jenna makes pies to see what can come of her own ideas, even though her life right now is stifling and completely out of her control (“What’s Inside”). Jenna’s relationship with Dr. Pomatter, which has become apparent to many people, including Dr. Pomatter’s nurse and Joe, comes to a brief halt when Dr. Pomatter is out of town and does not show up to one of their appointments. Jenna decides not to tell him about the pregnancy, and finds solace in baking her eccentric and at times experimental pies. But just like her main character Jenna, once she saw her baby, she immediately fell in love! Attention turns to Dawn, who has never had a boyfriend before and has recently begun filling out an online dating profile. Jenna and Dr. Pomatter continue their affair over the next few weeks, as do Becky and Cal, and Dawn and Ogie’s relationship progresses as well (“Bad Idea (Reprise) Lyrics”). Based on the 2007 film of the same name, written by Adrienne Shelly, the musical tells the story of Jenna Hunterson, a waitress in an unhappy marriage to her husband Earl. Join the StageAgent community Jersey Boys 2016 Broadway Production Waitress the Musical - SYNOPSIS. The three. When he shows up to the next one, Jenna confronts him over their failure to communicate and considers if the whole affair is a mistake, but they both assure each other of their importance in a world where neither of them is truly valued (“You Matter To Me Lyrics”). She gives him the pie she had made specially for her old doctor, and while he initially rebuffs the offer, having cut sugar, he indulges himself in the pie when she leaves, clearly falling in love with the confection ("Pomatter Pie").Back at the diner, word has spread of Jenna’s pregnancy to Joe, the curmudgeonly owner of the diner as well as a difficult regular customer, and he suggests that she enter a local pie contest with a high reward. “WAITRESS is a little slice of heaven!” says Entertainment Weekly, and is “sweet, sassy and passionate,” according to New York Magazine. Welcome to WaitressWiki – an unofficial fan wiki dedicated to Waitress, the musical comedy. Still, she thanks him for the positive impact he had on her life during her pregnancy, and in lieu of a homemade pie, gives him a moon pie as a final gift. Earl leaves and takes the money (“Dear Baby Lyrics”). In fact, Sophie was the inspiration for the story. She is visited briefly in the hospital by Joe, who is about to have surgery in the same hospital, and who, knowing he is dying, gives her an envelope which he tells her to open once she has the baby. She recalls her late mother, who, like Jenna, was trapped in an unhappy marriage and escaped through baking with her daughter (“What Baking Can Do Lyrics”).Jenna goes in for a physical, where in the waiting room she is greeted and taunted by fellow pregnant women (“Club Knocked Up Lyrics”). Brooks Atkinson Theatre 256 West 47th Street (BTW Broadway and 8th Avenue), © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Waitress: A New Musical. Jenna is uncomfortable with this change, and bluntly tells Dr. Pomatter that she does not want her baby. | Partners She does so, but is irritated when he writes it off as a common symptom of early pregnancy, confronting him for calling her over before both of their typical work days over a minute detail. Pouring her heart into her pies, she crafts desserts that mirror her topsy-turvy life such as “The Key (Lime) to Happiness Pie” and “Betrayed By My Eggs Pie.” When a baking contest in a nearby county — and a satisfying encounter with someone new — show Jenna a chance at a fresh start, she must find the courage to seize it. 2016 Broadway Production Waitress the Musical - SYNOPSIS, Act IJenna is a waitress and expert pie baker at Joe’s Diner in the American South who often rationalizes tough situations by conceptualizing them as pie ingredients (“What’s Inside Lyrics”).