Here are some kitchen garden ideas and practical tips on how you can grow a herb garden right in your kitchen! ... For the beginner gardener, a convenient way to begin a garden is to plant … Here are five vegetables that can be grown from kitchen scraps. Just know that it loves plenty of sun, dislikes cold, drafty areas, and likes a moist soil. Basil really is one of the easiest herbs you can grow in your kitchen. Here are five vegetables that can be grown from kitchen scraps. If you have a south-facing kitchen window, this is the plant … If you have space constraints, consider growing them vertically in containers or small pots (as shown here). You spend tons of time there, so why not surround yourself with the calming effects of nature with kitchen plants? For the beginner gardener, an easy way to start that garden patch is to utilize what is already right there in your kitchen. Every room in your house deserves a splash of greenery, from bedroom plants to bathroom plants.Whether you opt for adorable succulent plants, cactus gardens, or indoor trees, you’ll find something to suit your taste.But don’t forget your kitchen! Tip: Label … Culinary herbs are used in so many different recipes from desserts to main dishes that it only makes sense to grow as many as you can… Your kitchen garden can include a wide variety of plants from tasty herbs to succulent vegetables and fruits. Coriander or cilantro, popularly known as dhania, is commonly used in many Indian dishes.This herb is very easy to grow if you are kitchen gardening, and the plants … You can grow an assortment of resilient herbs and plants in the kitchen. CORIANDER.