I love injeolmi and I've wanted to try it in Bingsu form for awhile. - Freezing technology at 35degree below zero, - ice making wigh wariety of liquid materials, - ice quality is maintained for a long time because ice, - Dual action with cooling water control switch, - A system to maintain the best ice quality, - sealed milk injection unit(no air contact), 5. Various menus that can be made in afternoon, Powerful ice making and workingabilitywith stand type, Basic Term : 14days after receipt of payment. ราคาสินค้า : ราคาพิเศษเพียง 95,500 บาท . - FTA form for USA, EU, Asean, India, China. model no. Prices & Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice. Bingsu are everything I thought they would be and more. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: H  |  For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries: ice shaver machine snow cones shaved icees. Q  |  | Suppliers Privacy Policy All rights reserved. | Batch processing from design through drawing and test to manufacturing with its affiliated research institude. Commercial Trolleys , Rack & Work Tabletop. Onetouch Taobao Global Taobao Global Alipay | Country Search - simple operation by direct discharge method wighout ice, 2. For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries. This is to enable a more accurate measurement since the ice produced comes out in a dry powdery form which lacks moisture content. Environ 23% sont des machines à glaçons, 4% des machines à glaçons et 3% desbroyeurs & rasoirs à glace. Biggest production line in bingsu industy. the ice flake machine 'afternoon' makes the best quality snowflakes. Taobao Global EC21 in Korean  | Chinese. Intellectual Property Protection Made for specialty dessert franchise stores, this machine is able to produce 700cc/min. It can handle 1 bowl within 1 minute (150 ~200g/1cup). Open type cleaning is available (top cover, water spout, the door of storage and drainage system) Bactericidal detergent can be used for cleaning (cleaning is available within 15 minutes, Sterilization ends! Copyright (c)1997-2020 EC21 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bingsu machine. "afternoon" 'after' stands 'after meals' or dessert. Commercial & Home Full Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Maker Machine, Business & Household Use Snow Cone Maker and Ice Crusher Machine With Food Grade Stainless Steel Dual Blades, 450Lbs/Hr, 110V/350W/1440RPM Shaved Ice Maker Machine With U.S. regulatory triangle plug. Usually sweet rice, brown rice, barley, soy beans, sorghum, black beans and Job’s tears are roasted and made into powder. C  |  Due to the busy operation schedule of our customers, the water-cooled models are able to offer greater reliability and peace of mind when it comes to serving their customers with the best quality of shaved ice.