Although I imagine they were probably a lot sweeter than this version. Muddle until watermelon is well juiced and basil is torn. Dip in Chili Sugar Rim mixture and move glass around to fully coat. , Watermelon Basil Margarita | Chili Sugar Rim, 16 Margarita Recipes to Try This Cinco de Mayo ». This post may contain affiliate links, where we earn from qualifying purchases. I made these for my birthday and everyone loved them. Watermelon Basil Margarita. Here, get our best grilling recipes for everything from fish and meat to pizza and oysters. The watermelon ice cubes were very cute though, used them in other drinks. I’ve had them in a couple summery cocktails recently, and it s definitely a great addition. One of the nice things is you can spice them up or down to taste. From BBQ chicken to the perfect grilled steak, here you'll find grilling recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious all summer long. It just takes like weird watermelon juice." Then try our go-to menu. Unlike a classic margarita, which includes simple syrup and an orange liqueur like triple sec, this watermelon margarita recipe uses 3 key ingredients: lime juice, tequila, and fresh watermelon. margarita, watermelon drink, watermelon margarita. Rub the top of a glass with a slice of lime and then dip in salt (or salt with a bit of chili powder) to form a salt rim. I'm Caroline and this is where I share recipes inspired by travels, places I want to go, or just ideas from feeding the family. In a cocktail shaker, add watermelon, basil and a few pieces of ice. Enter to Win $10,000 to Makeover Your Home! salt. vegetable. With a refreshing flavor, it’s got a kick of spice and a kick of alcohol. 1/2 cup Cointreau. Stir in watermelon juice and triple sec. What I’m sure we can agree on, however, is watermelon makes a tasty, refreshing twist on this classic cocktail that’s very much summer-ready. this website. If you want a salted rim: On a cutting board, make a small mound of salt/Tajín. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. In many locations, you can have wine, spirits and more delivered to your door with Drizly. ice cubes. Chill a cocktail glass. All can be made in 45 minutes or less. Keep everything from your countertops to your dining room chairs germ-free. Muddle until watermelon is well juiced and basil is torn. lime wedges. (No need to do this if you plan to shake a lot or want less spicy). To make watermelon juice, puree around 1 cup of watermelon chunks then strain through a relatively fine strainer to remove seeds and large pieces of pulp and you should get a little over the amount of juice needed for this. Just the thing to toast a summer afternoon or evening! 1-2 cups sugar. 1 cup of watermelon chunks will make 1/2 cup of watermelon juice; Honey simple syrup is made with 1 part honey and 2 parts water. Hosting fewer guests this holiday season due to the coronavirus pandemic? Snow Day Bolognese Sauce with Tagliatelle, One Pan Lemon Chicken Thighs and Wild Rice. First make your watermelon juice - see below. Cover, and freeze at least 1 hour (up to 2 days). This watermelon margarita has a little extra kick to it, and is really easy to make. Rub the rim of a glass with a slice of lime then dip in the salt-chili mixture to form a salt rim. Double strain using the cocktail tea strainer into the freshly rimmed glass. Cover and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. by Vianney Rodriguez. In a small bowl, combine sugar, chili powder and cayenne pepper. I used mint leaves instead of basil, and Patron as my silver tequila. Place watermelon cubes in glasses. I can’t remember for sure whether a watermelon margarita was in there, but it’s pretty likely. Spicy Watermelon Margarita. In a cocktail shaker, add watermelon, basil and a few pieces of ice. Rating: 3.17 stars 87 Ratings. Oh my goodness this was terrible. Serve garnished with basil. It doesn’t have a particularly strong flavor, of course, but it’s all refreshing and so good. Pour into the prepared glass, add ice if you like to chill further, and serve. 1/3 cup fresh lime juice. Rub the edge of the glass with a fresh lime wedge or lightly dip the glass in fresh lime juice. 7 1/2 pounds seedless watermelon, rind removed, fruit cut into 1-inch cubes, 3 ounces (1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons) triple sec. If you disagree, I won’t watch as you add a little simple syrup to your glass . This watermelon margarita takes just a couple minutes to make and is easy to scale up for a group. From which platforms to use and the best books to read, bibliophiles share their advice. In case you didn’t know by now, I’m not really one for overly sweet, and watermelon to me has plenty natural sweetness. There are so many delicious ways to use this hard-shell squash, from soups and salads to lasagna and pizza. Try these other tasty recipes with watermelon being shared for today’s Foodie Extravaganza: Filed Under: Cocktail Recipes, Drinks recipes, Summer Recipes Tagged With: chili, cocktail, tequila, watermelon, Welcome! Read More…. by Sweet Life . This watermelon margarita is made with 2 parts watermelon juice, 2 parts tequila, 1 … Jalepeños go really well with watermelon as well, so I decided when I was making this one to give it a little extra kick. 1 serrano sliced in half, seeds removed. All the essential dishes are here, just on a smaller scale. Watermelon-Basil Margaritas Watermelon-Basil Margaritas. When I lived in New York many years ago, there was a bar nearby that made some great fruity cocktails. Puree watermelon chunks in a blender then strain it to get watermelon juice. Start by carving out a designated work area in your space. « Blistered Padron peppers (pimientos de Padrón), Golfeados (Venezuelan cheese sticky buns) ». Strain into a glass. Add agave, triple sec, and lime juice and fill with ice. Using a cocktail shaker, mix 3/4 cup margarita with 1 cup ice. She said, "This doesn't taste like a margarita.