Budi is a baby orangutan that has been rescued by International Animal Rescue in Indonesia. He has a very long way to go on the road to recovery and we are appealing for donations towards his treatment and care.http://www.internationalanimalrescue.org/budi You can unsubscribe at any time. The ape has now been placed in an eight-week quarantine, but it is hoped he will soon join other orangutans at the IAR Indonesia's Orangutan Rescue and Conservation Centre in Sungai Awan, Ketapang. The six month old creature was later filmed happily gulping down fluids and food - and is now reported to be in good health. While the man in question claims he thought he was rescuing the animal, as it had been alone without its mother for a matter of hours, the conditions in which he housed it were an even bleaker picture. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. IAR Indonesia programme director, Karmele L Sanchez said: "The keeping of wild animals as pets should no longer happen. Contact her at [email protected], Dolly Parton Is Making A Christmas TV Special, Gemma Collins Reveals Incredible Vocals As She Teases Charity Christmas Single, Netflix Confirms Emily In Paris Is Returning For Season 2, Ducklings Become BFFs With Yorkshire Terrier Dog After Being Rescued From Slaughter, It Turns Out You've Been Pronouncing Emily In Paris Wrong This Whole Time, DFS Drop Wallace & Gromit Animated Christmas Advert And It's Just Too Cute, Harry Potter's Rupert Grint Joins Instagram To Share Snap Of New Baby And Reveal Her Unusual Name, Stylist's Toast Experiment Proves Just How Important Heat Protector Spray Is, BREAKING: Nicola Adams And Katya Jones Pull Out Of Strictly After Positive Coronavirus Test, M&S Is Now Selling A Percy Pig Celebration Cake. After being freed he was seen gulping water. The young ape, named Batis, was taken in by a man after being found on the edge of a forest in Borneo, Indonesia, and later shut away in a "dirty" wooden cage . This video shows vet Karmele feeding Budi from a bottle and vet Jaclyn weighing him.Our team of experts are working around the clock to monitor and treat Budi. A baby orangutan was filmed crying as it was let free from its cage after three months in captivity. He was fed white rice, papaya and sugar cane. The cage Batis was shut in was only 80cm by 50cm, and he wasn't let out for a whole 12 weeks. On arrival at IAR's orangutan rescue centre Budi's condition was extremely critical, and he was too frail to move or sit up on his own. “It is time to stop keeping wild animals captive, [they] should stay in the forest. An orphaned baby orangutan found crying like a baby and alone in a rainforest in Borneo has been rescued. Last updated 2:20 PM, Friday April 24 2020 GMT+1. Devastatingly, as rescuers came across him in the cage and took him in to safety, the little orangutan can be seen wailing, and clinging on to the animal rescuers for dear life. The young ape, named Batis, was taken in by a man after being found on the edge of a forest in Borneo, Indonesia, and later shut away in a "dirty" wooden cage . A baby orangutan clutches the bars of his tiny, filthy cage as rescuers prepare to free him. Six-month-old Batis was held by a man who claimed he found him alone on the edge of the forest where he was working, (Image: International Animal Rescue/SWNS), When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.