When it gets dirty (which is often) I take the cushions out and throw the cover into the washing machine and then dryer. Required fields are marked *. Find expertly crafted kids and baby furniture, decor and accessories, including a variety of anywhere chair insert. My first impression was that there was no way this would work but once it was together and after a few weeks of usage, I haven’t had any problems with losing shape. Thanks! I’ve always been a huge fan of PBK because they make amazing quality items that kids can actually use without the fear of breaking it. Which yes, that’s a good thing so you don’t see this huge zipper but when I’m putting the chair together all I can do was scream at the fur since it kept getting stuck in the zipper. Until what age do they last, approximately? I say they are worth it bc she sits in the chair everyday and takes her naps on the fold out sofa everyday. . Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair Spider-man for sale, good condition. I'm trying to decide if the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair is worth the money for DD. I love Pottery barn and this Sherpa chair looks so comfy. Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. So what would you do if you were in my situation? This is an awesome chair. I really like this one since you can wash the parts. She did mean the anywhere chair. Start by selecting which of these best describes you! They are cute chairs, and if you have the money to blow then sure, go for it. Pink slipcover with gold hearts, has marks on it that will likely come off when washed, hence the low price. Both my kids have one with their names on them. I would love to have the pink Sherpa chair for my lil grand daughter! He still likes to sit on the couch with us at times but I definitely feel like we've gotten good use out of the Land of Nod chair. You have 3 options for your Anywhere Chair – My First, Regular, and Over-Sized. I love Pottery Barn–it is a little expensive, but you're totally right, the quality is worth it. I know this picture is fuzzy, but I snapped it the other day when they were all watching TV together..including the dog. It's a chair and a climbing apparatus. I am so glad you posted Charlotte in the chair too, I’ve been trying to get an idea of how a taller/older child would fit in it. My daughter loves sitting in our full size rocking chair and in facts sits herself in between the boppy pillow. Love those chairs…wish I could afford three for my crew! You can find them here. Those chairs a great! Our furniture, home decor and accessories collections feature anywhere chair in quality materials and classic styles. But, he also sits in our regular chairs and on our couches so if we hadn't gotten a gift, we wouldn't have bought him his own chair. I have had several people ask me in the past year and a half what I thought about Pottery Barn Kid’s Anywhere chair. This is what I was thinking. I wish I could have their names added so there is no fighting over what chair belongs to whom. Do you swear by this chair or recommend another kind? Great condition. Here’s my review almost two years later and with a lot of living in. Children Photography Photo Credit: Heather Barta Photography. ⭐️✨All 3 Chair Covers, $75 ✨Designer Knit Mermaid ... Used selling for 35 Or best offer DETAILS THAT MATTER Slipcover is woven from durable cotton-canvas. For her 1st birthday we want to get her a baby/kid chair. Other than the struggling to put it on, it looks like a good size and so squishily wonderful! Pottery Barn Kids definitely didn’t disappoint me because these chairs are fabulous. (yeah, that's kind of the whole point, but still! Feel free to contact me here, I love hearing from you!