Many sellers take this chance to sell their prized plants at GDO. Island Landscape & Nursery Pte Ltd, 3 Joan Road, Singapore 298897. The shop is situated at 17 Joan Road, near the Thomson Road cluster of nurseries. World Farm - also known as Hua Hng Trading - is one of the largest nurseries I've personally been to. Judging from that (and their name, obviously), I'm guessing that they cater to the garden crowd. Delivery fees range from $20 to $25 depending on which area products are dispatched to, and delivery is free for purchases above $150, below 30kg. If you are okay with receiving bare root plants in the mail sent from Indonesia, as some plant enthusiasts are, you may wish to try ordering your exotic plants from Sindo. Be quick because their plants are snapped up fast. In addition to activities like edible garden tour and homegrown vegetables workshops for all ages, there’s also be a gardening bazaar where you can shop for various gardening products and plants. #OKcan. We also provide turf nursery and other plant and gardening materials. But all that changed the moment I got my own home. I went back a second time and tried to buy one more - because addicted already - and this time, boss lady was in. It's possibly the most well known nursery in Singapore, and for good reason. 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183 Mon-Sun: 8am-7.30pm | Tel: +65 6256 6788 Potta Plantta has a well curated store of ornamental plants, pots and gardening accessories at their store located at 55 Lor L Telok Kurau . For our latest opening days, do check out our Instagram or Facebook profile. Image credit: @platinum.flora. Whether you’ve got a green thumb or not, here are nine hearty plants that will thrive with very little attention, especially in Singapore’s tropical weather. Tumbleweed’s Without acknowledging us. It's also quite ulu - World Farm is located off Sembawang Road; the nearest MRT is Khatib. Do check their Instagram page for plants for sale and reach out to Leo for any requests. Opening hours: 8.30am to 6.30pm, daily. If you’ve ever been to the gift shop nearest to the entrance of Gardens by the Bay, you would have been greeted with lots of beautiful plants at the store front. Here, you will find Kokedamas, Bonsais, Caudex plants, foliage plants, terrariums and pots. Opening hours: 8am to 6pm on Mon to Sat, 9am to 1pm on Sun. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. on show, it is difficult to leave empty handed. Join me on my journey to self sufficiency! HUA HNG TRADING CO PTE LTD. WORLD FARM CO (PTE) LTD. 15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962. I found this gem of a nursery when my sister was on the hunt for air plants and was pleasantly surprised to find that they're quite affordably priced. You can find orchids at most nurseries, but at Toh Garden, you'll have more to choose from, and they're usually priced slightly below the market rate. Tumbleweed Plants for indoor plants and plant design in Singapore. Plants make great gifts that can be enjoyed for a long time. I’ll also recommend Greenspace ( to your list, I tried getting some potted plants from them before and it turned out great. Love our national flower? Plant nursery in Singapore : Price range: World Farm (Hua Hng Trading) $ Cheng Tai Nursery $ Toh Garden $ to $$ Sing See Soon $$ Spa Flora $$ Far East Flora $$ to $$$ Candy Floriculture $$$ Tucked away in a shophouse at 32A Sago Street in Chinatown is Little Big Garden, a modest little store packed with a lovely range of ornamental plants and pots. Before moving into my own home, I never had any prominent interest in plants. The plant assortment at the Greenhouse is more than what we can upload on this online shop. The plants come in attractive pots, and pots can be purchased separately, with some made locally. Visit their Instagram and Facebook pages to see what is on offer, or message them to find out if they have the plants on your wishlist. If you're into huge plants (for your garden, perhaps), head to Hawaii Landscape. They are one of the most affordable of the nurseries that specialise in bonsais, with tabletop trees going for as cheap as $20 to $30. An import permit issued by NParks You must also fulfil NParks’ specified plant health requirements, which include post-entry inspection, quarantine, and sampling. Address: 51 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 698 997 We’re in this together, and we’ve got your back. But that's to be expected of a one-stop shop, right? I recently bought an imported variegated monstera borsigiana for $150, which is shockingly expensive. ALSO READ: Have a techy Christmas: Gadget gift ideas for the houseplant lovers in your life. ALSO READ: Green up your home with these awesome indoor plants. If you're a rare plant collector, you'll have better luck at the monthly Gardener's Day Out, organised by NParks. Other than retail, We also offer a wide range of professional landscaping and nursery business that serve a … Address: 11 Lor Pasu, Singapore 699 191 Visit their website to browse the range. But while their prices are more affordable than most, World Farm carries pretty common plants. Address: 565 Thomson Road, Singapore 298 184 This one needs little introduction - if you've driven past Thomson Road, you would have seen Far East Flora's huge signage. We deliver to your doorstep FREE … Opening hours: 8am to 6pm on Mon to Sat, 8am to 3pm on Sun. Address: 567 Thomson Rd, Singapore 298 183 Image credit: @pick.a.plant. - but if you prefer to cart out, try Noah Garden Centre. These include water indicators, plant stands, well-draining soil mix and macramé plant hangers. Our plants are brought in from carefully selected growers – we love to support local growers whether in Singapore or in and around the region. Other shops and boutiques you can check out include Green Fingers, Burbotanicals, Floora, Fittonia Mania, The Pot Dealers SG, Toh Garden, Green Chapter. Toh Garden has a website which lists their flowers and prices, so you can check the prices before going down. This article was first published in MoneySmart. Inside, you will find more gorgeous plants, and pots. If you want to take your gardening skills to the next level, Song Lang Garden has got you covered. Opening hours: 8.30am to 7pm, daily. Opening hours: 8am to 7.30pm, daily. : 201815023K, Green up your home with these awesome indoor plants, 8 indoor plants with amazing benefits to help you sleep better at night, 8 lucky plants for CNY and how much they cost, Have a techy Christmas: Gadget gift ideas for the houseplant lovers in your life, Indoor plants for cleaner air, less stress at home or at work. To relieve dry skin or throat irritation due… This is not an exhaustive list and I will continue to add to this as time goes by. Malaysia's online garden shop selling fertilisers, plant food, seeds, soil, planter box, pest control & outdoor living products. Slightly more accessible on the list is Candy Floriculture, which is just a five … For those looking to add to their plant collection and are wondering where to buy plants online in Singapore, here are a handful of boutiques, nurseries and private collectors you can purchase edible plants, house plants, ornamental plants and exotic plants from. During my trip there, I noticed that even their potted plants are quite big. I personally find Goodwood slightly more affordable, with more "green" plants. Candy Floriculture. Delivery is free for purchases over $5. Browse their website for their lovely products. Learn how your comment data is processed. With our own fleet of delivery trucks, we are now able to bring you the plants you shop online to your home A phytosanitary certificate issued by the exporting country 2. Along with a few other nurseries, Sing See Soon is located at Punggol East, near the hip cafes like Whisk & Paddle at Tebing Lane. And it seems that I'm not the only one - almost all my newly wedded friends are obsessing over decorating their cribs with ornamental plants. Contrary to popular drivers-by belief - yes, it isn't just Far East Flora there. 50 Choa Chu Kang Track 14 Singapore 698940. I personally prefer the experience of handpicking my plants - I want to make sure they don't have pests and the leaves are in good shape! watering cans, beautifully decorated plant pots, and stylish plant stands. Located at Millennia Walk, Love in a Bottle sells exotic plants, cacti and succulents, seeds, pots and all the things you need to build a terrarium. This plant nursery is dedicated to air plants but also sells … Delivery costs between $8 and $15, free delivery is not available for the duration of the Circuit Breaker. Song Lang Garden. 1. Visit their website to view the range, delivery costs $10. (C) 2020 The Tender Gardener. Address: 32 Punggol E, Singapore 828 824 & 5 Simei Lane Island Landscape & Nursery Pte Ltd, 3 Joan Road, Singapore 298897. Ready to invest in bigger plants for the house? Online orders are available upon request, delivery costs $10. Know of other places to buy plants online in Singapore? Same day delivery is available, delivery costs $10 but is free when you spent $99 and above. A Tilly A Day. Upcoming workshops on Kokedama and Edible Flowers at Plain Vanilla Bakery, Garden Stories: Ong Chun Yeow, the Community Rooftop Farmer. One of the helpful workers brought us to Candy to ask for a discount, and instead of politely declining, she actually scolded the worker for asking. Green thumbs are not required, our Plantplus series house only the best indoor plants and each planter is equipped with a self watering system to monitor and provide the right amount of water your plants need. Cool plants, stylish planters and pots, stands, macrame hanging displays and workshops We welcome you to drop by and visit the plants. In primary school, my green bean never germinated, and I picked the "young zoologist" badge over the "young botanist" one. Sandy’s collection includes Begonias, Philodendrons, Alocasias, Caladiums, Tillandsia and carnivorous plants, among others. Spa Flora is on the far left of the Thomson stretch, while Candy Floriculture is on the far right. Their products are extremely popular and sell out quickly, check their website regularly to see what they have available. The 3 Keys. The shop is situated at 17 Joan Road, near the Thomson Road cluster of nurseries. which are to be watered daily for a lovely view of your garden. Some plant enthusiasts call this a "bonsai heaven", and it sure seems like it. The prices are decent, and if you get more than one plant, you can try your luck bargaining. If you are after exotic or rare plants, you'd be hard pressed to find them here. Love your informative guide on where to buy plants online in Singapore. In addition to activities (like edible garden tour and harvesting) and workshops (like homegrown vegetables) for all ages, there will also be a gardening bazaar where you can shop for various gardening products and plants. They also carry a range of pots, planters, plant stands and other products. Delivery cost between $6 and $10 depending on your location. Tel: (65) 9450 0527 (65) 8133 6803 Email: [email protected]. Choose from our collection of indoor and outdoor plants that you can buy for your home or rent for office settings and special events. Available here are Haw’s I find that BLG Nursery (the leftmost one) is cheaper, but Sing See Soon is the biggest of the few nurseries along that stretch, and seems to have the widest variety of plants. You can buy plants in Singapore for Mother’s Day. Spa Flora is located furthest west of the famous "Far East Flora stretch" in Thomson. I have friends who've bought from them and the plants all came healthy and with a reasonable price tag. If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. Far East sells a lot of flowers, potted or fresh-cut. Shop the collection on their website, if you have any enquiries, drop Fendi a message on Instagram or the email address listed on his site. You can also try Carousell but remember to compare prices to make sure you are getting a fair deal. Visit us today! I'm no bonsai expert, but according to forums, shoppers have found beautiful shui mei bonsais (that would cost over $1,000 elsewhere) selling for just $300+.