The prevalence of Turner syndrome is widely reported as being approximately one per 2,500 live female births, although researchers have reported prevalence rates that range from one in 3,125 to one in 5,000 live female births. John Crawfurd, in the Dissertation to his Dictionary of the Malay Language, published in 1840, noted the prevalence of Malayan terms in the Polynesian languages, and attributed the fact to the casting away of ships manned by Malays upon the islands of the Polynesian Archipelago. Obesity was defined as a BMI of ≥30 kg/m2, and overweight was defined as a BMI between 25 and 29.9. seq.) This prevalence gives adoption agencies a more open-minded approach toward single parent adoptions. Owing to its high altitude, north-western Mongolia is very cold, and the severity of the winter is intensified by the prevalence of cold but dry north-western winds. The most characteristic feature of this region is the prevalence of coniferous trees, which, where they have not been artificially kept down, form vast forests that cover a large part of the surface. They do not represent the opinions of Very little light has been thrown on the conditions which favour the prevalence of plague. Both prevalence, as well as incidence, have significance for doctors and scientists and they analyze the figures of both to decide … Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources. Veena. The sample size was calculated using Lorenz’s formula (StatCalc of EPI Info software). In this way we must explain the great prevalence of the Latin language. How to say prevalence in sign language? This explanation of the decline is supported by the almost unanimous opinion of the medical profession in the countries in question, and substantial evidence can be found everywhere of the extensive prevalence of the doctrine and practice of what has been termed, in further derogation of the repute of the "much misrepresented Malthus," Neomalthusianism. Owing to the prevalence of malaria there, few Europeans live at the town, and trade is almost entirely in the hands of Banyans. Risk factors for diabetes among prisoners included detention variables such as the sentence for a major or minor crime and classical CVRFs such as sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, smoking, and obesity. For example, as children, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have the lowest prevalence of being overweight, but once they reach adolescence, the reverse is true. The prevalence of animals, or of godanimals, in myths of the stealing of water, soma and fire, is very remarkable. During the prevalence of the north and north-west winds the surface level of the northern part of the Red Sea is depressed by as much as 2 ft. Owing to the prevalence of moist west and south-west winds the climate of Finland is less severe than it is farther east in corresponding latitudes. Population classification by age and mean plasma glucose. The zoology of Australia and Tasmania presents a very conspicuous point of difference from that of other regions of the globe, in the prevalence of non-placental mammalia. Prevalence of HSV-2 in adolescents and young adults varies by the demographic and behavioral characteristics of the populations studied as well as the diagnostic methods used. Due to the high prevalence of diabetes among this group of prisoners, there is a need to implement preventive strategies for diabetes in prison. 24. Overall prevalence is approximately one to two percent of the general population. Meng, A. Diamant, J. Jones et al., “Racial and ethnic disparities in diabetes care and impact of vendor-based disease management programs,”, World Health Organization, “Global status report on non-communicable diseases 2014,”, J. C. N. Mbanya, A. ATT, SRSN, AJM, and JB were involved in data analysis and interpretation. 24. It can be involved in the onset of diabetes or completely decompensate a well-controlled disease. A nonextensible measuring tape graduated in centimeters was used for the measurement. Marcion's reaction, too, against the Judaic temper in the Church as a whole, in the interests of an extravagant Paulinism, while it suggests that Paul's doctrines of grace generally were inadequately realized in the sub-apostolic age, points also to the prevalence of such moralism in particular. Fasting capillary blood sugar was measured using a OneTouch® brand glucometer. Abstract We investigate the effects of fiscal transparency and political polarization on the prevalence of electoral cycles in fiscal balance. There was little variation in the prevalence of smoking among those aged 16 to 19 years. The prevalence of the dark English elms, first introduced into the country and planted here by order of Philip II. It is impossible to give more than approximately accurate statistics of the resultant depopulation of Portugal; but it seems probable that the inhabitants of the kingdom decreased from about 1,800,000 or 2,000,000 in 1500 to The Slave thus discredited; the peasants sold their farms and p emigrated or flocked to the towns; and small holdings were merged into vast estates, unscientifically cultivated by slaves and comparable with the latifundia which caused so many agrarian evils during the last two centuries of the Roman republic. Australian. ATT and SRSN were involved in data collection. As we carried out this study in only one prison of Cameroon and an urban area, the findings could not be extrapolated to others. All Rights Reserved. and the description of Ezra's horror at the prevalence of intermarriage, which J, threatened to destroy the distinctive character of the community, sufficiently indicates the attitude of the stricter party. The editor wrote me that my manuscript was well-written. the speed or frequency with which an event or circumstance occurs per unit of time, population, or other standard of comparison. The second passage was useful for collecting and confirming an inmate’s information. The decadence of agriculture partly explains the prevalence of famine at a time when Portuguese maritime commerce was most prosperous. The increase of many animals in size (becoming twice as large as in Europe); the appearance of white varieties among both mammals and birds, and their great prevalence among domesticated animals (Yakut horses); the migrations of birds and mammals over immense regions, from the Central Asian steppes to the arctic coast, not only in the usual rotation of the seasons but also as a result of occasional climacteric conditions are not yet fully understood (e.g. Given the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents, it is important for parents to encourage regular exercise and also serve as role models by exercising themselves. Sign up here as a reviewer to help fast-track new submissions. Two studies reflect prevalence figures that can be helpful counseling families and determining who to screen for beta thalassemia. trend in smoking prevalence in men or women in the region. Many people with suspected LGMD have probably been misdiagnosed in the past; therefore, the prevalence of the disease is difficult to estimate. Words popularity by usage frequency. The prevalence of south-west winds during nine months of the year and of north-west during three (April - June) has a strong influence on the temperature and rainfall, tides, river mouths and outlets, and also, geologically, on dunes and sand drifts, and on fens and the accumulation of clay on the coast. L., et al. The main cardiovascular risk factors were a sedentary lifestyle (91.1%), hypertension (39.6%), smoking (31.6%), and alcohol consumption (28.1%). Pt. Diabetes prevalence also seems to be increased in particular groups: patients with stroke (12.8%) and patients with end-stage renal disease (15.9%) [26, 27]. Although the prison was initially built for 800 prisoners, the carceral population has been evaluated at 4859 inmates in July 2017. But a variety of causes set back the development of the city, notably the prevalence of plague and cholera due to the silting up of the creeks that divided its component islands; and it was not till after the amalgamation of the old and new companies in 1708 that the governor's seat was transferred from Surat to Bombay. On the basis of a crude comparison it appears that the, 24. The prevalence of deficiency in production of the lactase enzyme, therefore, varies among different ethnic groups. The authors declare that they have no competing interest. This study represents the first published data analysis of diabetes in a specific population of inmates in Africa. - Ploucquet, Commentarius Medicus in processus criminales super homicidio et infanticidio, eec. In 1674 hostility between Holland and England ceased, but the position was radically unsatisfactory owing to the prevalence of piracy, from which both England and other nations suffered heavily. This cross-sectional study is aimed at assessing the prevalence of diabetes and the associated risk factors among a group of prisoners in a sub-Saharan African setting. In Tuscany, however, the prevalence of mezzadria, properly so called, has raised the laborers position. In both generations, the prevalence of asthma was higher in those who reported hay fever (atopic asthma ). evidence for the prevalence of human sacrifice has as yet been found in those lands (A. Setting : Three young offenders' institutions and 13 adult men's prisons. Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate these synonyms: prevalence. Sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, smoking, and alcohol consumption were the main CVRFs in this population. Medical Author: William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR; Prevalence: The proportion of individuals in a population having a disease or characteristic. This said, one of the peculiarities of late colonial Brazil was the prevalence of the institution of slavery. Power of statistical tests and prevalence in the literature. Hypertension (), obesity (), smoking (), and sedentary lifestyle () were associated with diabetes (Figure 3). This also means increasing the number of caregivers and making health promotion among prisoners. This condition can reveal or disturb the disease [31]. This involved not only the increased prevalence of motion controls, but also the advent of Mii creation. He could defend many institutions better than any philosopher, because, in describing them as they concerned him, he gave the true reason for their prevalence, and speculation had not suggested to him any other. B., et al. Among detention variables, only major crime () and minor crime () were associated with diabetes. Iron deficiency anemia, as evidenced by a high, 18. Brucellosis has also been reported in many other parts of Africa [ 26- 32], although detailed information on its prevalence is still lacking for most countries [ 2]. The burden of his epistle, then, is, "Let us become ' His reference to the wide prevalence of circumcision beyond Israel (ix. In 1865 he published Primitive Marriage, in which, arguing from the prevalence of the symbolical form of capture in the marriage ceremonies of primitive races, he developed an intelligible picture of the growth of the marriage relation and of systems of kinship (see Family) according to natural laws. The average of the two measurements obtained in each arm was taken as the patient’s blood pressure. 24 (58.5%) diabetic inmates were also hypertensive. It differs considerably from the other members of the Sundanese group both in the direction of its main axis and in the prevalence of old rocks and slighter volcanic character.