Use propriety in a sentence? Their sense of social propriety is eroded: 5. 73+2 sentence examples: 1. How to use propriety in a sentence. propriety in a sentence - Use "propriety" in a sentence 1. Servants and artists, and splendour of habitation and retinue, have all their use, He should not be compelled to give his opinion as to the, Their hats scarcely trembled, such was the, The last point of good-breeding, to be noticed, refers to the conventional rules of, There is no more important duty, devolving upon a mother, than the cultivation of habits of modesty and, I paid her many attentions, from the mere promptings of my affection, not because of the, Not only is Swansea the seat of the copper trade of this country, but it may with equal, Three weeks ago I had a letter from my brother, apprising me of what had been said, and pressing on me the, He still maintained, for he had a very strong sense of, To the fine-spun mind of that time the character of the Jewish ephod was thought to settle the, Harriette was in hysterics: we talked of an elopement, and discussed the, Indeed, he might have been thought deficient in a sense of the ludicrous, had he not by the unvarying, Perhaps, however, it would come with more. A Cabinet may with Propriety enough contain little Ornaments. But the point made is that, at some stage in life, propriety must supersede convenience. Though by all outward appearances a woman of propriety she had a penchant for mischief, In her acceptance she broke the code of propriety went beyond the established manners in a light encounter, A number of authoritative scholars seriously question the, The director insisted that there was no question as to the, Easier to detect was a sense of chivalry and, Religions classically struggle with this same divided consciousness about order and chaos balance and exuberance, They or at least the Quakers who lived in our town had become paragons of, A case can be made for both its constitutional, He stopped wearing the pins last year after press inquiries were made concerning the, The swinging mannered flights of the great stairway impelled an obedience to, Circumcision is a way of protecting propriety, morality, and marriageability. Are Charles and I really so susceptible to propriety to the conventional? 58 people chose this as the best definition of propriety: Peculiar or proper nature See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. [15th-20th c.] | (obsolete) A characteristic; an attribute. Nothing could exceed the stately propriety of the ball. But the point made is that, at some stage in life, Her speech was not frivolous nor her words presumptuous but in every way she behaved with utmost, Imagine how that set of policies, from this prissy pillar of property and, Girls from respectable families follow a clear code of conduct adhering to, A polite, courteous, almost lavender man, he seems the model of bourgeois, Questioning the legitimacy or constitutional, He has declared that he does not care to accept the, They court according to an intricate and stylised code of formality and, It is a symptom of the age in which we live that even bastions of, Obscure academics will trundle out to obfuscate the finer points of constitutional and ecclesiastical, In general, one must consult with his Rav concerning the Halachic, This is the period when we built up the institutions of democratic government and tried to act according to certain norms of, In adopting this stance one concedes that the rightness or, The workers' mischievous behavior deeply offended the General Motors umpire's middle-class sense of, In advising Edward VIII against a morganatic marriage to Mrs Simpson he acted with the utmost constitutional, Of course, in the company of others, Angharad rode side-saddle, for she'd had to accustom her horse to it for, The men, either out of resentment or a sense of, Two consecutive tribrachs cannot be uttered with, And then, with some embarrassment and sheepishness and a new sense of, Faber's first novel tears away protective layers of, As you may have twigged, there is a strong sense of, Other positive characteristics of the Saturnian type are what may be termed the good old-fashioned values of courtesy, decorum, and, For many readers, this moment of unexpected sexual explicitness drives the general grittiness of Horace's satire beyond the pale of, In our opinion, she was simply seeking to provide support and assurance to her friend Carole, and acted with complete, Were they concerned by Graham's less than lily-white reputation when it comes to financial, No challenge of any kind is made to the lawfulness or, He became agony uncle to thousands of boys who sought his advice on broken voices, bad breath, and the, And the Parisian press, undaunted by a U.S. sense of, So much so, that there will be no equivocations or amphibolies, and everything which will be said intelligibly in that language will be said with, The commission will also vet all nominations for life peers, including those made by the political parties, for the highest standards of, He had no reason to question his doctor about the, He expects his readers to behave with perfect, Uncertainties about the best way to provide for such patients, and indeed questions about the, Many Asian cultural traditions place emphasis on, I want to raise a question about the constitutional, Girls and women were shy and had a sense of modesty and, Presidents and potential presidents have often been accused of crossing some line of, In an interview this week, Egeland strongly defended the, As an athlete, he violated the codes of modesty and, The Weather Underground, while we certainly crossed lines of, A solicitor acting on his own behalf has an even higher duty to behave with the utmost, As in the Maurice Debate, his sense of political tactics was, in Jenkins' view, overcome by his sense of Parliamentary, The press is overstepping in every direction the obvious bounds of, Notably, Hooker affirmed that the power and, I find such a pleasure, sir, in obeying your commands, that I take care to observe them without ever debating their, Tave argued that the play Lover's Vows is a test of the character's commitment to, Among the most detailed and thoughtful analyses of the, The great inconvenience and disturbance that must necessarily grow upon an indistinction of, Darcy, and he accuses her family of wanting, Martineau, then 27 years old, stepped out of the traditional roles of feminine, The Commission also scrutinises party recommendations for working peerages to ensure, We have always been conscientiously attached to what is called the Tory, and which might with more, Tattoos, in particular, are not the radical brandings, the bold violations of flesh and, Not only were its central personages the patterns of, Out of context, Liguori's comments could be seen as Mariolatrous, since doctrine states that the only one who can save in, In the convention there does not seem to have been much diversity of opinion on the subject of the, If they be led by virtue, and uniformity sought to be given them by the rules of, Some reviewers, though, notably John Wilson Croker for the Quarterly Review, expressed reservations about the, Another possibility is that liberal education dates back to the Zhou Dynasty, where the teachings of Confucianism focused on, In intussusception not relieved by medical means the, He had his doubts, as well he might, about the, This remark had reference to a long-standing dispute as to the, They justly blame also his inobservance of, These birds are of the plover family, and might with, It was a penetrating concord of inarticulately pleading, accusing sounds, accompanied by gestures of the most exquisite, But if hostilities are happily averted, with what, She brought the coffee and the bacon with a sedateness that, He helps the actors on the stage at a dead lift, and enables them to go forward with spirit and, The operations performed on females are obviously dictated by considerations of convenience or, It is necessary, therefore, to leave to the judgment of the classifier the, Cilla reproached her cousin with utter absence of any sense of, But, as it is also one of his most Sternian exercises, the, Now, Ion, will the charioteer or the physician be the better judge of the, Insane Dervishes and Santons meditate the, It is difficult to say common things with, The next day, on apprising Lincoln of my determination, he questioned its, The doctrine of the sage is clearly expressed in the analects, and amounts only to courtesy and, What an amount of infantile aberrations from, Blanche's delight expressed itself in the form of two unblushing outrages on, I quite agree, under all circumstances, with the, In a word, to comport oneself with perfect, But the reception they got departed from tradition and, And all the infant paupers might have chorussed the rejoinder with great, On a certain warm day in summer Rebecca's thirst exceeded the bounds of, It not only shocked their established notions of, Bazin wore his dress, it may be observed, with equal dignity and saintly, David had contended, and the novelty of the circumstance held him silent, in deliberation on the, If you have never seen that sight, then suspend your decision about the, I was strongly tempted, but I could not go there with, There would, in fact, be an insuperable difficulty in ascertaining when force could with, I venture to add, that the particular nature of the power of making treaties indicates a peculiar, Still her conscience was so tender that she even doubted the.