Philadelphia, PA: Lea & Febiger, 1988. I work out too much and do not do enough to recover but is their anything I can do to recover? The seeds contain 8 to 10 percent of a cardioactive glycoside mixture, K-strophanthin, and about 3O percent of fixed oil. The one in October of 2016 had a calcium score of 40. The body, using its robust capillary network, has done its own bypass, and the heart is protected. Of course, we highly recommend restoring mitochondrial function and cellular energy levels with mitochondrial-targeted therapeutic agents like MitoQ to completely restore the heart into its full vibrant state! Strophanthus is an herb. Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for... “Hardening of the arteries” (arteriosclerosis). His BNP had dropped to 492, CRP to 12.6, Bili to 1.9, Alk phase to 181 and d-dimer to 0.67. Strophanthus seeds are used to make medicine. Would Stroph reducing lactic acid have any benefit on muscle soreness or is their an entire different course of treatment I should be looking at for muscle recovery? Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6. Low potassium levels can also affect the heart and increase the risk of side effects from strophanthus. The Wizard Of Essential Oils Strikes Again: The Hidden & Magical World Of Little-Known Plant Extracts For Digestion, Relaxation, Libido, Immunity & Much More! Have a question about lactic acid/doms (delayed onset muscle soreness). vitamins, herbs, dietary supplements a-z list. The patient feels excellent and says, “I felt my heart moving differently” shortly after starting the strophanthus. Strophanthus also seems to affect the heart. And yet the prescription of statin drugs was in the first place for a completely innocuous condition of high cholesterol – when one should look at precise ratios, particle size, and amount of oxidised cholesterol – through methods such as subfractionation lipid panels. So, I have been careful to watch my diet and lifestyle.About a year ago, I began having left-sided chest and arm pain — only at night, in bed. With the conversion of lactic acid into a nutrient for the heart cells, the cycle of pain and subsequent necrosis of the myocardial tissue is broken. Despite serious safety concerns, people take strophanthus for “hardening of the arteries” (arteriosclerosis), heart problems, and high blood pressure. After having blood drawn almost monthly for two years with constant adjustment in his regimen, and hobbled from physical activity, Bruce now has his life back with optimism about the future. Best, TC. The extract possesses antimicrobial, wound-healing, antioxidant, analgesic, and anticarcinogenic properties. "Water pills" can decrease potassium in the body. Velocity and atrial flutter turned to atrial fibrillation and shortened the effective refractory period of Purkinje's fibers. Since I met him two years ago, I have always looked to Dr. Cowan as a very intelligent, ethical and unbiased source of medical advice, and I'd highly recommend that if you or someone you know is struggling with heart disease or has a high risk of it, you reach out to Dr. Cowan about this unconventional healing modality. What other names is Strophanthus known by? Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for... Vitamin D Deficiency: How Much Vitamin D Is Enough? (detailed description of each of the ratings). You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. And in that period, which was twice the length as the previous, no miners died after the onset of symptoms. Apart from such results reported from a clinical setting, perhaps a great evidential support for Strophanthus would be the cases that occurred in a German coal mine. Unlike intravenous administration of Ouabain which increases cardiac inotropy that we don’t want, oral consumption of G-Strophanthin at lower concentrations did not cause this problem.