Then Odysseus purged the hall, the yard and the whole palace thoroughly. © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. Now Agelaus, Damastor’s son, Eurynomus and Amphimedon, Demoptolemus, Peisander, Polyctor’s son, and wise Polybus rallied the Suitors, being the best and bravest still alive, and it was their lives they fought for. Odysseus was stained like that from head to foot. But of course it is heavily guarded, so you need to sneak in and gather everything. In his search for Alkon's father, Alexios visited the adamant quarry, as it was the last place he was seen alive. It was then that Athene, daughter of Zeus, appeared, with Mentor’s voice and looks. After this, I fought the final battle. Now you can choose to stand and fight or run, if you think a single one of you can cheat death and fate. For that you will not escape a sorry death.’. They clasped his head and shoulders and hands, and kissed them in loving welcome, so that a sweet desire to weep seized him, because he remembered them all in his heart. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. So saying, he took a cable from a dark-prowed ship, tied it to a tall pillar, high-up, and noosed it over the round house, so that their feet would not reach the ground. The final act of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is here. You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. No, dear friend, come take your stand by my side, and watch how I behave, so you know how Mentor, Alcimus’ son, repays past kindness in the heart of the enemy ranks.’. Then they turned on Odysseus angrily: ‘Stranger you’ll pay for choosing a man as your target: no more contests for you, your time is up. Then they fastened a coil of rope to his body and hoisted him up by a roof-beam to the top of a tall pillar. With this he grasped the sword in his strong hand that Agelaus had dropped on the ground nearby as he fell, and struck Leodes hard on the neck, so that while he was still trying to speak his head bit the dust. But let me run to the shining room above, and carry the news to your wife, whom some god has lulled to sleep.’, But resourceful Odysseus replied: ‘Don’t wake her yet. So saying, he aimed a deadly shaft at Antinous, who was handling a fine golden two-handled cup, about to raise it to his lips and sip the wine, his thoughts far from death. Where is that brave spirit you displayed when you fought the Trojans for nine long years, all for Helen of the white arms, killing a host of men in cruel conflict, planning the capture of Priam’s city of wide streets? He actually knows that she is using him and he doesn’t care. Odysseus himself spoke to Eurycleia, his faithful nurse: ‘Old woman, bring some sulphur, and make a fire, so I can purge the hall from this pollution. There the four of them stood on the threshold, breathing defiance against the many braves in the hall. Prior quests. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. Your reward is the same, and no matter how your quests played out, he will trust you. Resourceful Odysseus, glowered at them, and answered: ‘You dogs! Sprawling across the table he doubled over and fell, spilling the food and the two-handled wine-cup to the floor. It is impious to rejoice at the sight of dead men. I don’t think you’ll escape death’s finality.’, At this, their hearts trembled and their knees shook, but Eurymachus spoke again, saying: ‘Friends, since this man will not restrain his hands, but with the gleaming bow and quiver in his hands intends to fire from the smooth sill till he kills us all, to battle! I left the door of the storeroom unlocked, and they kept a closer eye than I did. You have fifty women serving the palace that we trained to slave away at their duties, and carding the wool. Outside you will meet Iris, who will tell you she is using Alkibiades and really doesn’t love him. He spoke swiftly to Telemachus, with winged words: ‘Telemachus, one of the women servants has stirred up trouble for us, or perhaps it was Melanthius.’, ‘Father’ wise Telemachus replied, ‘It is my fault, and no one else’s. It would be wrong to stand there in your hall with your broad shoulders clothed in rags.’. Privacy policy Then this fellow will soon have fired his last shot.’, But Melanthius the goatherd said: ‘It’s impossible, Agelaus, favourite of Zeus, since the great door into the courtyard is dreadfully near, and the passage is narrow-mouthed. Instead I tried to restrain others from doing so. Atlantis Latomia Atlantis. Yet despite her words she still withheld from him the power to determine the course of the fight, and continued to test the strength and courage of Odysseus and his noble son. He stood by the side door, with the clear-voiced lyre in his hands, uncertain whether to slip from the hall, and seat himself by the massive altar of Zeus, God of the Court, where Laertes and Odysseus had burned so many offerings, or whether to run forward and clasp Odysseus round the knees in supplication. Now Odysseus wounded Agelaus, Damastor’s son, with a thrust of his great spear at close range, while Telemachus hurt Leocritus, Evenor’s son, thrusting his bronze-tipped spear straight through his groin, so that he fell face forward, striking the ground with his forehead. Outside you will meet Iris, who will tell you she is using Alkibiades and really doesn’t love him. He spoke. But Amphimedon hit Telemachus a glancing blow on the wrist, and the bronze tip grazed the skin, while Ctesippus’ long spear flew over Eumaeus’ shoulder above his shield, scratching him, then falling to the ground. You have killed the best of Ithaca’s young men, and now the vultures will have you.’ They imagined in truth that he had killed Antinous by accident, not realising that the net of fate had been thrown over them all. Odysseus ordered the worthy swineherd to guard it closely. The Last Magi Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest. The old woman went away then, back through the royal palace, to carry the news to the women and tell them to appear. Everything can be found in the northwest region of the Sieged Plains. Leave fine words to the gods, since they are greater than us by far. And I, though I am only their innocent priest, will die with them. Until then, no one could blame you for being angry.’, Resourceful Odysseus glowered, and gave a fierce reply: ‘Eurymachus, even if you Suitors handed over your inheritances, everything you own and whatever might come to you after, even then I’d not keep my hands from slaughter until you’ve all paid the price. With an open invitation, Alexios was asked for an audience with the Last Magi of the Order, the man they called the Herald. Legacy of the First Blade was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5. Mentor has fled after uttering his empty boasts. We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. Now he is dead, as he deserved. When Melanthius, the goatherd, was about to cross the threshold, carrying a fine helmet in one hand, and in the other an old wide mildewed shield – that belonged to Laertes in his heroic youth, but had lain there neglected with the seams of its straps decayed – the two of them sprang at him and seized him. The point passed clean through the tender throat, and Antinous sank to one side, the cup falling at that moment from his hand, while a thick jet of blood gushed from his nostrils. I was attacked shortly after but I don’t know if it was because of this or because I was close to an Athen’s base. Then wise Telemachus spoke: ‘These women who poured scorn on my mother’s head and mine, while they slept with the Suitors, shall not die cleanly. It allowed space for only one man at a time. For a little while their feet twitched: but not for long. To begin The Last Magi you must first complete Two Knives Against the Dark. It is true one gets no thanks for good deeds.’, Resourceful Odysseus gave him an angry look and said: ‘If you were really their priest you must often have prayed that the day of my joyful return would be long delayed and that my loyal wife would go with you and bear you children. So he lay in wait for your son, to kill him. Then he slung a shield, with four layers of hide, across his shoulders, set a strong helmet on his proud head, its horsehair plume nodding menacingly, and picked up two sturdy spears with bronze tips. Both ways will be effective. Your reward is the same, and no matter how your quests played out, he will trust you. Navigate back to the Walkthrough So by their foolish indulgence they brought on their shameful death. Odysseus too was gazing round the hall to see if any survivors were hiding, trying to escape their dark fate. When you return to Alkibiades, you can lie or tell him the truth, but it doesn’t matter. With this he drew his sharp bronze two-edged sword, and sprang at Odysseus with a great cry. Now I’ll see if I can hit another target no man has as yet, and may Apollo grant my prayer!’. You’ll pay the price with your life. In his search for Alkon's father, Alexios visited the adamant quarry, as it was the last place he was seen alive. And tell Penelope and her maids to come here, and all the palace women.’, ‘My child,’ the loyal nurse replied, ‘all you say is fitting. They carried the corpses out, and set them down under the portico of the walled yard, propping one against another.