WordPress Luxeritas Theme is provided by "Thought is free". You'll definitely be left with lots of skill points on the Gunslinger skill tree and it's up to your discretion to pick up any other firearms as you see fit. Still, the Grenade Launcher has its uses. Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Assassin's Creed Rebellion. Nightmare Clock Tower can be accessed through the first level of Clock Tower. In the game, you will assemble a team of assassin heroes and complete a variety of loot missions. Rifles are considered one of the specialty firearms that a Rebel can use. Zombie (drops Opal, can be sold for 3000z each to NPC), Skeleton (drops Skull Ring, can be sold for 5000z each to NPC), Soldier Skeleton (drops Stilleto, can be sold for 9750z each to NPC), Mystcase (drops Piece of Cake, can be sold for 1500z each to NPC), Evil Druid (drops Yggdrasil Leaf, can be sold for 2000z each to NPC), Wraith (drops Fabric, an item popular with players, type @wb 1059 to find out who buys these items), Venatu (drops Crest Piece, can be sold for 2500z each to NPC), Vanberk (drops Bloody Rune, can be sold for 1008z to NPC), Isilla (drops Bloody Rune, can be sold for 1008z to NPC). But still, convenience comes with a price, as majority of Rebel's weapons costs more than 1 million zenies each! Not bad! Ogni giorno, la selezione giornaliera si aggiorna, permettendoti di acquistare una nuova serie di eroi. Using a Gatling Gun together with Round Trip, it's entirely possible for Rebels to earn lots of EXP this way. Regardless, when you build it, a good idea would be to use it for Wood. If you value damage more than HP, leftover stats points can be placed here so that you'll get a *little* bit more damage out of. With more HP means a Rebel could take more hits before dying and more HP works very well with Platinum Alter! Do remember to visit the quest boards in order to accept the quests and turn them in for decent amount of EXP! Just outside of Bifrost Tower is another great place for EXP, also partly because of Eden Group's quests. A Rebel could choose either a pair of Pistols or a Gatling Gun as their Primary Weapon for this particular build, although a Gatling Gun will definitely be preferred choice as the Rebel improves their equipment. Once you've reached Lv120+, you might want to move on to Juperos Dungeon. Once refined to +7/+9 and having 90 points in DEX and AGI, this backpack gives an incredible 5%/10% increase in Ranged damage and 8%ASPD (and +1ASPD with a +9 HBP). This is only obtainable through the in-game cash shop. If you're lucky enough to receive one of this card, you'll be see a reduction in your after-cast delay. Assicurati sempre di lavorare sui livelli di esperienza degli assassini che usi di più. Despite this, Rifles are rarely seen in the PvM environment due to the niche role it fulfills. We recommend keeping your Library and Intel Room at the highest level at all times. ), as well as further increasing your ATK. (Warning: This is VERY heavy! Le soluzioni di tutti i livelli di Cosa è comune? Recommended weapons of each firearms for this level range: Pistols: Heaven's Feather and Hell's Fire [1]. If you see an enemy in the next room, and he’s looking away from the entrance, feel free to go for the initiative attack instead of the stealth kill. Optional (only if you've taken the Pistol branch in Gunslinger): These are the main skills of a Slug Shot build, although chances are that you'll only need Slug Shot. I would highly recommend the usage of Holy ammunition regardless of their weaknesses because Platinum Alter's ATK bonus will more than make up the elemental advantages that you get from using an element of the enemy's weakness. Leftover stats will be placed into VIT as it increases your HP and has the added benefit of making Platinum Alter a little stronger. The Rolling Thunder is a poor Shotgun as Thunderstorm would be next to useless due to Rebel's low INT and it's hard to proc it, considering the slow attack speed of a Shotgun. Since a majority of the end-game monsters and bosses are of either Dark, Undead or Demon types, a general thumb of thumb is to always use Purification Shot whenever possible. I highly recommend visiting F2 of Eden Group to accept quests from the Lv141 - 175 quest board. Boasting 2 amazing effects (one that +5 ATK per 10 Base Level, two being additional damage based on your refine rate) on top of 2 slots, a highly refined (+15 onwards and properly carded) Crimson Revolver has the potential to even out damage a highly refined (+15 onwards) Tempest. If you must choose what to spend your Intel on, we recommend using them for your daily quests first and foremost. This Shotgun, however, with its massive ATK is the ideal candidate for any Rebel who uses the skill. 回復、罠の無効化、味方の支援などを得意とするスペシャリスト (conditions will be elaborated later!). Marduk Card provides immunity to Silence status. Definitely a stat you would want to invest in, as long as your focus is auto attacking! Adding on top of the Slug Shot's HIT penalty, a Rebel might just find themselves missing a lot on certain monsters that has high enough flee. Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion is a mobile gacha RPG with several interesting and unique mechanics, chief of which is the way missions and challenges are played.Instead of your usual missions where you simply have to defeat a series of enemies to win, levels in AC Rebellion are divided into exploration and combat sections. DEX is the number one stat that you would want to invest in, as it not only gives you higher accuracy, more damage, it also gives you some ASPD. Leveling a Rebel is not as hard as you may think, with a wide variety of high ATK modifiers skills at your disposal, a Gunslinger/Rebel is more than capable of defeating most enemies before Lv100 with incredible ease. As you have expected, the skills that you'll use really often during this stage are Rapid Shower and Desperado. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion follows the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins led by Aguilar de Nerha during the Spanish Inquisition. This guide has not been updated in a while. Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion is a mobile gacha RPG with several interesting and unique mechanics, chief of which is the way missions and challenges are played. 課金は育成が楽になるタイプのものなので無課金でも安心して遊べます。 Below is a comparison list for the weapon-types that a Rebel would use: - Able to double-attack through the skill Chain Action. It may not look much, but if you have 100 pieces of this cake, you'll be having 150k zennies! 120 DEX is required for gaining that 5% Ranged Attack off the DEX Temporal Boots. This hat is obtainable through a. I DNA possono essere utilizzati non solo per far sbloccare nuovi assassini ma anche per evolvere i tuoi eroi. Take Chain Action, Rapid Shower, Desperado. choice of weapons and each of them are very different from each other. Poison Bullet: Poison Element with an added chance of inflicting Poison status on an enemy. After becoming a Rebel, your next goal is to reach Lv175. Generally speaking, a PvM Rebel will most likely find themselves using Pistols and Gatling Guns most of the time, while the PvP Rebel will find more uses in Shotguns and Rifles. Apple Project, signing off! - High cast-time & after-cast delays as well as cooldowns. Blind Bullet: Shadow Element with an added chance of inflicting Blind status on an enemy. One of the main constraints to your progress, in the beginning, is your Intel. 各ロールで固有のスキルを持っていて、特別なアクションを行うことができます。これがミッション攻略のカギになります。 It's worth to note that each coin gives 3 ATK, so you can have a maximum of 30 ATK as long as you keep all 10 coins up! From NovaRO: Wiki. Below is a list of suggested cards for headgears, as well as the purpose mentioned. The Color Scope has 240 ATK, +20 HIT, +30 CRIT and 2 slots. This hat gives a small chance of converting damage done into HP (5% chance to convert 8% of damage to HP) and SP (1% chance to convert 4% of damage to SP), giving you some limited form of HP/SP leeching while leveling. Adding 25 ATK at the cost of -5 DEF is a great trade off! As a Gunslinger, you'll probably never use any of these utility ammunition as none of Gunslinger skills requires the use of a utility ammunition. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion viene caricato con un intero gruppo di assassini che puoi aggiungere alla tua Confraternita. The list below indicates monsters of interest, as well as their drops so that you can earn some zenies for your Rebel weapon purchase when you reach Lv100! For example, Sight will be useful for detecting enemies, Teleport will be useful for saving money on Flywings, Hide is popular amongst PvP players. EoE STR3 gives 4 STR, +12 ATK and -4 INT. Alternatively, if you want to skip through the trouble of leveling, you may want to opt to do the Cautious Village quest, which will bring you to around BaseLv76, JobLv50. ミッションにはそれぞれ推奨ロールとパワーが決まっているので、ミッションに合わせてチーム編成します。 罠を無効化する無効化スキル This card is great for increasing your CRIT rate and with Color Scope's 2 weapon slots, you can easily reach 100 CRIT. The table will also assume that the Rebel player would choose Heroic Backpack as part of their equipment, so if you don't use one, feel free to change the numbers between the stats! Payon Dungeon will the primary place for any Gunslingers to level. - Gunslinger skills for Rifles are very lackluster.